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Germany may have won the game, but Argentina have won hearts all around the world. Get the insights as ThoughtBuzz reveals who the true social media champion is.


  • 1. GLORY OF THE GAME Social Media talks about FIFA2014 Date Range 1st Jun2014 to 14th Jul2014

2. FIFA India FIFA WorldSOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSATIONS AROUND FIFA ACROSS THE WORLD SOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSATIONS AROUND FIFA ACROSS INDIA 3. Our Methodology STEP 1: SELECT CRITERIA FOR THE STUDY STEP 2: Discussions SEGMENTATION & CATEGORIZATION, DEMOGRAPHIC, BIFURCATION - AGE, GENDER, Region etc. STEP 3: Social Media Buzz For Top Teams, Top Matches, Top Players, Top Brands & habits Most Publicized On Social Media Through Fifa In India Team Players Brands FIFA Study 2014 GEO Global Vs. INDIA DURATION - 1stJun -14th Jul, 2014 SOURCES Twitter, Blogs, Forums, News & other Social Media Channels 4. FIFA INDIA 2,62,351 Total Mentions India 2,37,943 TWEETS 1,582 BLOGPOSTS 135 Forum POSTS 22,691 NEWS COVERAGE 5. ARGENTINA WON THE HEARTS, GERMANY WON THE GAME!! Among all the FIFA 2014 match discussed, Argentina vs Germany who was the most anticipated match of 2014 World Cup & Germany did win the World Cup but Argentina was the 2nd most popular team across India discussed on social media till date Germany 25,7208 Argentina 17,5829 ARGENTINA was twice as popular on Social Media than Germany, throughout the world during FIFA14 6. Top Discussions across INDIA - FIFA 2014 Indians were more busy sharing match scores and victory goal posts, Most of them were also interested in players performance & personal lifestyle 7. Gender Talks - INDIA Males were almost 78% more active than females 89% 11% Men were predominantly talking about Fifa 2014 matches, players, teams, goals etc Women were more active in sharing & re-tweeting winning posts and FIFA2014 celebs styles 8. Both Youth & Adults show keen interest in FIFA14 Less than 25 Years Intermediates, College going, Fresher's to the Corporates 25-40 Years Manager level, newly married, Young Parents Greater than 40 Years Senior Level, Parents of teenagers and adult kids Top discussions were around Team & players performance, match goals, players lifestyles & Wags, Fifa games etc. Fifa match highlights, team updates, promos, match fixtures & stats etc. Majority of people falling under this category were more concern about winners, team goals & match stats & historical 36% of the observed 41% of the observed 23% of the observed 9. Top 5 players frequently discussed across INDIA After Messi on top, Suarez was most discussed player followed by Neymar at 3rd position, Rooney was least discussed among the top 5 players in India Messi 1,96,829 Ronaldo 9,872 Luis Suarez- 1,28,076 Rooney 28,148 Neymar 58,336 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 10. Top 5 Teams discussed across INDIA Brazil Followed by Argentina & Brazil was the most discussed FIFA 2014 team in INDIA 1. 3,29,770 1,08,660 66,698 2. 5. 4. 3. Argentina 1,75,826 France 83,695 11. INDIA Tweets mostly after the match is over!! Pre match tweets were basically the team updates, goal forecasts & anticipated performance etc., Post match posts were related to goal updates, winning team fixtures, match stats, etc. 11% Pre Match 37% During Match 52% Post Match 12. Top Things That concerns INDIANs related to FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 Late night Sleep was the major concern of majority of Indian fans across India Many Metro cities fans also leave office early to watch Fifa 2014 Live Dinner, Parties & TV shows were also the major concerns of Fifa Fans across India, 32% Late Night Sleep 28% Office Work 16% Dinner 9% TV soaps & Serials 11% Parties 13. 34% 20% 14% 7% 2% Top 5 Brands discussed across the INDIA with respect to FIFA14 Sony, Coke & Adidas are more discussed in India in association with Fifa 2014 14. Other than EA sports among the top discussed brands for FIFA2014, all the brands were discussed more post inaugural of FIFA 2014 35% 46% 19% 27% 38% 56% 65% 54% 81% 73% 62% 44% Sony Coca-cola Adidas Nike Hyundai EA Sports Before 12th After 12th Most brands benefitted from FIFA, as they were discussed more post the world cup launch 15. Top discussed sports channels around FIFA14 in INDIA Sony Six was most discussed associated channel across India, followed by, ESPN & Star sports, majority of discussion shared, posted & retweeted were related to match fixtures, historical & stats 65% 19% 8% 5% 3% Sony Six Others ESPN Star Sports Neo 16. FIFA2014 Discussions in Indian Metros 17. FAN Following of Top 4 players across Indian Metros 1. Messi 2. Rooney 1154 6324 6891 12368 14025 23693 Hyderab Kolkata Chennai Bangalore Delhi Mumbai 1909 2131 2146 2285 2305 3008 Hyderabad Chennai Kolkata Bangalore Delhi Mumbai 18. FAN Following of Top 4 players across Indian Metros 3. Luis Suarez 4. Ronaldo 999 3658 4624 9226 10482 21943 Hyderabad Kolkata Chennai Bangalore Delhi Mumbai 356 1617 1691 2909 3268 7063 Hyderabad Kolkata Chennai Bangalore Delhi Mumbai 19. FAN Following of Top 4 teams across Indian Metros 1. Brazil 2. France 169 915 920 1031 1393 1405 Hyderabad Chennai Kolkata Bangalore Mumbai Delhi 167 568 630 656 670 1076 Hyderabad Chennai Delhi Kolkata Bangalore Mumbai 20. FAN Following of Top 4 teams across Indian Metros 3. Argentina 4. Spain 232 1112 1945 2218 2340 2436 Hyderabad Chennai Kolkata Bangalore Mumbai Delhi 71 465 1102 1414 1930 2975 Hyderabad Kolkata Chennai Bangalore Delhi Mumbai 21. Top #HASHTAGS around FIFA14 used in INDIA 22. Key Insights INDIA - FIFA 2014 In India, Fifa 2014 chatters were raised from 12th June, post FIFA inauguration In India more than 50% of chatters were related to Players, 26% of the total Fifa chatters are related with match fixtures & rest are related to promotions We also observe a significant rise in discussions around key brands with respect to FIFA14 Men were more interested in contending team & team players discussions, women were posting and retweeting players lifestyles Adults falling between 25 40 years of age were largely participating in Fifa 2014 related Engagements however Youngsters (below 25yrs) were also talking hugely about the game In India Messi & Suarez were most favorable players, followed by Neymar & Ronaldo Brazil, Argentina & Spain were Indias most favorite FIFA14 contenders 23. Thank You This report and the information contained there in are based on information from online social media and other publicly available data. ThoughtBuzz does not warrant the accuracy of such information nor is ThoughtBuzz responsible for the content and accuracy of such information. Advisory information may be contained in the report. Any subsequent decisions made based on the data must be made after proper review and assessment of the impact of such information. In no event shall ThoughtBuzz be liable to you or your company for any lost profits, lost revenue, interest, goodwill, lost data, cost of procuring substitute services or for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages of any kind, however arising, that are related to these terms, whether in contract, tort or negligence, or any legal theory.