the tragic story of oedipus rex you’re going to cry your eyes out

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  • The Tragic Story of Oedipus Rex Youre going to cry your eyes out
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  • In a land far, far away Young Laius was the guest of King Pelops of Elis. Laius was appointed to be the official Chariot Racing tutor of Chrysippus, youngest of the kings sons.
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  • VIOLATION Laius VIOLATES the sacred laws of hospitality and violates his young protg, Chrysippus. Laius abducts and rapes the boy, who (according to some versions) kills himself in shame. Now the gods have cast a DOOM over Laius and his descendants! (all of this happens well before our story begins!)
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  • Love and Marriage, yada yada Forward many years later to the Kingdom of Thebes, where our story takes place King Laius is married to the Queen Jocasta. They have a baby.
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  • Dont forget the DOOM! It is payback time for the gods! The oracle gives Laius the bad news about his son. The prophesy (Ewwwwww!)
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  • Defying the gods! (or trying to) Laius says Not gonna happen! and binds the babys hands and pins his feet, then orders Jocasta to kill the infant.
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  • The secret plan She cant do it--so she orders a shepherd to commit the act for her. He cant do it either! So he takes the baby up the mountain to die.
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  • Savedby the nice shepherd guy from Corinth! He finds the baby up on top of the mountain and takes it home to his childless King and Queen. He names him Oedipus for swollen feet.
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  • King and Queen of Corinth King Polybus and his wife, Queen Merope, raise the boy in the court as if he were their own child. He grows up to be a terrific young man!
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  • oh, try, try as you might. You cant escape the will of the gods One day the young prince hears a rumor about his birth
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  • Back up the mountain Oedipus question his parents, who deny it. Then he asks the Oracle at Delphi. He gets a frightening response!
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  • The Prophesy Unfolds Oedipus, you are destined to mate with your own mother, and shed, with your own hands, the blood of your own father.
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  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Desperate to avoid his foretold fate, Oedipus flees far, far away from Corinth to save his beloved parents from himself!! Thebes>


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