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THE TITANIC. By Tom Horgan. Who built the Titanic . Harland and Wolf built the Titanic from 1908-1909. They built the Titanic in Belfast harbour. Thomas Andrews designed the Titanic. William Pirrie was the chairperson of Haarland and Wolf. It is 883 feet long and has nine decks. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




Who built the Titanic

Harland and Wolf built the Titanic from 1908-1909. They built the Titanic in Belfast harbour.Thomas Andrews designed the Titanic.William Pirrie was the chairperson of Haarland and Wolf.It is 883 feet long and has nine decks.J. Bruce Ismay was Chairperson of White Star Lines, the owners of Titanic


The Titanic was built in Belfast harbour.They built an extension on to the harbour.It weighed 67,ooo tonnes fully ladenIt was built by hand.They installed two engines the size of a two storey house.Some workers became deaf from the noise.It took millions of man hours to build it.

How Titanic was builtWhite Star Line and the Cunard Line were big rivalsWhite Star Line built the Titanic and Olympic.The Cunard Line built the Mauritania and Lusitania.Both companies were in a race to build big, fast and luxurious passenger ships.Both companies employed thousands of people in their shipyards.

White Star Line VS Cunard LineIt was the first ship to have a swimming pool on itIn Lahardane parish 14 people went on the Titanic and 11 drowned . There's now a memorial park to remember them.It cost 7.5 million pounds to build.The band kept playing when the ship was sinking.It was known as the Unsinkable and The Floating Palace.

Titanic factsThe Titanic top speed was 23 knots.Third class passengers could here the roar of the engine sometimes.The iceberg was 100 feet tall.3500 bags of mail was lost.The Titanic's lookout was not equipped with binoculars. The Titanic will rot in 20 years.It took 2 years to build

Titanic factsFirst class passengers were among the most famous people in the world.First class passengers could go to the gym, swimming pool, barbers, cafes, squash court, library, reading and writing rooms.There was a world of difference between first and third classFirst class people were sometimes called new money people. First Class

Second class passengers were mostly lawyers teachers and builders.Lots of them were going to America to start a new life.Second class passengers were mainly professional and skilled people.As can be seen second class passengers had a lot less space than first class.

Second Class

Third class passengers had the most difficult conditions to endure, but still the standards were higher than other ships.A lot of these people were escaping lives of poverty back home in Ireland.Third class cabins had 4-6 bunk beds.A lot of the ladies hoped to get work as housemaids.Third Class

The Titanic started its journey in Southampton which is in the south of England.It picked up people in Cherbourg and in Cobh, Co.Cork. A boat called a tender brought the passengers from Cobh as the Titanic was too big to enter the harbour.It sailed through calm waters for the first two days.On the third day the lookouts saw icebergs ahead.The JourneyAn iceberg struck the Titanic on the starboard side at 11:40 pm on April the 14th.Ten minutes later water had risen 14 feet in the front of the ship.At 12:25 lifeboats were loading passengers.At 2:05 am the last lifeboat was launched leaving 1500 people still on board.Around 2:20 am the Titanic sank . The unthinkable had happened to the unsinkable.

The SinkingThe Carpathia was 58 miles southeast of the Titanic when she picked up the distress calls.She immediately sailed at full steam ahead.When the Carpathia arrived at the scene the Titanic was at the bottom of the ocean. She picked up 705 survivors and sailed for New York.The Sinking

In the story of the Titanic there were many people involved. It took a lot of money to build this ship. White Star Line built it. Thousands of men worked in the Harland and Wolf shipyard in Belfast. In total there were 2227 passengers on board not counting staff. After the tragedy there were many more people whose lives were effected by the loss of loved ones. People involvedIt is hard to blame any one person for what happened to the Titanic.I think it was the Captains fault because:He forgot to do a lifeboat drillHe went too fast on a dangerous nightAnd he should have ordered more lifeboats on the ship.

Who was at fault?What will happen now for the Titanic ? Some say it will be raised from the sea, others say it will be left to rot . But we all know it will be remembered for centuries to come.THE END

The Ending


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