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In this Book you will know the most important man in the world!!


<ul><li> 1. COME BEMYFOLLOWER</li></ul><p> 2. Do you ever feel lost and in need of direction?Jesus Christ is the God-given Leader whom everyhuman needs. He said: I am the fine shepherd,and I know my sheep and my sheep know me.(John 10:14) Do you truly know the Fine Shepherdhis qualities, his message and work, his zeal,his love? This book will help you to knowJesus more intimately and to followhim more closely. 3. COME BEMYFOLLOWERTHIS BOOK IS THE PROPERTY OF 2007WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIAAll Rights ReservedPublishersWATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK, INC.Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.November 2012 PrintingThis publication is not for sale. It is provided as part of a worldwideBible educational work supported by voluntary donations.Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture quotationsare from the modern-languageNew World Translation of the Holy ScripturesWith References.Photo Credits:Page 39: Cover of book: J. Hester and P. Scowen (AZ State Univ.), NASA;page 87:Tim Lynch/Index Stock ImageryCome Be My FollowerEnglish (cf-E)Made in the United States of America 4. Dear Reader:Come be my follower. (Mark 10:21) With thosewords, Jesus Christ, in effect, beckons us to followhim. Are you responding to his call? Doing so willhave a profound influence on your life. Why?Jehovah sent his only-begotten Son to the earth togive his life as a ransom. (John 3:16) In addition todying for us, that Son showed us how to live. Witheach step he took, he kept his integrity and broughtjoy to his Fathers heart. Jesus also showed us how tobe like his Father. The ways and the will of the Fatherfound perfect expression in the words and deeds of theSon.John 14:9.Jesus is a model, the Bible says, for [us] to followhis steps closely. (1 Peter 2:21) If we want to drawcloser to Jehovah, if we want to have a truly meaning-fullife now, and if we want to remain on the road toeverlasting life, we must follow closely in the footstepsof Christ.To begin this journey, we need to become familiarwith Jesus life on earth. So the portrait of Jesus pre-servedin the Bible merits our careful study. Reflectingon the things Jesus said and did and considering howwe can imitate him in word and deed will help us tosee more clearly how to follow him.May this publication help you to grow in your lovefor Jesus and for Jehovah. And may that love move youto follow closely in Jesus footsteps so that you maybring joy to Jehovahs heart now and forever.The Publishers 5. ContentsChapter Page1 Be My FollowerWhat Did Jesus Mean? 52 The Way and the Truth and the Life 15SECTION 1 Come and See the Christ3 I Am. . . Lowly inHeart 254 Look! The Lion That Is of the Tribe of Judah 355 All the Treasures of Wisdom 466 He Learned Obedience 567 Consider Closely the One Who Has Endured 66SECTION 2 Teaching . . . and Preaching theGood News8 For This I Was Sent Forth 779 Go . . . andMake Disciples 8710 It IsWritten 9811 Never Has Another Man Spoken Like This 10812 Without an Illustration He Would NotSpeak to Them 118SECTION 3 The Love the Christ Has Compels Us13 I Love the Father 12914 Great Crowds Approached Him 13915 Moved With Pity 15016 Jesus . . . Loved Themto the End 16117 No One Has Love Greater Than This 17218 Continue Following Me 182 6. C H A P T E R 1Be My FollowerWhat Did Jesus Mean?WHAT is the best invitation you have ever received? Youmight think of a time when you were invited to attenda special occasion, perhaps the wedding of two peoplevery dear to you. Or you might recall the day you wereinvited to take on an important job. If such invitationshave come your way, you were no doubt thrilled, evenhonored, to get them. The truth is, though, that you havereceived a far better invitation. Each one of us has. Andtheway we choose to respond to that invitation affects usprofoundly. It is the most important choice we will makein life.2 What is that invitation? It comes from Jesus Christ,the only-begotten Son of Almighty God, Jehovah, andit is recorded in the Bible. At Mark 10:21, we read Jesuswords: Come be my follower. That is, in effect, Jesusinvitation to each one of us.We do well to ask ourselves,How will I respond? The answer might appear to beobvious. Who would refuse such a splendid invitation?Surprisingly, most people do refuse. Why?3 Consider as an example a man who received that invi-tationin person some 2,000 years ago. He was a highlyrespected man. He had at least three things that humans1, 2. What is the best invitation a human could receive, and whatquestion might we ask ourselves?3, 4. (a) What might be considered enviable about the man whoapproached Jesus to inquire about everlasting life? (b) What goodqualities might Jesus have seen in the wealthy young ruler?What must I do to inherit everlasting life? 5 7. 6 COME BE MY FOLLOWERtend to consider desirable, even enviableyouth, wealth,and power. The Bible record describes him as a youngman, as very rich, and as a ruler. (Matthew 19:20;Luke 18:18, 23) However, there was something more im-portantabout this youngman.He had heard of the GreatTeacher, Jesus, and he liked what he had heard.4 Most rulers in those days failed to give Jesus the re-specthe deserved. (John 7:48; 12:42) But this ruler acteddifferently. The Bible tells us: As [Jesus] was going outon his way, a certainman ran up and fell upon his kneesbefore him and put the question to him: Good Teacher,what must I do to inherit everlasting life? (Mark 10:17)Notice how eager this man was to speak with Jesus, run-ningup to him out in the open, just as any of the poorand lowly people might have done. Further, he knelt re-spectfullybefore Christ. So he had a measure of humil-ityand an awareness of his spiritual need. Jesus valuedsuch good qualities. (Matthew 5:3; 18:4) Little wonder,then, that Jesus looked upon him and felt love for him.(Mark 10:21) How did Jesus answer the young mansquestion?The Invitation of a Lifetime5 Jesus showed that his Father had already supplied in-formationon the vital question about gaining everlast-inglife.He pointed to the Scriptures, and the young manaffirmed that he was faithfully obeying the Mosaic Law.Jesus, however, with his extraordinary insight, saw whatwas below the surface. (John 2:25) He perceived a spir-itualproblem in this rulera serious one. Hence, Jesussaid: One thing is missing about you. What was that5. How did Jesus respond to the wealthy young man, and how dowe know that poverty was not the one thing missing about him?(See also footnote.) 8. BE MY FOLLOWERWHAT DID JESUS MEAN? 7one thing? Jesus said: Go, sell what things you haveand give to the poor. (Mark 10:21) Did Jesus mean thata person must be penniless in order to serve God? No.Christ was revealing something of great importance.6 To lay bare what was missing, Jesus offered the mana wonderful opportunity: Come be my follower. Justimaginethe Son of the Most High God invited thatman, face-to-face, to follow him! Jesus also promisedhim a reward beyond imagination. He said: You willhave treasure in heaven. Did the wealthy young rulerseize this opportunity, this glorious invitation? The ac-countreads: He grew sad at the saying and went offgrieved, for he was holding many possessions. (Mark 10:21, 22) So Jesus unexpected words revealed a problemin the heart of this man. He was too deeply attached tohis possessions and, no doubt, to the power and prestigethat came with them. Sadly, his love for such things faroutweighed any love he had for Christ. The one thingmissing, then, was wholehearted, self-sacrificing love forJesus and Jehovah. Because the young man lacked suchlove, he turned down the invitation of a lifetime! How,though, are you involved?7 Jesus invitation was not limited to that man; nor wasit restricted to just a few people. Jesus said: If anyone Jesus did not ask everyone who followed him to give up all pos-sessions.And although he did comment on how difficult it is for arich person to enter the Kingdom of God, he added: All things arepossible with God. (Mark 10:23, 27) In fact, a few wealthy peopledid become Christs followers. They received specific counsel in theChristian congregation, but they were not asked to donate all theirwealth to the poor.1 Timothy 6:17.6. What invitation did Jesus offer, and what did the wealthy youngrulers response reveal about his heart?7. Why may we be sure that Jesus invitation includes us today? 9. 8 COME BE MY FOLLOWERwants to come after me, let him. . . followme continual-ly.(Luke 9:23) Notice that anyone can be Christs fol-lowerif he truly wants to. God draws such honestheart-edones to his Son. (John 6:44) Not just the rich, not justthe poor, not just those of a certain race or nation, andnot just those living during that time period but all aregiven an opportunity to accept Jesus invitation. So Jesuswords Come be my follower really do apply to you.Why should you want to follow Christ? And just what isinvolved?Why Be a Follower of Christ?8 There is a truth that we should acknowledge:We havea profound need for good leadership. Not all humans ad-mitto having that need, but it is there nonetheless. Jeho-vahsprophet Jeremiah was inspired to record this eter-naltruth: I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling manhis way does not belong. It does not belong to man whois walking even to direct his step. (Jeremiah 10:23) Hu-manshave neither the ability nor the right to governthemselves. Indeed, human history is largely a record ofbad leadership. (Ecclesiastes 8:9) In Jesus day, the leadersoppressed, abused, and misled the people. Jesus astutelyobserved that the common people were as sheep with-outa shepherd. (Mark 6:34) The same is true of man-kindtoday. As a group and as individuals, we need leader-shipwe can trust and respect.Does Jesus meet that need?Consider several reasons why the answer is yes.9 First, Jesus was chosen by Jehovah God. Most humanleaders are chosen by their fellow imperfect humans,who are often deceived and who tend to misjudge. Jesus8. What need do all humans have, and why?9. What sets Jesus apart from all other leaders? 10. BE MY FOLLOWERWHAT DID JESUS MEAN? 9is a different kind of leader.His very title tells us that. Theword Christ, like the word Messiah, means Anoint-edOne. Yes, Jesus was anointed, or specially appoint-edto his sacred office, by none other than the SovereignLord of the universe. JehovahGod said of his Son: Look!My servant whom I chose, my beloved, whom my soulapproved! I will put my spirit upon him. (Matthew 12:18) No one knows better than our Creator what kind ofleader we need. Jehovahs wisdom is infinite, so we haveample reason to trust his selection.Proverbs 3:5, 6.10 Second, Jesus set a perfect and an inspiring example forus. The best kind of leader has qualities that his subjectscan admire and imitate. He leads by example, inspiringothers to become better than they were. What qualitieswould you respect the most in a leader? Courage? Wis-dom?Compassion? What about perseverance in the faceof hardship? As you study the record of Jesus life courseon earth, you will find that he possessed those qualitiesand more. The perfect reflection of his heavenly Father,Jesus possessed every divine quality in full measure. Hewas all that a perfect human could be. So in everythingthat he did, in every word that he uttered, in every innerfeeling that he revealed,we find somethingworth imitat-ing.The Bible says that he provided a model for you tofollow his steps closely.1 Peter 2:21.11 Third, Christ fully lived up to his claim: I am thefine shepherd. (John 10:14) To people in Bible times,that figure of speech struck a familiar chord. Shepherdsworked hard to take care of the sheep in their charge.A fine shepherd would put the safety and well-beingof the flock ahead of his own. Jesus ancestor David, for10. Why is Jesus example the best one for humans to follow?11. How did Jesus prove to be the fine shepherd? 11. 10 COME BE MY FOLLOWERexample, was a shepherd as a youth, and on more thanone occasion, he risked his life to fight off an attack onhis sheep by a vicious wild animal. (1 Samuel 17:34-36)Jesus went even further in behalf of his human followers.He laid down his life for them. (John 10:15) How manyleaders have such a self-sacrificing spirit?12 Jesus was the fine shepherd in another sense. Hesaid: I know my sheep and my sheep know me. (John10:14) Think of the word picture that Jesus was painting.To a casual observer, a flock of sheep might seem just amass of woolly creatures. The shepherd, however, knowseach sheep individually. He knows which ewes will soonneed his aid when they give birth, which lambs still needto be carried because they are too tiny and weak to walkfar on their own, and which sheep have recently been illor injured. The sheep know their shepherd as well. Theyrecognize his voice, never mistaking it for that of anyother shepherd. When there is a tone of alarm or urgen-cyin his call, they respond quickly.Where he leads, theyfollow. And he knows just where to lead them. He knowswhere the grass is lush and green, where the streamsare fresh and clear, where the pastures are safe. As hewatches over them, the sheep sense that they are secure.Psalm 23.13 Do you not long for leadership like that? The FineShepherd has an incomparable record in treating his fol-lowersjust that way. He promises to guide you to a hap-pyand fulfilling life now and on into an eternal future!(John 10:10, 11; Revelation 7:16, 17) We need to know,then, just what is involved in following Christ.12, 13. (a) In what sense does a shepherd know his sheep, and inwhat way do they know him? (b) Why do you want to be under theleadership of the Fine Shepherd? 12. BE MY FOLLOWERWHAT DID JESUS MEAN? 11What It Means to Be a Follower of Christ14 Hundreds of millions of people today likely feel thatthey have accepted Christs invitation. After all, theychoose to call themselves Christians. Perhaps they be-longto the church in which their parents had themchristened. Or they may claim to have an emotional at-tachmentto Jesus and accept him as their personal Sav-ior.But does that make them followers of Christ? Is thatwhat Jesus had in mind when he invited us to become hisfollowers? There is much more to it.15 Consider the world of Christendomthose nationswhose citizens for the most part claim to be followersof Christ. Does Christendom reflect the teachings of Je-susChrist? Or do we see in those lands hatred, oppres-sion,crime, and injustice much like that found through-outthe rest of the world? The respected Hindu leaderMohandas Gandhi once said: I know of no one whohas done more for humanity than Jesus. In fact, there isnothing wrong with Christianity. He added: The trou-bleis with you Christians. You do not begin to live up toyour own teachings.16 Jesus said that his true followers would be known notjust for their words or for the label they apply to them-selvesbut primarily for their actions. For example, hesaid: Not everyone saying to me, Lord, Lord, will enterinto the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing thewill of...</p>