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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>TheSatanBugAcknowledgments to Jason Chan for the illustrations, from an animated short, storyboarded by Dawn Thomas, called Sacrificing the Few for the Many.1</p> <p>Somewhere in Central America there has been another instance virally of an epidemic to have infected almost anywhere, everywhere,</p> <p>...with indiscriminate a form of vehemence against incalculably numberless victims;</p> <p> genetically modified a ruthlessness of pathogen to know no borders and no known vaccine, as respecter neither of religion.</p> <p>Once the measles bug to have undergone transmutation as a cure for cancer,</p> <p> has undergone unpredicted a variance into when by having become something else again,</p> <p>...that, when infected with,</p> <p>...transmutates human victims also into something else again.</p> <p>A convoy of lorries pushes through the dense jungle,</p> <p>...arriving at the camp had into where as watched from, covertly by two children.</p> <p>The trucks take then to splay out, into their parking across from the Romney huts, by when their gasping a wheeze of brakes into so about doing.</p> <p>Masked men in black,</p> <p> if with long into as accomplished a stealth...</p> <p>...that is gone acted out as if to the manor born a few, </p> <p>...disembark by tumbling out from the backs of the lorries, to take up together a practised precision of position.Lining up their firearms, as signalmen into aiming,</p> <p>...without a word between them that would be lost anyway in so disquieting a hail of gunfire,</p> <p>...they shoot the medics and their attendants down in cold blood,</p> <p> by one,</p> <p> leave no survivors as stones unturned.</p> <p>An incendiary device is primed to be thrown over,</p> <p>...into joining the mle that ignites as if fuelled from the bowels of hell.</p> <p>Nothing is as had where left to chance into when later for doctors of prescribed a faith to proclaim a work undone.</p> <p>The trucks leave again for another destination on maps that go looked into, through sullied a fog of war,</p> <p>...while this spot on a map that had where once to have lived, now gone annulled forever as having never existed, becomes a blur of smoke and of fire and of carboniferous foliage had with abandon into being alighted over by insatiable and avaricious a hunger.</p> <p>The children look on, aghast with horror, at what the fires have left as charred embers that can still almost be recognised,</p> <p>...when had moved by the flames to, as if yet horribly alive,</p> <p>...into what went earlier when had as living humans that, now, as awful an apparition had beheld in the mirror,</p> <p>...has all of the looks after,</p> <p> go symptomatic with being transmuted alive...</p> <p>...when as virally a doffed mask...</p> <p>...into a revealing apocalyptically when, of something else again.Than death, which would be a release, the cycle unremittingly continues unabated.</p>