the quarterly magazine for brokers and dealers issue (fig _ 03) certificates of insurance (coi) this

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  • In this edition

    And lots of other goodies too numerous to mention on a front cover.


    Porsche Driver Training All Points Camping

    UAC Auckland Expo

    T H E Q U A R T E R L Y M A G A Z I N E F O R B R O K E R S A N D D E A L E R S I S S U E 2 2 J U N E 2 0 1 7

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    We love feedback

    In this edition ...

    Welcome to the second issue of our new look “Hub” magazine.

    3 Give it Back!

    4 Off the Beaten track

    4 The leading RV occasion for the South Island

    5 All Points Camping

    5 Cooks Corner

    6 UAC Expo Auckland

    6 Underwriters vs Brokers – Soccer

    7 New Special Powers in your Broker Portal

    10 What’s happening around New Zealand

    11 Spinning those wheels

    12 Rider training: a cause worth backing

    13 Meet the team

    14 Riding the Rails Otago Central Rail Trail

    We received a lot of positive

    feedback from our last issue,

    especially in regard to the rebranding,

    so we’ve pushed this one out to

    another 16 page edition. Some of the

    magazines previous features return in

    this issue, including the cooks corner,

    guide to events happening around

    NZ, and even a competition.

    Over the page you’ll read a story

    from John Baker (Executive

    Chairman) about organisations giving

    back to the community. I know many

    firms around NZ sponsor charities or

    allow their staff to become involved

    in community events. The Hub is

    always happy to publish stories and

    photos from any occasion your

    organisation is taking part in. Similarly

    we’re also keen to hear of your own

    personal interests and hobbies, if

    you’ve got a story to share please

    contact your Key Account Manager.

    Enjoy this issue of The Hub and as

    always we value your continued


    T H E Q U A R T E R L Y M A G A Z I N E F O R B R O K E R S A N D D E A L E R S

    Editor in Chief: John Edie 22

  • 3I S S U E 2 2 M A Y 2 0 1 7

    T H E Q U A R T E R L Y M A G A Z I N E F O R B R O K E R S A N D D E A L E R S

    The definition of success is varied but

    for the purposes of this discussion

    let us consider success as financial

    viability over intergenerational

    periods of time.

    What is the secret for companies

    to survive and prosper? Along with

    focus, goal setting, good business

    management techniques, value for

    money, there is something else. 

    This extra “something” has unlimited

    varieties but it has one thing in

    common, and it is this, it involves

    giving something back to someone

    or something else without wanting

    something in return.

    I have attended a number of

    seminars and workshops for family

    businesses where the transfer of the

    company to one generation from the

    previous generation was discussed

    and analysed.

    Auckland recently held the “Masters

    Games” and the naming sponsor

    was Barfoot and Thompson, whose

    third and fourth generation is now

    involved in the company. Often

    corporate support is significant

    but not visible however it is my

    observation that “visible” corporate

    support is good for the recipient and

    the community and also useful for

    the sponsor’s image and reputation.

    Over the past 38 years that I have

    been in business an amount has

    always been budgeted for donations

    and sponsorship many which were

    invisible. I have become involved

    with charities and my time is willingly

    given, as the business has matured

    we’ve become more visible sponsors.

    Our Motorcycle policy is linked with

    Attainable Trust where an amount

    per policy is donated to the trust.

    For the year 17/18 we will supply

    some vehicles for the transporting

    of people and the delivery of bakery

    products around Auckland. This will

    give us some visibility so both parties

    will benefit.

    Star Insurance Specialists is proud

    to be a company which is entirely

    New Zealand owned and operated,

    employing local Kiwi talent. We have

    always supported our people as they

    become involved in community

    events with an increasing wardrobe

    of tee shirts, flags and print material

    being evidence of the events we

    have become involved in.

    We sponsored two teams of staff in

    a recent trivia night raising money

    for the Pink Ribbon breast cancer

    charity, a large number of our team

    walked 5km one summers evening

    to support Middlemore Foundation,

    and after a recent broker bqq lunch

    we donated all the left over sausages

    to the city mission.

    Some of these events have a visible

    presense and many are small

    gestures that would go unnoticed

    to most people. While I have no

    scientific evidence I do believe

    through my observations and

    experience that when we give a

    little time and money back to the

    community the happier our staff

    feel and the better condition the

    business is in.

    Give it Back

    Contributing writer: John Baker

    Over the years I have been in business I have often wondered if there is a single “magic bullet” for success. involves giving something back to someone or something else without wanting something in return

  • 4 I S S U E 2 2 M A Y 2 0 1 7

    T H E Q U A R T E R L Y M A G A Z I N E F O R B R O K E R S A N D D E A L E R S

    Around and about the country

    Off the Beaten Track Roy Connell along with wife Michele

    (who ran the Camper Care Motor-

    home shows) have come up with a

    concept which allows private land

    owners to share their little piece of

    paradise with holidaymakers for a

    small fee.

    In the similar vain to the sharing ideas

    of AirBnB, Mighway and Uber it’s a

    “community marketplace” which

    allows those who own farms, lifestyle

    blocks or remote rural settings to

    gain a little extra income by offering

    accommodation and park-up spots

    to tourists.

    Like the idea of getting away in your camper, but not the idea of crowded campgrounds and shared showers? Why not go “off the beaten track”.

    There has been plenty of interest in

    the site from landowners and also

    ideas to add on extras such as farm

    tours, bike trails, or sheep shearing!

    As the top tourist spots become

    over-crowded and ride the tourism

    boom, Off the Beaten Track offers

    the chance to truly get away from it

    all and share some of the countries

    best spots with your fellow Kiwis’.

    Mark your calenders for 7-9 July when Christchurch will host a big new RV industry show.

    The former Camper Care

    Motorhome show has merged with

    the Boat, Motorhome & Caravan

    show to create a single event which

    will now be the leading RV occasion

    for the South Island.

    Once again the event will be held at

    Horncastle Arena, but moving the

    event earlier in the year will allow

    dealers to produce or source the ve-

    hicles sold in time for deliver before

    the summer months.

    The leading RV occasion for the South Island

    Many of countries leading RV dealers

    will have vans on display, with some

    great show specials. The Camper

    Care team are also onboard at a

    stand to both showcase our products

    and support the dealer network.

    Later in the year, Hamilton will again

    host the NZ Motorhome, Caravan

    and Leisure show from 15-17 Sep-

    tember. This event, held at Mystery

    Creek showgrounds, is one of the

    leading industry shows in

    New Zealand.

  • 5I S S U E 2 2 M A Y 2 0 1 7

    T H E Q U A R T E R L Y M A G A Z I N E F O R B R O K E R S A N D D E A L E R S

    The aim is to raise the profile of Kiwi

    campers which in turn provides a

    recognised voice to help provide

    balance in respect of changes that

    are occurring in our country, while

    promoting affordable and sustainable

    camping into the future.

    Our membership base has grown

    considerably over the past year,

    consisting of close to 1000 online

    members (a proportion of who are

    financial members) ranging in age

    from late teens to mid seventies and

    across all groups of the community

    from Northland to Invercargill.

    We’re involved in hosting and

    promoting camping events around

    NZ that are inclusive - providing for

    individuals, with tents, and campers.

    We work on the premise of promot-

    ing responsible and environmentally

    aware camping. 

    The growth of All Points Camping

    NZ has been supported by Kiwi Hol-

    iday Parks, Camper Care Insurance,

    Park Sleep and various camping

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