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  • June 2015

    Inside the building pictured above is one of the most

    organized restoration shops you could desire. This was the

    final destination of the tour hosted by the Horseless Carriage

    Club of SeaTac on May 3. The crowd of participants were

    gathered around the display of Eddie Rickenbacker cars.

    The front of the gray coupe in front of the shop is a 1936

    Chev with a sliding pickup bed in place of the traditional

    trunk. This unusual conversion was a very popular way to

    turn your car into a pickup. This was long before the pickup

    truck became America’s vehicle of choice.

    This tour organized by the Horseless Carriage Club is one of

    the best tours a car enthusiast could desire. Next year, it

    would be great to have more Oldsmobiles on the tour!


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    THE PUGET SOUND ROCKET Newsletter of the Puget Sound Olds Club

    An Official Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America

    June 2015

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    President’s Message PSOC Members, Car show season is definitely here! There were so many choices of shows to list on the “Car Show” page in this issue of the newsletter that they filled two pages. Hopefully, we have listed ones that you would like to attend. On May 3, a number of the members of the Puget Sound Olds Club joined the Horseless Carriage Club of SeaTac for their annual breakfast at the Elks Lodge in Puyallup. From there we caravanned thru country roads to a beautiful home of one of their members near Hobart. Our host has a collection of Eddie Rickenbacker automobiles which was the center of attraction. Also joining the tour were about 40 other vehicles from an assortment of car clubs. This is a very well organized tour and hopefully next year more of our members will be able to participate. It is less than two months to our annual Zone Show at the Country Village. Be sure to get your application in the mail. You will find one in this newsletter. We would like to have 50 Oldsmobiles or more at the show this year. See you at the June 7 chapter meeting at the Newport Library, 1pm.

    Shine your Olds and join us!

    Ed Konsmo President

    DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTAL TO THE NEWSLETTER: Information to be considered for submittal in to the newsletter needs to be received by the 25th of the month. Please

    send your information as an e-mail or attach it to your e-mail in word document form. If you have problems or

    questions, call Ed or Pam at 253-845-2288. Please e-mail your submittal to:

    Puget Sound Olds Club


    President Ed Konsmo 253-845-2288 home 253-576-1128 cell

    Vice President Ed Straw 425.485-3093


    Position open

    Treasurer Kathi Straw 425.485-3093

    Membership Chairpersons

    Ed & Kathi Straw


    Newsletter Editor

    Ed Konsmo

    253.845-2288 home 253-576-1128 cell


    No Zone Reps at this time

    PSOC Website:

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    Lost in the mists of time are the identities of the clever individuals who created pithy acronyms out of the names

    of various car manufacturers. Although they were coined long before the age of the Internet troll, it’s no surprise

    that none are remotely positive. But are they remotely true? Here are three of the better-known ones:

    FIAT, “Fix It Again Tony”: Fiat had a long history in the U.S., riding the wave of the first import car boom

    in the 1950s until pulling out of the U.S. market in 1983 (for nearly 30 years). While Fiat offered stylish and

    economical transportation with an Italian flair, Fiats of old were not known for rock solid reliability. Much of it could

    be written off to the cars being misunderstood rather than inherently troublesome. Fiat’s dealer network in the old

    days never approached the level of professionalism that it enjoys now and there were rumors of dealers never

    receiving a full set of manuals in English. Fiat also pioneered the use of the timing belt instead of a chain, and

    regular change intervals weren’t always observed, with dire results. Classic Fiat Spiders and X1/9s can today be

    used regularly with little trouble through the support of clubs and numerous parts vendors.

    LOTUS, “Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious”: In the 1970s, Road & Track magazine used to include in

    its road test data page a projected reliability summary that was based on surveys of their readership who owned

    particular makes. And while Lotus consistently scored above average in handling and braking, it rarely exceeded

    “far below average” in reliability. In fact, the testers remarked with surprise in one particular road test that no

    pieces had fallen off their Elan test car, a first for them with a Lotus. But in actual fact, the acronym is only

    partially true — while Lotuses could be lots of trouble, it was rarely serious. Aside from the odd axle shaft

    breaking a rubber coupler or a fuel line fire from a perished plastic connector, much of the trouble with classic

    Lotuses tended to fall into the category of merely annoying rather than catastrophic.

    FORD, “Found on Road Dead”: This one can probably be chalked up to the bitter Ford vs. Chevy rivalry.

    Classic Fords from the Model A to the Mustang tended to be rock-solid reliable. OK, the six-volt electrical systems

    of 1950s vintage Fords pretty much begged to be upgraded to 12 volts, and the switch from generators to

    alternators in late 1964 was a good one, but for the most part, classic Fords were no less reliable than anything

    else of the day. And as sunny-day drivers today, they’re more than fine. In fact, we know of one

    gentleman who used a 1930 Model A as his daily driver for a whole year with fewer problems than

    most people have with a 10-year-old used car.

    “BETWEEN THE BUMPERS” … By Ed nsmo!9

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    June Birthdays

    We are in need a Host for August &October –

    please let me know if you can help. Thanks to all. Pam

    Date Lives In

    1 Donna Simonson Milton

    16 Ron Haave Spanaway

    19 Dave Soball Delta, B.C Canada

    21 Robb Repp Yakima

    24 Erma Booth Tacoma

    25 Didrik Wallis Bancroft, Ont. Canada



    June – Hugh Russell July……………Zone Show August – can you help with this month? September – Ned Peterson October - can you help with this month? November – Nina & Jim Rogers December….Christmas Party *Host provides refreshments

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    OLDSMOBILE CAR SHOW 30th Annual Pacific Northwest Zone Show & Picnic Hosted by the Puget Sound Chapter, Oldsmobile Club of America

    Saturday July 11, 2015

    10:00am-3:00pm Country Village

    23718 Bothell Everett Highway, Bothell WA 98021

    Dash Plaques Trophies People’s Choice Awards Raffle Prizes

    Entry Fee $15.00 pre-registered (7/4) $20. Day of Show (2nd car free)

    Please make check payable to: Puget Sound Chapter OCA

    P.O. Box 82042 Kenmore WA 98028

    Name _____________________________


    City ______________________________ St_________ Zip _______

    Email address____________________________________________


    Car: Year _________ Body & Model ___________________________

    Car: Year__________ Body &Model ____________________________ For further information contact Ed or Kathi Straw 425-485-3093 FIRE EXTINGUISHER IS REQUIRED WITH YOUR CAR

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    This page features notes of interest for and about our members. If you have something interesting to report,

    please send an e-mail to your editor


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