The Platform Revolution: Making Online Work Happen

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By Ernesto Spruyt, Mobbr. Presented at Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2014. Learn more & join us at the next event:


<ul><li> 1. The platform revolution: making online work happen </li> <li> 2. Platforms are the offices/factories of the future Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 3. Millions of people collaborate on platforms each day Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 4. Why platforms can be so much more productive Platforms ! 1. A-linear communication 2. Crowdsourcing resources 3. Self-organisation Chains ! 1. Linear communication 2. Ownership of resources 3. Central planning Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 5. Platform labor is rewarding for all Businesses ! 24/7 hassle-free access to the best possible expertise. Professionals ! Work where, when and for whoever you want. Platforms ! Access to productive resources without the investments. Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 6. Then why is it not widely used in professional processes? ? Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 7. Why not crowdsource your software needs? Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 8. Why not crowdsource your customer service desk? Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 9. Why not crowdsource your logistics? Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 10. Why not crowdsource your entire value chain? Making online work happen October 2014 </li> <li> 11. Because until today important infrastructure was lacking Social collaboration requires a different reward system ! 'Social salary' should be based on social productivity ! Until today there was no infrastructure for crowd payments Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 12. But as of today, there is Mobbr Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 13. Key features Fully licensed e-wallet &amp; payment solution ! Only payment system that can pay many recipients with one click ! Facilitates all major currencies and Bitcoin ! Pay 'social salary' for tasks and collaborations on any website or platform ! Find tasks, professionals &amp; platforms Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 14. How it works ! - Find platform - Create task - Pledge money - Invite contributors ! - Find task - Check task status - Work on task - Get 'social salary' ! - Facilitate tasks - Use reputation system - Define distribution key - Connect key to Mobbr Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 15. Example: Crowdsource a piece of software on Github ! 1. Create an issue or directory on Github 2. Drop the url in the box on 3. Click button to pledge money 4. Click button to invite workers Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 16. Example: Crowdsource a piece of software on Github ! 4. Check out the task on 5. Click 'go to task' to contribute on Github 6. When the issue is closed, the payment triggers Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 17. Example: Crowdsource a piece of software on Github ! 7. Mobbr reads the contribution statistics from the Github database 8. Mobbr distributes the money among the contributors based on these statistics Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 18. Making online work happen Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 19. Any questions ? Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> <li> 20. Contact us @mobbrcom ! Ernesto Spruyt Co-founder ! @ernesto_spruyt ! +31 6 5266 7982 or meet us here: ! Speaking at Crowdsourcing Week Summit Copenhagen 16 October 2014 ! Startup Alley at Techcrunch Disrupt London 20/21 October 2014 ! Alpha Program Exhibitor at The Web Summit Dublin 4/6 November 2014 ! Speaking at Crowd Dialog Munich 20 November 2014 Follow @ernesto_spruyt on Twitter </li> </ul>