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“The Origins and History of the Chicano Movement”. Presentation by Patricia Powell Based on the essay written by Roberto Rodriguez. The beginning of the C hicano Movement. Some consider the beginning to be during the Columbus expeditions, some consider it the Mexican American War of 1848. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Origins and History of the Chicano Movement

The Origins and History of the Chicano MovementPresentation by Patricia PowellBased on the essay written by Roberto RodriguezThe beginning of the Chicano MovementSome consider the beginning to be during the Columbus expeditions, some consider it the Mexican American War of 1848.

The beginning of the contemporary Chicano Movement took place during the 1960s during the same time as the Black Power MovementPatricia PowellWhat makes the Chicano Movement unique?-Its focuses.Separate goals and visions and unique histories-pg1, Roberto Rodriguez

Its focuses were improving the life of farm workers, ending Jim Crow style segregation, police oppression and land rights.

Patricia PowellOrganizations spawned from the Chicano Movement United Farmers Workers UnionLa Raza Unida PartyThe Brown Berets The Crusade for JusticeAnd many more-pg1, Rodriguez Patricia Powell

Chicano Studies departments in UniversitiesA new phenomenon has occurred where professors are more passionate than students. (pg.2)Activist Theresa Cordova Anyone saying the movement is dead means he is dead! There was an absence of Chicanos on college campuses up until the 1960s due to discrimination and segregationChicano Studies cont.Prior to the development of Chicano Studies as a discipline, very knowledge existed about the chicano pg 4, Rodriguez

The purpose of Chicanos studies to give intellectual support to the movement pg 4, RodriguezThe Electoral Arm of the Chicano Movement The La Raza Unida party was the first and only political party for Chicanos. Resistance against Jim Crow institutions powered this group.

Chicano activists won school board elections just to find Anglos remained in power by being administrators and power brokers.Patricia Powell

Chicano Movement alongside with the Civil Rights movement Many Chicanos were involved with the civil rights movement. Neither black or white and writer and activist Elizabeth Martinez said during and after the civil rights movement, that as far as race goes Latinos dont matter. Books like Occupied America written by CSUN Chicano Studies professor Rodolfo Acuna helped to reject the notion that Hispanics were foreign or immigrants

Patricia Powell

Women in the Chicano MovementFeminism seemed exclusive to white women in history.Men lacked interest in the challenge of Latina women specifically.it was male defined, sexist and misogynistic and homophobic pg 6, RodriguezFemale scholars were less of a concern to men during the movement and women were expected to be homemakers.Patricia Powell

Persistence of Chicano Studies The anti-affirmative action movement continues to keep it important that Chicano studies stays prevalent. Maria Jimenez , human rights activists says were here. Weve always been here and were not going away. pg.7, Rodriguez Patricia Powell

Reference This presentation was a product of the article

The Origins and History of the Chicano Movement by Roberto Rodriguez, April 2006

Quotes provided were provided by Rodriquez on the page number indicated.

Patricia Powell


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