the new 2012 - estate inside you’ll find many real life rags to riches stories that...

Download The New 2012 - Estate Inside you’ll find many real life rags to riches stories that you’ll instantly

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  • The UK’s Most Prolific Property Training Company with Unique 1 Year Follow up Support, the UK’s most active Property Community Huge Joint Venture

    & Private Finance Networks & 100,000 people already successfully trained

    The New 2012 Progressive Training Programmes

  • 2012 Progressive Training Programmes | 2

    We have spent over 20,000 hours and over £600,000 in our pursuit of wealth, a life of freedom and a substantial Property Portfolio (and we made some silly mistakes along the way so you don’t have to).

    Were it not for our Property Portfolio, we wouldn’t be

    here delivering valuable content that could change your

    life today, nor would we have been able to educate over

    100,000 people to help them and you to become successful

    property Investors. Our books, CDs, DVD sets, fast track

    courses and mentorships wouldn’t have helped 1000s of

    people either.

    We are very grateful to you for sharing your journey

    with us, No matter what your experience, personality or

    preferred learning style, we look forward to accelerating

    your goals to free up the time for you to pursue all that

    you want, in Property, financially, and emotionally.

    To a long & life changing relationship,

    welcome to the Progressive Community

    Imagine being able to instantly gain all the knowledge you need now, that has taken the professional’s years to learn, in a condensed and easy to follow fashion, to fast track your wealth, happiness, success & Property Profit. Now.

    Rob Moore Mark Homer

    I recently enjoyed attending your courses and reading both of your books. I felt they provided the vital details of how to

    build a property portfolio that so many other books such as “Rich Dad Poor Dad” failed to deliver. We are now 1 week from

    exchanging on our first property at 30% BMV which is great! James Green

    Hello Rob, I didn’t get a chance to thank you personally for the master class last week end. It was life changing for me, and I meant it. You and Mark really have a great team; every one of them has something different to contribute. I am trying to work out the yield on the £2k I spent on the course.10,000%+ seems to be about right . I really believe it will be very difficult for anyone attending not to make serious CASH from property You have given us the toolbox and shown us how to use it. A BIG BIG thank you Vince Audritt

  • 2012 Progressive Training Programmes | 3

    In reading these books Now You Will Learn:

    • How to Find 28-52% BMV Property in Your Goldmine Area for Little or No Cost

    • 32 Advanced Negotiation Strategies that Could Make You up to £10,000 Per Deal

    • Successful Property Investor Mindset Strategies Stripped Down For Profit & Success

    • Over 100 Bonus Pages & Free Offers Worth £338 to those who use them NOW

    • And much, much more

    The UK’s Best Selling Property Books “Make Cash in a Property Market Crash” and “The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets”

    Price: POA Ask at the Event, Call 01733 898550 or email

    Seriously, I’ve bought 4 BTL properties as a direct result of what is written in here, at good prices and with sound rents. I’m adding more as well. So do yourself a favour and read this! James Green

    “Make Cash in a Property Market Crash” and “The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets”

    Best Selling Property Books “Make Cash in a Property Market Crash” & “The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets” are the 2 Best Selling Property Books in the UK. Please don’t underestimate the level of knowledge you can glean from these 2 books to boost your Property Profit.

    “Gents, I have just finished the above book and I must congratulate you. I personally followed your model and bought 3 local properties which have proved to be excellent buys.” Gary Moore

  • 2012 Progressive Training Programmes | 4

    Price: POA Ask at the Event, Call 01733 898550 or email

    “Progressive In Property… From Beginners to Winners...”

    If you want to make more money using the most proven asset for wealth creation and be inspired to financial success, then our third anticipated soon to be released book is for you.

    Are you: • New to Property Investing?

    • Already educated in Property Investing but struggling to put the training into action?

    • Already an Investor and need help with motivation, inspiration and new ideas for a new economy?...

    Then “Progressive in Property: From Beginners to Winners” will inspire you into ACTION and RESULTS! Inside you’ll find many real life rags to riches stories that you’ll instantly connect with and all of your excuses for lack of wealth will be gone.

    No Time, No Money, No experience, No Confidence, Too Old, Too Young... These people refused to accept these excuses, achieved significant success in a short period of time and so will you after reading how they did it.

    Read this book and you will: • See ordinary people achieving extraordinary results

    that changed their lives.

    • Know how they vanquish challenges with their mental game.

    • Gain access to the strategies they use that work right now in a tough economic climate.

    • Acquire the same mindset, strategies and techniques that these people use to succeed be inspired by how simple it can be to change your life through Property Investing.

  • 2012 Progressive Training Programmes | 5

    Price: POA Ask at the Event, Call 01733 898550 or email

    Property Super Conference DVD Sets

    The Largest UK Specific Property Event of The Year

    Relive the Property Super Conference experience by owning your very own DVD Box set, packed with content. You’re going to discover strategies we and our students are using to give a life of complete financial freedom and the secrets of creating property Profit to potentially replace your income.

    Recorded live from the 2010 Property Super Conference, headlined by Keynote Speaker James Caan, you will learn:

    • Free Property Lead Generation Strategies

    • Creative Finance Strategies for the New Market

    • Repossession Sourcing Estate Agent Secrets

    • HMO Cashflow Secrets for Yields of 18-28%

    • How to Package & Sell on ANY Deal for £3k-£8k per calendar month

    • A rare keynote from Multi Millionaire James Caan

    • Sally Lawson on Managing Properties effectively

    • Lease Option intensive with our legal & property experts

    • Lead Generation & internet marketing techniques


    Inside the 2011 Property Super Conference DVD Set, with Keynote Speaker Lord Alan Sugar plus 14 Top UK Property Experts Sharing Brand New Property Cashflow Strategies, you will learn:

    • A Candid Q&A with Lord Sugar on Property & the Government

    • Insider Probate Secrets for up to 60% Hidden Discounts

    • Never Revealed Before Auction Buying Secrets of 21 Years

    • Advanced *BareKnuckle* Property Negotiation Techniques & MUCH More

  • 2012 Progressive Training Programmes | 6

    Price: POA Ask at the Event, Call 01733 898550 or email

    Brand New 2012 Super Conference DVD set

    The Biggest JV & Property Networking Super Conference to date

    Inside the 2012 Property Super Conference DVD set, with keynote speaker Sir Bob Geldof plus 19 Top Property Experts, you can relive all the highlights from this amazing event including:

    • Brand New 2012 Cashflow Strategies

    • How to control HIGH yielding HMO’s with no Mortgage, no deposit, no credit checks

    • Six Figure Networking

    • JV & Private Finance

    • Underground NEW Lead Generation techniques

    • Monesting Every Lead

    • Monesting Reject & ‘Dead Deals’

    • Property Investors Mindset

    • Property Expert Positioning

    • Mortgage, Bridging & Tax Open Expert Grilling

    • NEW LHA Tips & Tricks

    • Title Splitting &Flipping Property

    • Building a Six Figure Brand – The Expert Revolution

    • Advanced Bare-Knuckle Negotiation with Rob Moore

    • Inspirational Keynote from Sir Bob Geldof and MUCH More.

    PLUS: The DVD set will include ALL the 2nd stage talks so if you missed out on the event you will be able to watch these at your own leisure.

  • 2012 Progressive Training Programmes | 7

    Price: POA Ask at the Event, Call 01733 898550 or email

    Under The Radar Influence: The Art of Selling Without Selling

    Intelligent, Respectful Influence, Persuasion & Leadership Without over Salesmanship

    If you’re sick and tired of the academic textbooks (by authors telling you how they think selling and influencing should be done) not delivering the goods then you’ll love our new 8 CD Pack audio jam packed with over 43 Under The Radar Influence strategies to accelerate your success in all areas of your life.

    Listen as Rob Moore (self-made millionaire) and Johnnie Cass (highly acclaimed international speaker and coach) share with you their never revealed before strategies for ‘Under The Radar Influence’.


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