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<ol><li> 1. The Most Popular Birthday Party Themes: Indoor Playground,MississaugaPlanning a child birthday party is not like it used to be earlier like to invite some friends andcelebrate it with cake and balloons.Nowadays, planning a child`s birthday party can be a difficulttask for many busy parents. But where should you begin? When planning your childs nextbirthday party, choosing a theme is one of the first things you should do. A party theme helps totie the whole party together including the decorations, entertainment, food and cake. But thereare so many choices when it comes to themes. How do you choose? First and foremost, youshould base the theme on your childs interests and what gets them excited. Secondly, choose apopular theme. Popular themes will be a hit with many kids at the partySo youre sure to have success.At Alphas Discovery Club Indoor Playground and Party Centre in Mississauga, we arespecialized theme party organizer,so parents always ask us about the kind of different birthdayparty themes. Based on the parties held in the first half of 2014,we have something special forboth boys and girls.1. PrincessThanks to Disney, princess continues to be the most popular party theme for young girls from 3-7 years old. Disney keeps churning out hit movies the latest being Frozen that make princessparties unstoppable. Young girls love to dress up and pretend to be princesses. You cant gowrong with this one!Alphas discovery club,Address:170 Ambassador Drive ,Unit 9-10 ,Mississauga, ON ,L5T 2H9Contact: 905-564-2511. Websi te: Page 1 </li><li> 2. 2. Pirate is a classic and fun theme with lots of excitement for young active boys from 3-7years old. Who doesnt like the idea of finding hidden treasure? Getting tattoos and goinga treasure hunt to find treasure tend to be the highlight of this party theme.Sesame StreetSesame Street has been around for awhile and is still as popular as ever with young childrenfrom 1-3 years old. Even if the child has never seen the show, thanks to popular toys, theygenerally tend to know who these characters are (especially Elmo).4. SuperheroSuperhero is another classic theme that has staying power. Marvel and DC Comics have done agood job of keeping superheroes front and centre for young boys from 3-10 years old.5. LegoLego is nothing new but has recently begun to gain popularity again for older boys from 5-10years old. Children can let their creative juices flow by building Lego structures. This partytheme is fun and educational!6. Pop StarDoes your pre-teen girl love to sing and dance? Pop culture icons (think One Direction or JustinBieber) are the focus of this party theme usually popular for girls aged 7-10 years old.Alphas discovery club,Address:170 Ambassador Drive ,Unit 9-10 ,Mississauga, ON ,L5T 2H9Contact: 905-564-2511. Websi te: Page 1 </li></ol>