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  • 1. Contemporary Traditional Maori Culture,Part 2 "The Maori Creation Story:TheSeparation of Heaven and Earth By:Larry Garcia 1-31-12 Culture and Geography
  • 2. (According to Maori tradition)"All humans aredescended from one pair of ancestors Rangi and Papa,who are also called Heaven and Earth."
  • 3. "In those days,Heaven and earth clung closely together, and all was darkness."
  • 4. "Rangi and Papa had six sons:(1) Tane-mahuta,the father of the forests and their inhabitants";
  • 5. "(2)Tawhiri-ma-tea,the father of winds and storms";
  • 6. "(3)Tangaroa,the father of fish and reptiles";
  • 7. (4)Tu-Matauenga,the father of fierce human beings";
  • 8. "(5) Haumia-tikitiki,the father of food that grows without cultivation";
  • 9. "(6) and Rongo-ma-tane,the father of cultivated food."
  • 10. "In the beginning these six sons and all other beingslived in darkness for an extremly long time, able only to wonder what light and vision might be like."
  • 11. After a battle between the six sons,Tu-matauengaate 4 of his brothers as food, sparing Tawhiri-ma-tea, the father of winds and storms.
  • 12. This is why today people are fierce and havewar,why people eat plants and animals, and why there are storms.