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Boys will be boys

The Hippest Boys Bedroom Design Ideas Recognizing a little boys bedroom is a no-brainer. There are usually lots of posters, clothes all over the floor, scattered books, and a laptop computer in hibernation mode. If you are lucky, you could even find pieces of leftover pizza from two nights ago. If you are tired of seeing the dump that is your little boys room, why not set out for a makeover? Perhaps, this could even serve as an effective bonding moment with your little one. http://www.mccreerys.comExciting Color Schemes

Boys, just like their fathers and uncles, love bright and bold colors. You will also find out that they are more willing to experiment in terms of colors when compared to little girls. Dark blue, crimson, yellows, and a fusion of black and white can liven up any little boys room. Do not even try to explain what pastel is to a young boy because you will get a blank expression; just to be on the safe side, just avoid them. Do not use too dark colors or the bedroom will appear gloomy and dingy.

Just use paint rather than wallpaper because it is much easier to maintain, besides, you can also paint over the existing color if your little one grows tired of his previous choice.

Furniture Choice Use a Simplistic Approach

The most important thing to consider when designing a boys bedroom is to keep it simple. Boys, of course, do not go for anything made of satin or lace. Wrought iron beds with intricate designs are also not a popular choice. The key is to be minimalistic; making sure that there is a bed, a study table and furniture with storage spaces.

Invest in a Cabin Bed

One of the greatest solutions for lack of livable area is to buy a cabin bed with storage space. Bed sheets, bath towels, garments and game paraphernalia can be stored inside the bed. There are also cabin beds which double as a workspace where your little one can work on his school projects. Grow Vertically

To maximize the living space in the bedroom, you can use over bed storage systems to store books, toys and dcor as well as to create a neater atmosphere. If you have more than one little boy, then you can also invest in bunk beds. This way, they get to share the room that you intend to beautify. Go Vintage A vintage, nautical theme is the most practical design for any growing boys bedroom. Choose from the lasting 20s, 30s or 40s themes. Begin with a corresponding color such as sunny yellow, apple red and royal blue. These blend well with a nautical-themed wall and bedding. Blue wall works perfectly as it brings thoughts of oceans and sailboats.

Make Space for Toys

This is one design aspect that you must never forget. Boys will always be boys and there is a need for them to tumble, play and make a lot of mess. Unlike girls, boys tend to do a lot of rowdy things so you might as well give them the room to do just that.

Ideally, there should be a playroom in every house with kids but in the absence of one, a corner in the boys own bedroom would do. Since this is the case, invest in practical furniture where you can store as many clothes, toys and artwork as possible.

Creativity Is a Must

Boys bedroom makeovers need not be expensive. Just keep in mind the little ones age and how quickly his preference will change. Also, make sure to buy only the most practical furniture, add bluish hues and you should be alright.