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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>The Heritage Library Cultural Development Center Qatar Foundation Since 1979 Slide 2 H.E. Shaikh Dr. Hassan Bin Mohamed Al-Thani initiated the building of a private library 1979 1989 H.E. Shaikh Dr. Hassan Bin Mohamed Al-Thani began to develop the collections in the framework of a comprehensive cultural project In focus was on collecting resources of Arabia and the Arabic and Islamic culture. This is when the library became famous as a cultural landmark The Heritage Library is a subsidiary of Cultural Development Center of Qatar Foundation. 2006 90s Historical overview Slide 3 Collections Foreign Language Books 23,000 titles distributed as follows: Translations of the Holy Quran Translations of One Thousand and One Nights Resources on the history of Arabia in the writings of travelers First Arabic prints in Europe Islamic scientific heritage Civilizations of the Orient (Ancient Egypt, Persia, India, Central Asia, Yemen) First Orientalists Studies Resources on the History of Qatar such as : Slide 4 Collections A HANDBOOK OF ARABIA 1917 Slide 5 NARRATIVE OF A YEARS JOURNEY THROUGH CENTRAL AND EASTERN ARABIA (1862-63) 1866 Collections William Gifford Palgrave Slide 6 Collections GAZETTEER OF THE PERSIAN GULF, OMAN, AND CENTRAL ARABIA 1915 Lorimer, John Gordon Slide 7 Collections Niebuhr, Carsten DESCRIPTION DE lARABIE, faite sur des observations propres et des avis recueillis dans les lieux memes 1774 Slide 8 Collections ARABIA FELIX: ACROSS THE EMPTY QUARTER OF ARABIA 1932 Thomas, Bertram Slide 9 Collections Arabic Language Books 85,000 books covering wide area of science and art First printed books in the Arab press: Shuwayr- Beirut Aleppo Al-Musil Bulaq- Al Hajar Slide 10 2,400 MANUSCRIPTS Collections Ages: Umayyad Mamluk Abbasid Ottoman Languages: Arabic Persian East Asian Subjects: Medicine Astronomy Arabic literature Pilgrimage Sahih al-Bukhari Slide 11 600 MAPS For Arabia and Gulf The oldest Maps date back to 1478 Creator: Ptolemy Collections Slide 12 120 MAGAZINES - 10,000 VOLUMES 12 NEWSPAPERS 1200 ISSUES of: Arabian Peninsula Al Jazeera Al Arabiya Collections Slide 13 DigiTurath Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 Pilot Project Phase 2 European Books = 4326 European Maps = 405 Arabic Books = 711 Arabic Manuscripts = 303 Arabic Newspaper = 60 Arabic Magazines = 12 Arabic Book = 536 Foreign Book= 968 Manuscript = 411 Total = 1915 Selected Total = 5817 Scanned Slide 17 Phase 2 Based on the items condition; Collection to be categorized according to the scanning angel as 90 degree (Vcradle) and 180 degree (Flat bed). Collections selected for DigiTurath project phase 2 categorized as follows: - 60% Can be digitized with the existing scanners. flat bed -40% Require procuring the Vcradle scanner. Slide 18 To Start the digitization project you should have metadata for 50% of the selected collections. Slide 19 Slide 20 Slide 21 Phase 2 Dspace ArchivalWare system Pilot Project Slide 22 Phase 2 1- Thrinainas Digiflo : Costs 25,000 USD/Year with support Thrinainas Digiflo: Annual License fee of 25,000 USD with support from vendor Pilot Project 2- Digital Asset Factory [DAF]: Free Slide 23 For the Arabic collections HL coordinate with Bibliotheca Alexandrina to get the font files and feed the files to our software. Slide 24 Slide 25 Slide 26 IT Infrastructure need to be upgraded to allow digitizing more content. Phase 2 Slide 27 - 60% of the selected books can be scanned using the existing scanners. - 40% of the selected books require Vcradle scanners. Phase 2 Pilot Project Existing scanners : - 7 Flat bed scanners - 1 ATIZ - 1 I2S Slide 28 Since Images in LED monitors are more sharper and clearer; It is recommended to upgrade 4 LCD monitors to LED monitors for supervisors for doing the QA which enables to identify digitization flaw. Phase 2 Slide 29 Slide 30 Slide 31 1 Scanning Operator 1 Processing Operator + + = = 10 Items/week Accordingly, - 8 Scanning &amp; processing operators are required. - Collections to be Digitized in phase 2 = 1915 Items - Phase 2 time period = 1 year 160 Item/Month 1920 Item/Year - 2 Arabic OCR operators are required Slide 32 The Heritage Library Thank You Mr. M. Hammam Assistant Manager Mr. Amr el-Masry Database Developer Mr. M. Hammam Assistant Manager Mr. Amr el-Masry Database Developer </p>