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The Gunpowder Plot for EYFS


  • 1. TheGunpowder Plot

2. In 1605 KingJames ruledEngland andScotland.He told peoplewhat they couldand could notdo. 3. A man calledGuy Fawkesgot fed up withthe king tellinghim what todo. 4. Guy Fawkes had some friends who were also fed upwith King James. They were bad men and decidedthat rather than talk to the King about how they werefeeling they would kill him. 5. King James worked in a building called the Housesof Parliament.Guy Fawkes and his friends decided to blow up theHouses of Parliament with King James inside. 6. Guy Fawkes and his friends put 36barrels of gunpowder under theHouses of Parliament ready to blow upthe King. 7. One of Guy Fawkes friendsstarted to worry about killingpeople. He wrote a letter toLord Monteagle telling himabout the plot to kill KingJames.Dear LordMonteagleThe king is going tobe killedLord Monteagle wasa good friend ofKing James. He toldhim about the plot tokill him. 8. King James sent his soldiersto stop Guy Fawkes and hisfriends. 9. Guy Fawkes waschained up and sent toprison. 10. We let off fireworksevery year on the 5thof November toremind us of GuyFawkes plot to blowup the King.