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Differences between Modern day and Ancient day Olympics question: what are the differences between modern day and ancient day Olympics? . The first Olympics of Ancient Athens. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Differences between Modern day and Ancient day Olympics</p> <p>Differences between Modern day and Ancient day Olympicsquestion: what are the differences between modern day and ancient day Olympics? </p> <p>The first Olympics of Ancient AthensEvents: Boxing , Wrestling, Pancration, (mixture of boxing and wrestling.) Pentathlon, (mixture of all track and field events.) Chariot races, equestrian races, (early form of horse racing) Running events, amour running. Opening events: had a festival in honor of Zeus's wife Heraia.Competitors: males who were dressed with nothing on. Represented the cities, They prayed to the God Hermes (the god of speed to help them in their competition. Women were not in Olympics. But if they were with their dad came to find someone to marry them.Prizes: Prized with leaves of the olive tree that was placed on their head, also rewarded with a branch of the olive tree, giving the chance to thank Zeus and the gods for favoring them, slaves , huge cash prizes, and oxen. Whole page by (tripod)</p> <p>2</p> <p>The Present day Olympics!Events: Ancient day events, (boxing, wrestling, foot racing) swimming, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey, and other modern day sports.Opening events: Famous singers sing, fire works, dancing, lighting of the torch. (tripod)Competitors: any professional athlete males or females. Representing their country.Prizes: medals,(1st place gold, 2nd place bronze, 3rd place silver) many winners are on commercials, cereal boxes, magazines, and etc. Also they get the chance to represent their country in the Olympics. (tripod)</p> <p>CoachingAthens- They didnt have any coach they relied on their training.Present day- get good coaches that know a lot. Coaches who played the sport. The coaches push the athlete to the absolute top.</p> <p>TrainingAthens- trained by eating meat. It is told that a Olympic person ate 40 pounds of meat at one serving! They also train everyday.</p> <p>Present day- they have a routine they do everyday, they train everyday, they keep their eyes on the prize, be specific in the training, fuel your body good enough, know when to rest, have a perfect form( </p> <p>Review?What was the opening event in the Athenian Olympics?How do the present day athletes get coached?How do the Athenians train?True or False Swimming was a event in the ancient day Olympics? </p> <p>SourcesThe First Olympics </p>


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