the european library presents its "library of the month" campaign

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This presentation by Aubery Escande of The European Library was delivered as part of a workshop at LIBER's 2013 conference. The workshop was: "The Interactive Library: Communicating Effectively With Your Stakeholders". Learn more about The European Library at and about LIBER at


  • 1.Library of the Month The multiplier challenge Aubry Escande Communications Manager

2. The European Library National and University libraries 3. The European Library - Council of Europe representation 4. Facts & Figures 200 million bibliographic records 17 million digital records 25 million pages of full text 5. A service for libraries Projects AggregationPartnership Collections and libraries showcase Knowledge sharing 6. The European Library & Europeana Complementary target groups Emphasis on collections Library sector representative 7. Library of the Month campaign Marketing Plan for services Marketing Plan for end- users Editorial Plan Activities break-down 2013 Schedule 8. Collaboration effort The European Library office The Library of the month The European Library network Editorial Plan focuses on a Marketing opportunity Institution highlight Collections and content highlight Through The European Library portal, The European Library social media channels and the Library of the month User statistics 9. Practical examples 10. The Library of the Month campaign proved to be an excellent opportunity to showcase our vision and mission. It was also a fantastic window to let Europe catch a glimpse of some of our most valuable and appreciated treasures. Ana Santos Aramburo Director of the National Library of Spain 11. Thank you Aubry Escande


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