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  • 1. The Dragon Kings Daughter Taylor Capito
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    • Once upon a time, in the faraway land of China, there lived a powerful Dragon King. This king had a beautiful daughter that he hid away, deep in his castle, so that she could not be tainted by society. The king loved his daughter, and so he wanted her to remain ignorant, pure.
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    • But the daughter grew lonelier and lonelier with every day. And the King did not like this. It made him sad to see his daughter so lonely.
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    • The king could not let his daughter leave the confines of the castle, for that would risk making her impure. Just when the king was about to give up hope of making his daughter happy, he found a solution.
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    • He went to his men and told them to go across and into Mongolia and find a friend for his daughter. The king gave his men enough gold for ten horses, and sent his men into Mongolia.
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    • The princess could not wait! And when the day came that her fathers men returned, she sat at her window, and watched as they brought with them a sad young girl.
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    • Hello! squealed the young princess in excitement.
    • , said the girl. It is how we say hello where I come from.
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    • This delighted the princess, for she had never before heard such a strange word.
    • Suddenly, the princess grew worried because her new friend did not look happy.
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    • Whats wrong? asked the princess. Why dont you smile? Why do you look so sad?
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    • The little girl looked up and sighed.
    • Here, I am not allowed to do anything. I was told on my way here that I will spend all of my time sitting in the castle and talking to you. I am not allowed to learn, and I am not allowed to play.
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    • The princess laughed. Why would you want to do those things? she asked. Those are activities of boys and men! Girls are supposed to be sweet and pure, graceful and innocent. Besides, said the princess as she lifted her feet, how could I possibly play with my feet so small?
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    • The little Mongolian girl screamed, for she had never seen anything so scary. The princesses feet were the size of a babys!
    • What have they done to you? she asked in shock. This is not how it is in Mongolia! There women have a voice. The men look to us for wisdom, and they would never ask us to give up our feet of give up our freedom.
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    • This was very new to the princess, the idea that, somewhere, men actually listened to women and went to them for advice.
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    • Here, continued the little Mongolian girl, women are nothing more than wall flowers. They sit and look beautiful. It makes me sad to think that this is how I will have to live.
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    • Strength is prized in Mongolia, along with beauty. A woman should be able to show some independence from her father to show her strength.
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    • The Chinese princess considered this and wished that she had been born in a land where she could have influence, could learn.
    • But at that very moment, her father walked in, and all of that was forgotten. She had to look beautiful and pure for him, for that was the only way she could make him proud.
  • 17. The End


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