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We all have one common fantasy, from the people around us and the devices we use.


1. Userexperience is all about the user 2. What about theExperience? 3. Take a deep breath 4. Lets go back 5. To the beginning 6. Symbiosis Interaction between different biological species 7. The fetus is in full biological symbiosisNOHungerNO ThirstNO ColdNO Heat 8. It is our Gardenof Eden 9. But its goneInstead weve gotten something else 10. Psychologicalsymbiosis A deep emotional relationship betweenparent and child 11. Avoiding points of friction Thekeytogoodparenting: 12. And being at the right place at the right time 13. The fog is clearing away Less points of friction = Better experience 14. 30 years later 15. We all have one common fantasy 16. The symbiotic fantasy We fantasize that others will be able to understand us completely With no need to talk at all 17. The human experience Fantasy The environment will predict our needs and satisfy them, completely. The ideal zero frictions, our lost paradise. Reality Our surroundings and especially our loved ones, can do this only very partially. The only way we can come close to fulfilling this ideal communication. 18. How deep is our emotional relationship to digital devices? 19. Accidently typed the wrong language 20. Just fell, and doesnt even know it 21. Check it out, predicting the future isnt that hard: You will make the same mistakes you make today AGAIN 22. Google now tries to give you what you need, before you ask for it 23. My daughter was born a month ago, but were already out of the hospital so I dont really need that information. 24. This is great, thanks! 25. Avoiding points of friction by communicating 26. Context design 27. The prediction bar 28. Procrastination is a huge friction Avoiding it would be Awesome 29. Our expectations from digital devices Fantasy Digital products will predict our needs and satisfy them fully. The ideal perfect artificial intelligence. Reality Our computers, tablets and smartphones are really trying, but theres still a lot of room for improvement. 30. How can we improve? Meeting user expectations Avoiding points of friction Considering context True for digital products and humans as well! 31. !