the day that shook america september 11 th, 2001

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The Day That Shook America

The Day That Shook AmericaSeptember 11th, 2001Important VocabularyOccupation- when someone is in your land and you dont want them there

Land of Canaan- The promised land of the Bible

Sanctions- restrictions

Descendent- A person in your family that has been born before you but you share blood with

Trade Embargo- when you are not allowed to trade with a certain country

Al-Qaida- group of terrorist fighters that carried out 9-11 attacks

Important VocabularyHijackers- Bad people that take over a plane with the intent to kill people

Commercial Airliners- Airplanes that carry passengers (people)

Pentagon- Government building in Washington D.C. where over 2,600 people work

Twin Towers- Two tallest towers in the United States that stand into downtown New York City

Whitehouse- Where the President lives

Tragedy- when something very bad (almost unbelievable) happens

Heroism- when people step up and do something out of the ordinary

Patriotism- Love for your country

The Motives of the AttacksUnited States support of Israel

United States Occupation in Saudi Arabia

United States Sanctions on Iraq

United States Support for Israel Israelis & Muslims have been fighting a holy war for hundreds of years over Jerusalem

Long ago God promised the Land of Canaan (Promised Land) to the decedents of Abraham

The Israelis believe that the land was only promised to decedents of Abrahams younger son Isaac

United States Support for Israel The Israelis believe that the land was only promised to descendants of Abrahams younger son Isaac

The Arabs believe that Canaan was promised to all descendants of Abraham which included Ishmael so they too think that Canaan is theirs

United States Support for Israel Arabs are direct descendents of Ishmael

Israelis are direct descendents of Isaac

This is why both of these groups believe that Canaan is theirs and have been killing each other for it for hundreds of years

United States Support for Israel The United States chose the side of the Israelis

This is why many (not all) Arab people do not like the United States

United States Occupation in Saudi Arabia Another motive for the attack was the United States had been in Saudi Arabia for almost 10 years

The Arabs didnt like this because they felt thatSaudi Arabia is one of the Arabs most Holy PlacesArabs felt that the United States military was forcing their leaders to do things they didnt want to do

United Nations Sanctions on IraqOn August 6th 1990 the United Nations placed sanctions of Iraq

These sanctions were a total financial & trade embargo on Iraq

This meant that Iraq could no longer trade with anyone in the United Nations

Iraq lost billions of dollars because of this

It made the Arab world very upset with the United Nations and the United States

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed1996In 1996 a man named Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was very angry with the United States

He was a Muslim man and the Muslims have been fighting with Israel for hundreds of years

They have been fighting over the city of Jerusalem which both sides (Muslims & Israelis) believe God promised them as their Holy Land

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed1996The United States had taken the side of the Israelis making Sheikh Mohammed extremely angry

He formulated a plan to get back at the United States by planning the September 11th attacks

Al-Qaida 1998In 1998 frustrated and angry with the United States Khalid Sheikh Muhammad contacts the Al-Qaida fighters with his plan of the September 11th attacks

Al-Qaida also had been very angry with the United States because they had so many soldiers in Saudi Arabia & sanctions against Iraq

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed & Al-QaidaBegin to Make PlansKhalid Sheikh Mohammed began talking about his plan to the leader of Al-Qaida and told the leader that he needed money

The leader of Al-Qaida agreed to pay for the attacks & provide hijackers & terrorists for the plan

The leader of Al-Qaida was none other than Osama Bin Laden

Planning The AttacksOsama Bin Laden & Khalid Sheikh Muhammad begin planning the attacks in late 1998

In 1999 they begin picking specific targets to attack in the United States

In 2000 they send 5 men to take pilot lessons in San Diego California

In July 2001 secondary hijackers (the ones who wore the bombs) arrived

The Stage was set for the Deadliest Day in America since the Civil WarThe plan was in place by Khalid Sheikh Muhammad & Osama Bin Laden

Each terrorist knew what their job was

They knew exactly what their targets were to attack

The stage was set for the deadliest day in America since the Civil War

September 11th 2001The Early Morning Early in the morning of September 11th, 2001 19 hijackers took control of 4 commercial airliners American Airlines Flight 11United Airlines Flight 175American Airlines Flight 77United Airlines Flight 93

The AirplanesThe airplanes the hijackers controlled were very large passenger airplanes

American Airlines Flight 11 had 76 passengers aboard

United Airlines Flight 175 had 51 passengers aboard

American Airlines Flight 77 had 53 passengers aboard

United Airlines Flight 93 had 33 passengers aboard

American Airlines Flight 11 At 7:59 Am American Airlines Flight 11 left Boston heading to Los Angeles

The flight headed North through New York and towards Pennsylvania in its normal direction

But about a half an hour into its flight it took a sudden turn and headed South towards New York City

United Airlines Flight 175 At 8:14 Am United Airlines Flight 175 left Boston heading to Los Angeles

This flight began cutting south through Massachusetts & the Northwestern part of Connecticut toward New York City

American Airlines Flight 77 At 8:20 Am American Airlines Flight 77 leaves Northern Virginia heading to Los Angeles

They begin their normal course through Maryland but take an abrupt U-turn as the cross the Ohio border

They begin heading back toward Washington D.C.

United Airlines Flight 93 At 8:42 Am United Airlines Flight 93 leaves Newark New Jersey headed for San Francisco

They head out of New Jersey across Pennsylvania and into Ohio

They too suddenly pull a U-turn and head straight towards Washington D.C.

The DestructionAt 8:46 American Airlines Flight 11 reaches New York City and slams into the North Tower of the World Trade Center

Almost immediately after that at 9:03 hijackers fly United Airlines Flight 175 into the South Tower of the World Trade Center

The DestructionA little more than a half an hour later news comes that American Airlines Flight 77 has slammed into the Pentagon building in Washington D.C.

At 10:03Am the final plane United Airlines Flight 93 crashes into a field in Pennsylvania (It was on its way to the White House)

The Twin TowersBoth the North & South towers begin smoking and smelling of burning steel as soon as they were hit

All 137 people aboard the two planes were instantly killed as the planes blew up into the side of the building from the impact

The Twin TowersBecause of how the towers were built once the planes hit the building the steel structure was not strong enough to hold up the building because they were so tall

The buildings collapsed one floor on top of another

The more floors that collapsed the faster they would collapse

It was like little dominos knocking each other down

The Twin TowersIt was like little dominos knocking each other down

Both Towers collapsed sending a huge cloud of dust and brick into the air

This cloud came like an avalanche through the streets of New York sending people running for their lives

2752 died in the Twin Towers attack alone (including people in the planes, towers, and rescue personnel)

The PentagonAt 9:37 Am a Boeing 757 going 345 miles per hour crashes into the side of the Pentagon

The crash kills all people aboard the plane & 125 people working in the Pentagon

The WhitehouseSome of the people aboard Flight United Airlines Flight 93 have heard of the hijackings from loved ones who have called them

Shortly it becomes very clear that they are next

Hijackers take control of the plane and tell the passengers that they are headed back to the air port

The WhitehouseBecause of the calls made by some of their loved ones the passengers know better

Some brave passengers led by Todd Beamer begin to make a plan to jump the hijackers

Todd and some of the other passengers jump the hijackers

The WhitehouseThere is a struggle between the passengers and the hijackers that is caught on radio

The passengers are never able to take control of the plane as they crash land into a field in Pennsylvania

Everyone on the plane is killed

But they saved many lives including possibly the Presidents life

TragedyFor the United States of America September 11th 2001 goes down in history as one of the countries most tragic days

2,819 people were killed343 firefighters and paramedics23 NYPD officersPeople from 115 different countries were killed

HeroismOut of the death and destruction came Heroism

Many normal citizens rose up and saved other peoples lives

The NYPD & NYFD saved countless peoples lives and risked their own lives

The passengers on flight 93 saved lives even though they