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  • D R E S S P R O P E R L Y this Halloween

    October 2007 Volume 51.3

    The Chicago Chess Player

    The Official Bulletin of the Chicago Industrial Chess League

  • CICL Contact List

    The Chicago Chess Player October 2007

    Bulletin Editor/Webmaster Tom Friske 1035 E Algonquin Road H:(847) 299-1033 Des Plaines, IL 60016 W:{847) 914-8448 Ratings Chairman Art Olsen 714 E Algonquin Road #J102 H:(847) 437-9819 Arlington Heights, IL 60006 W:(847) 719-8036 FAX : to SBS OTS, 22NW0644-5 at (847) 719-8151 League President Tony Jasaitis C:(708) 903-6423 W:(312) 264-2044 League Secretary Jerry Thomas 745 Hageman Pl H:(630)420-0188 Naperville, IL 60563 League Treasurer Paul Freidel 3N861 Babson Lane St Charles, IL 60175 Trophy Chairman Marty Franek 9044 S 51st Avenue H: (708) 636-3714 Oak Lawn, IL 60453-1730 W: (312) 353-0397 Publicity Chairman Matt Vail C: (312) 933-1516 W: (630)505-6557 Banquet Chairman Wayne Ellice H: (708) 636-1303 DIVISIONAL CHAIRMEN East Division Adam Muhs C: (847) 877-9629 W: (312) 497-1184 West Division Bob Buchner 1316 Kallien Court H: (630) 428-7707 Naperville, IL 60540 W: (630) 979-7707 North Division Jim Thomson W: (847) 538-5408

    Mark Your Calendars with These Key League Dates: Fall Business Meeting Last Wednesday of August (Aug 29 2007) Spring Business Meeting 3.5 Weeks Before Playoffs (April 16, 2008) Season Playoffs Second Saturday of May (May 10, 2008) CICL Open Second Saturday of May (May 10, 2008) League Awards Banquet First Friday of June (June 7, 2008)

  • Contents of Issue 51.3 3

    The Chicago Chess Player October 2007

    Officer Contact List 2 Contents of Issue 3 News 4 2007-2008 Dues Form 6 About David Green 7 FEATURES Best of the 11 Games as reviewed by THE PLAYERS ! 17 Halloween Gambit 28 Club Announcements 43 On the cover A search for Halloween costumes turned up this winner. Theres a matching queen one for that special gal in your life (if you can talk her into being seen near it

    With contributions from : Tony Jasaitis, Dave Baurac, Lenny Spiegel, Frank Suerth, Bob Buchner, Dave Eustace, and Fred Furtner

  • NEWS from around the League and beyond 4

    The Chicago Chess Player October 2007

    HUGE THANKS to this months contributors! It was getting late in the month and I wasnt coming up with a theme, let alone any ideas for an interesting issue. Then a brainstorm hit ask for help, why pretend I have a clue ? And within an hour (literally!) my mail box was rained on with ideas and promises for analyzed games. This issue is largely the work of a group, not just me. and I like it ! ---The Editor SAD NEWS about a long-term CICL member Monday we learned of the death of David W. Green, former ACL/CSE employee. He was killed in a car accident this past Saturday. His son-in-law was also in the vehicle, but thankfully is in stable condition after having surgery. Dave retired from teaching at Albion College in Michigan recently. For those of us new to the Rooks, Dave Green was a fixture on the Argonne chess teams for most of the last 30-35 years, serving as captain of the Argonne Pawns for some 20 years and playing for the Rooks for the last couple of seasons, since his retirement from Albion. More of Davids impact on those he knew is included within this issue. Email alias update An alert reader noticed a couple errors with the aliases as listed in last months (September 2007) bulletin. The editor apparently didnt correctly edit last seasons list ! Jim Thomson is the recipient to the ChairmanNorth alias. Also, both Arnie Walker (former Captain) and Brian Aubry receive email to the Northrop alias. Rest assured the online aliases have always been set correctly. DUES GRACE PERIOD TO EXPIRE Dues are now DUE !! Get payment in to the treasurer THIS MONTH or face a monetary penalty. Another copy of form follows. Could just call it the Internet Steal issue So many portions of this issue are pieced from the Internet, but, oh well. The editor is always amazed at the good stuff out there and intends to keep you faithful readers informed about the best sites. This month, Fred Furtner (AMA) points out a real winner: (TO REFERENCE LINKS, select hand tool in Acrobat Reader and copy/paste site address) Ive been browsing YOUTUBE for all sorts of things lately. Mainly listening to songs (oldies), political stuff (Senate hearings, candidates, etc.). Also, theres lots of clips from movies, comedians, and other stuff. Just go to the site, and type in a descriptive word and enter... And, of course, regarding chess... THERES A TON OF VIDEOS on YouTube about all-things chess. Just typing chess into the search field, for instance, will bring up about 12,000 short videos. From 4-9 minute intros on openings and defenses, to whole games, funny videos, movie clips, etc. How about typing in other words?.... Chess fun. Defensive chess. Chess openings. Fischer. Best chess. Russian chess. Chess tricks. Look what you get there. Some other stuff I found... I WANT YOU TO CHECK ME, AS HARD AS YOU CAN (Fight Club): (Another) FIGHT CLUB CHESS: CHESS CLUB CHEERLEADERS: The Chess Game (winner of Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1997) MANIPULATING WITH CHESS (lying) Documentary Fischer/Spassky (part 1 of 4): WORLDS GREATEST CHESS GAME: GEORGE COSTANZA PLAYS CHESS (SEINFELD):

  • NEWS from around the League and beyond 5

    The Chicago Chess Player October 2007

    But basically, YouTubes a great site for reviewing chess openings, watching interesting documentaries on players, and getting energized about all things chess. Yes, its another gold mine thats worth tapping. THATS GREAT, BUT HOW ABOUT SOMETHING for those with thousands of extra dollars laying around ?? Heres some Ebay deals for those with discerning tastes : 1) Chess Set and Table & Chairs found on eBay for US $1,200.00! Shipping $60.00 but if you drive to Elwood, IN, you can save on the shipping! Chess Set, folding table and chairs LION Heads and feet You can get some photo off the eBay site. 2) Rare Authentic Hand-Carved Chess Set from Myanmar Starting bid:$1,450.00 This is an authentic vintage Burmese (Myanmar) chess set. It was found in 2005 on Arakan mountains buried under ground and brought to Philadelphia in 2006. It has one of a kind hand-carved wooden case. The pieces are beautifully carved out of metal. The case and pieces are in a very good condition and there are no pieces missing. I don't know the exact value of this chess set. From what I've been told by different appraisers, it could be worth anywhere from $2000 to $25000 or more. (Youll probably want some documentation to prove those claims, Id think!) BUT THERES ALSO GOOD CHESS STUFF CHEAP !! "As a long time CICL participant it is my pleasure to announce that ChessCountry is offering discounts to all CICL members. CICL members will be able to get 30% off on all BadBishop DVDs and 25% off on all other products (books, clocks, software, etc). ChessCountry is an authorized North American dealer for both BadBishop and Convekta (producers of Rybka, CT-ART, Chess Assistant). I can unequivocally state that the BadBishop DVDs are simply superb. Players of all strengths will benefit from the thorough and easy to follow explanations of some of the UK's strongest players such as GM Murray Chandler, GM Tony Kosten, and IM Andrew Martin. These DVDs are a perfect medium in that they can be viewed via a standalone player, laptop, or on a wor

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