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<ul><li>1.THECHEESE</li></ul> <p>2. SUBGRUPSkinds of cheese Whichcheese inventionis thecheese cheese brands The cheese cooked cheesemanufacture ofcuriosities of cheesecheese 3. WHICH IS THE CHEESECheese is a solid foodmade from curdled milk fromcows, goats, sheep, buffalo, cameland other mammals ruminants. 4. KINDS OF CHEESE There are over 4,000 kinds of cheese (blue cheese, blue cheese, gruyere, mozzarella, brie, .. . Each class has different types of elaboration and rest. 5. CHEESE INVENTIONThere is a legend that was discovered by an Arab merchant, while ona long journey through the desert, put milk in a container made from asheeps stomach. When he went to consume it saw that itwas coagulated and fermented (due to rennet from the stomach of thelamb and the high temperature of the desert). Other authors point outthat the cheese was known in prehistoric times, a fact which hasnot been found. 6. MANUFACTURE OF CHEESEBefore the cheeseis manufactured by hand but thanksto modern technology the cheese isproduced in less time and puttingless effort. 7. CURIOSITIES OF CHEESE-In the beginning, the importance of that if depended on whether he could stayfreshlong.-The cheeses are grouped agree with its hardness or softness.Its four main types are: soft, semisoft, hard and very hard.-The softer contain more moisture than others, but the hardest are those that are betterpreserved.-The holes that have some cheeses are called "eyes" and are caused by gasbubbles released by bacteria containing the cheese.-Although the cheese develops mold, you can eat, so you just take the cheesearround of 1/2cm of the bark outside.-The ancient Romans were skilled cheese producers.Some even had special rooms in their homes dedicated to the production cheese. 8. CHEESE BRANDSEach company engaged in the manufacture of cheese hasa mark that serves to identify a cheese market. 9. COOKED CHEESECheese can be eaten in many ways the most commonis also eaten raw but can be eaten cooked in pies, melted in theform of sauces or pizzas. 10. FIN </p>