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This slide presentation takes you through the life of a broiler hen.


<ul><li> 1. The story of a broiler henPhotos and content was provided by</li></ul> <p> 2. Newly hatched and scooped out within minutes 3. The journey begins... 4. On theconveyorbelt andthendroppedontoanother! 5. Through the metal box and into a crate! 6. A quick shower? 7. Loads of space to grow up in! To get BIGGER in! 8. Broiler hens are special because theyre modified to grow fat,quickly! Why? To meet the growing need for meat!This photo shows you the side-effect of growing so fast. Their legs arent strong enough fortheir overgrown bodies! 9. As they get bigger theres even less space for them! 10. Heres an image to show you the difference between a 14 dayold laying chick and a meat/broiler chick! 11. Heres an image to show you the difference between a 7 weekold laying chick and a meat/broiler chick! 12. Then the catchers get to work - grabbing the hens andramming them into the crates, which causes huge injuries! 13. And then theyre off the slaughter house for an unimaginableexperience of pain and disregard. 14. This is where theyre hung upside down and stunned.Machines do this, so the hens arent always unconscious! 15. The next part involves a machine cutting off their head, whichmay not be as accurate as it needs to be! So, the hen is alivewhen its put through scalding water, which is a way to makefeather removal quicker! </p>