The Berenstain Bears and the Big Electio

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  • "Blast!" said Papa Bear as the Bearfamily's car went over a very big bump.The Bear familyPapa, Mama, Brother,and Sisterwere on their way to townto do some shopping.

    "These roads are in terrible shape,"said Papa angrily. "Why, these roads areenough to shake your teeth loose!"

  • Then, just after they went over thebig bump, the car hit a deep pothole.

    "Double blast!" Papa shouted. Andwhen he got out of the car to look fordamage, the edge of the road crumbledand he fell into a ditch.

  • Now Papa was really angry."Outrageous!" he shouted as Mama

    and the cubs helped him out of theditch. "Bear Country is falling apart!Why doesn't the government dosomething?"

    "Why don't you do something, dear?"said Mama, who was getting a littletired of Papa's complaining.

    "Like what?" asked Papa."Well, you could vote in the next

    election," said Mama, pointing to asign. The sign said election coming.BE SURE TO VOTE.

    "Hmmm," said Papa.

  • "I'll do more than vote in the nextelection," said Papa. "I'll be in the nextelection. I'm going to run for presidentof the Town Council!"

    "Oh, boy!" said the cubs."Oh, dear!" said Mama.

  • "And you," said Papa to Brother andSister, "will be my campaignmanagers!"

    "Oh, boy! Wow!" shouted the cubs.But Mama had doubts. There

    were others in the race. What Mamawas worried about was Papa'sdisappointment if he should lose.

    "Dear," she said, "I really think youshould think twice about this."

    But Papa wasn't listening. He wasalready dreaming about the glories ofbeing president of the Town Council.

  • He promised the bears that if he waselected there would be honey in everyhoney pot, a scratching post on everycorner, and trout in every stream.

  • When election day came, Papa wasstill shaking paws and making promises.

    It was a bright sunny day andeverybody came out to vote. Papa andMama voted early. So did the othercandidates for council president.

    Then they all went home to wait forthe votes to be counted.

  • It was late evening when the wordcame. Papa had won! He had won theelection! Papa was president of theTown Council!

    It was very exciting to be elected tohigh office. When Papa went to sleepthat night, he had a big smile on hisface.

  • "Hmm," said Brother, looking at thelong, long line. "There's just onetrouble with running for high officeyou just might get elected!"