the benefits of hiring conference organisers

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DESCRIPTION A slideshow highlighting why you should hire conference organisers


  • 1. W12 Conferences Conferences
  • 2. Seminars There is a large number of elements to bear in mind when planning a seminar that will mean the difference between an effective seminar and disappointing seminar. The effects of a disappointing seminar can be massive.W12 Conferences 2
  • 3. The different types of conferences There is an enormous variety of conferences from tiny conferences with only a couple of individuals all the way to conferences for several thousand. Usually, the bigger the seminar, the more difficult it is to arrange as there is much more to consider and more associates to impress. We will thus concentrate on organising a large conference in London. London specifically as its the capital city.W12 Conferences 3
  • 4. More time to concentrate on inviting delegates Theres a huge amount to bear in mind when planning a conference and unless you have knowledge of organising a expo, it is highly advisable to hire a conference planner. This will not just take the stress out of organising a conference but it will make sure that the expo is a success. Its important that you invest a lot of time inviting your guests. Your delegates are one of the most important part of the seminar and without them; your expo would not proceed. Its consequently vital that you get this correct.W12 Conferences 4
  • 5. Experience is crucial As conference organisers are specialists, they have an incredibly good knowledge of the conference industry. As a result of their knowledge of the market they will likely make much better choices on venues plus the format of your seminar. In short they are going to effectively spend clients conference budget to maximise returns.W12 Conferences 5
  • 6. Choose the right venue Choosing the correct venue is of huge importance when planning a seminar. The venue will impact attendance levels as there is a clear pattern between attendance levels and how easy it is for guests to access the venue. Needless to say, the more central the venue, the more the venue will probably cost. A conference organiser will know the right venue to choose for your seminar to ensure the maximum attendance levels.W12 Conferences 6
  • 7. Impressions are everything It is advisable to rent a venue that gives off the appropriate image and one which is within budget. If the venue is on the lower end of the market, it might imply that your organisation isnt doing very well. Alternatively should the venue be overly lavish, it may imply that your company is doing too well and suggest that you cost too much. Its important to pick a venue which fits in with your brand. Event planners will take care of this and guarantee the venue portrays the appropriate image.W12 Conferences 7
  • 8. Pick the right sized venue The venue size is important and is very much dependant on the number of attendees. This however isnt always known and as a result depends on the knowledge of conference organisers. For those who hire a venue which is not big enough, it will be unpleasant. If you hire a conference venue thats too big, then youll be wasting money and in addition making your expo look unpopular.W12 Conferences 8
  • 9. AV equipment makes a conference Great AV equipment can help to make your expo a success. Theres nothing worse than going to a expo and not being able to see or hear the keynote speaker. On the other hand, you do not want to spend too much and waste your budget. Conference organisers make arranging a conference quick and enjoyable.W12 Conferences 9
  • 10. Are you looking for a conference organiser? Try W12 Conferences Conferences 10