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The Atkinson Decent Work Fund is our latest tool for promoting social and economic justice in Ontario. Through this webinar, we explained the purpose of the fund, answered some frequently asked questions and started a conversation on building movements for decent work. Please click on Notes to see the annotations accompanying the slides.


  • 2. Why a webinar? Wed like to: Connect and continue working collaboratively Answer your questions Clarify our intentions Help you think through your letter of inquiry
  • 3. Most frequent questions (so far) What do you mean by decent work? Can you give an example of a project that fits your guidelines? What are you looking for in a letter of inquiry? How much money is in the fund? Is there a limit to what we can ask for?
  • 4. Ontarios Decent Work Agenda 1. Fair wages and workplaces 2. Wage disparity 3. Precarious employment 4. _______________________ 5. _______________________ 6. _______________________
  • 5. Wagemark A Global Wage Standard A collaboration between West Neighbourhood House (formerly known as St. Christopher), MASS LBP and partners to mobilize consumers to patronize companies that have a fair ratio (8:1) between the highest and lowest paid employee
  • 6. Campaign to Raise Minimum Wage An initiative of the Ontario Employment Education and Research Centre, the Workers Action Centre, and partners focused on fair wages and workplaces.
  • 7. Good Jobs Pipeline Over 60 organizations, resident groups, and government agencies are creating a legally binding framework known as a Community Benefit Agreement to support low-income communities access to training and jobs with the Eglinton Light Rail Transit project.
  • 8. Letters of Inquiry Wed like to receive letters that: Demonstrate were working for compatible ends Bring us a great opportunity to have a real impact Show us the thinking behind it yours and others Tell us the steps youre ready to take over the next year or so Describe your past experience and how its prepared you Explain how youll learn as you do this work
  • 9. Letters of Inquiry Before making a financial request: read our last annual report to assess the size and scope of our grant making consider how much money is needed to make reasonable progress over a 12 18-month period keep in mind that this is a competitive process demand will invariably exceed the resources available
  • 10. Your turn Please ask your question by typing into the chat box. If you are joining us through the conference call function and are unable to type, well make sure to leave enough time at the end for you to ask your question verbally.
  • 11. Continue the Conversation
  • 12. Stay in Touch! Christine Avery Nuez, Atkinsons Director of Operations and Special Projects 416 869 4584 / @NunezAvery
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