the apostle paul session 3 question: what does paul say about jesus? objectives: to provide an...

Download THE APOSTLE PAUL Session 3 Question: What does Paul say about Jesus? Objectives: To provide an overview of Christological themes in Paul’s letters. To

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  • THE APOSTLE PAUL Session 3 Question: What does Paul say about Jesus? Objectives: To provide an overview of Christological themes in Pauls letters. To show what is distinctive to each letter and similarities across letters.
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  • REVIEW: CHRISTOLOGY IN THE FOUR GOSPELS MARK: Jesus as the crucified Son of God JOHN: Jesus as the Word made flesh MATTHEW: Jesus as the revealed Torah, the Wisdom of God LUKE: Jesus as the Spirit- empowered prophet
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  • Pauls apostolic mission William Blake
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  • The OT expectation of a new messianic age of the Spirit Beth Emeth
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  • Christ is the one in whom Gods people are summed up
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  • The new messianic age of the Spirit had in principle dawned with Jesus being raised from the dead Easter Morning He Qi
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  • Pauls mission to proclaim the gospel to the Gentiles and establish congregations among them was so that they could in fact become the first fruits of this new creation. Calling St. Paul He Qi
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  • AN OVERVIEW OF OUR DISCUSSION OF PAULS LETTERS Paul addresses a Jewish- Christian congregation with Gentile converts Galatians (48-49 or mid-50s CE?) Paul addresses Gentile congregations 1 Corinthians (54 CE) Philippians (late 50s or early 60s CE?) Pauls mature work Romans (late 50s) A guiding framework for our course 2 Corinthians (mid- 50s)
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  • SOTERIOLOGICAL SYMBOLS IN PAUL SOCIAL METAPHORS BIOLOGICAL METAPHORS Reconciliation = Atonement Reconciliation = Union ForgivenessNew Adam LiberationDying and rising
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  • THE SHIFT FROM THE OLD AGE TO THE NEW AGE OLD AGE Belonging to this age NEW AGE Belonging to Christ Law-Sin-Death Male/Female Slave/Free Jew/Greek Power/Weakness Wisdom/Foolishness Etc. in Christ-in the Spirit Body of Christ Mind of Christ Hope = Faith working in love Etc.
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  • GALATIANS Should gentile converts be circumcised?
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  • Law or Faith?
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  • The Purpose of the law Chagall
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  • Heirs and children of God Gal 4:6; Kirsten Malcolm Berry
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  • The Allegory of Hagar and Sarah Sarah Presenting Hagar to Abraham Adriaen van der Werff (1699)
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  • 1 CORINTHIANS An appeal for unity
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  • An appeal for reconciliation Paul Fryer
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  • The Lords Supper
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  • Resurrection Risen Lord He Qi
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  • Imitating Christs Humility
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  • Breaking with the Past The Conversion of Paul William Blake
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  • 2 CORINTHIANS A guiding framework for the course
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  • The ministry of the new covenant Watanabe
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  • The ministry of our bodies Resurrection He Qi
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  • The ministry of reconciliation Exodus Chagall
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  • ROMANS Pauls mature work
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  • Righteousness through Faith Mercy Seat Kathleen Izzo
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  • The Example of Abraham The call of Abraham, ceramic relief by Richard McBee, 1980.
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  • Gods Promise Realized through Faith God covenants to make Abraham a father Of many nations, Marc Chagall, 1931.
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  • Results of Justification: Reconciliation
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  • Adam and Christ Adam and Eve, 1504 Albrecht Drer
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  • Dying and Rising with Christ
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  • PRECEPT Discuss 2 Cor 5:11-6:10


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