the 6 worst decisions sales leaders make

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Learn from other people's mistakes so you aren't destined to repeat them. Here are the 6 worst decisions sales leaders often make.


The 6 Worst Decisions Sales Leaders Make


With every mistake and failure, not only mine, but of those around me, I learned what not to do.

Mark Cuban


When the decision is made at the top, the collateral damage is MULTIPLIED!

Bad decisions can cause your company to miss the number.


Here are 6 of the worst decisions weve seen senior sales leaders make


Bad Decision #1 -Failure to Map the Buyers Journey

Again and again, we encounter sales leaders who are certain they know their customers.

Only problem is, the customer is changing


Todays buyers are educated.They have the power.

They do research online and are less inclined to agree to a F2F meeting.


Without researching how your customers make a purchase decision, your sales force will be MISALIGNED.

They sell one way your Buyers prefer to buy differently.


Bad Decision #2 Too Much Love for the Legacy Sales Organization

The senior sales leader knows and loves the current sales model.

Sometimes he grew up on it.Maybe he designed it.

Either way, it works, right?


Many times, comfort with the current sales force structure hurts the senior sales leader.


Legacy sales forces are often based on feet on the street

This model is incredibly expensive.

Headcount, benefits, car packages, travel all cost a fortune.


The result.

Your average sales price (ASP) must be higher.

You have to charge more to achieve the desired profit margin.


Bad Decision #3Ignoring Content Marketing

Content means blogs, whitepapers, webinars, slideshares, tweets, eBooks, podcasts, etc.

Content sells your product before your Buyer meets with your rep.


Dont let the first time a Buyer hears about you be from your rep.

Give them a chance by engaging your Buyers virtually early in the process


Bad Decision #4Lets Buy Some New Technology!

We all like shiny new things.

However, dont buy new technology before figuring out how to enable it.

You will only end up with an expensive system that acts as a frustration multiplier.


To prevent the frustration multiplier, follow these steps:

Build a process.Choose a technologyFind the right people to manage it.Create compelling content for it (see Bad Decision #3)


Bad Decision #5My Gut Tells Me Who To Hire

Why entrust your success or failure to the gut-feel of your managers?


Sales has too long been an art. It is perhaps the last bastion of aimless, gut-feel decision making in the the business world. Topgrading For Sales Greg Alexander

Start upgrading your talent immediately by implementing the Topgrading hiring process today!


Bad Decision #6The Selling Starts When My Rep Walks In

20 years ago, Sellers had all of the power because they had all of the information.

The Buyers feeling of being in control was an illusion.


The internet has flipped the balance of power FOREVER!

Research shows that 57% of the Buyers purchase decisionis made without a sales rep present.


World class companies understand the virtual world is the new sales and marketing battleground.


Because thats where Buyers are going for information.

When they go there, they need to run into YOU.


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