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  1. 1. The First Emperor of China Qin Shi Huangdi Emperor from 221-207 B.C. Had a terracotta army made to protect him in the afterlife Tried (and failed) to find the elixir of immortality Built The Great Wall of China Greatly expanded the size of China by using horses in his army Helped to begin the Silk Road by increasing horse usage
  2. 2. Terracotta Warriors Videos Video 1: https://goo.gl/SzZioO Video 2: https://goo.gl/OyuUwH
  3. 3. The Qins Terracotta Army Buried a mile from Qin Shi Huangdis grave The tomb is the size of soccer field Forgotten until 1974, when a farmer discovered them All figures are life size 8,000 soldiers 130 chariots 670 horses
  4. 4. The Qins Terracotta Army
  5. 5. Terracotta Army Details Each figure is unique Life size Vary in height, uniform, & hairstyle Individualized facial features Vary in importance Vary in stance (standing, kneeling, riding a chariot, riding a horse) Vary according to weapons and roles Details were painted (but paint has worn away) Held real weapons (but most were looted long ago) Covered swords in chromium dioxide that keeps the swords rust free (even today!)
  6. 6. Terracotta Army Details Q1: What can you infer about each warrior having a unique face? Q2: Why do you think the weapons were looted? Recreated figures to show what painting may have looked like
  7. 7. Compare/Contrast Terracotta Warriors and U.S.A Armed Servicepersons
  8. 8. Design and Sculpt a Terracotta Warrior
  9. 9. Sculpting a Terracotta Warrior Sculpture is the art of making 3d forms any material can be used We are going to use clay today We are going to use a clay today called model magic Air dries Sticky Non toxic Link to purchase 75 piece classpack of model magic: https://goo.gl/fjtggG
  10. 10. Finished Terracotta Warrior You SHOULD add weapons or extras!
  11. 11. Read and Respond Read: 5 Things You May Not Know About the Terracotta Army https://goo.gl/AG65gQ Respond: What can the terracotta warriors tell us about Emperor Qin? https://goo.gl/UMLUYa
  12. 12. Grade Your Work Rubric https://goo.gl/IEnMna


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