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  • Price: Rs.5001-

    GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

    Advertising & Publicity Division Office of the Development Commissioner(MSME),

    Ground Floor, Near Gate No.4,

    Nirman Bhawan, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi-110108

    Tell- 011 23062219 Fax: 23062219

    Tender Notice


    "Designing and Printing of various Monographs/Handbooks, Posters, Leaflets, Brochures and Bilingual Journal of MSME from 'A' class offset printers empanelled with the Directorate of Printing, Govt. of India." For the financial year 2015-16,2016-17 & 2017-18

    Office of the Development Commissioner (MSME) (website: www.dcmsme.gov.in)

    Tender No: 511(7)/2015-17A&P/Tende( Dated 16.10.2015

    Signature of Bidder , .

    Name of Bidder .

    To, __ S:£.N t'..::---------


    I S.No·1 A TITLE

    General A.1 Details of Bid A.2 Instructions To Bidders A.3 Bidding Procedure A.4 General Terms & Conditions A.5 Eligibility Criteria A.6 Period of Validity of Bid

    1A.7 Submission of Bids A.8 Opening of Bids A.9 Clarification of Bids

    , A.10 Evaluation of Bids A.11 Prices A.12 Termination by Default A.13 Resolution of Disputes A.14 Applicable Law A.15 Notices A.16 Taxes and Duties A17 Terms and Conditions A18 Payment A19 Notices

    I B - Scope of Work


    Check List

    Format for Submitting Financial Bid - (Annexure- A)


  • No. 5/1 (7)/2015-17-A&P/Tender GOVERNMENT OF INDIA

    OFFICE OF THE DEVELOPMENT COMMISSIONER (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) Advertising and Publicity Division




    On behalf of President of India, Office of the Development Commissioner (MSME), Government of India, invites sealed bids in two separately sealed bids, one Technical and second Financial, for Designing and Printing of various Monographs/Handbooks, Posters, Leaflets, Brochures and Bilingual Journal of MSME from 'A' class offset printers empanelled with the Directorate of Printing, Govt. of India." for a period three years l.e, 2015-16, 2016-11 & 2017-18 on yearly renewable basis subject to satisfactory services of the firm.

    A, General

    Tender Document can be downloaded from the website (www.dcmsme.gov.in)

    A.1 Details of Bid:

    Bid Reference & Date Tender No: 5/1 (7)/2015-17-A&PrTender dated 16.10.2015

    Last date & time of receipt of bid 02.11.2015 by 1500 hrs I

    Opening of Technical bids 02.11.2015 at 1530 hrs Opening of commercial Bids to be intimated Place of receiving the bid & Address Tender Box, Advertising & Publicity Division for 0/0 Development Commissioner communication (MSME) Ministry of MSME, Ground

    Floor, Near Gate No.4, Maulana Azad Road, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-110108.

    Cost of Tender Documents Rs. 5001- (Rupees Five Hundred only) (DOl Bankers Cheque)- Non refundable

    Bid security Rs. 25,0001-(RupeesTwenty Thousand Only) (DOl Bankers Cheque)

    Bank Guarantee as per Govt. of India rule

    Pre-Bid meeting 28" October, 2015 at 1500 hrs.

    Contact person Sh. Harish Anand, Director (PUB) and Sh. H.P. Singh, Deputy Director (PUB) Ph.011-23062219.



    1. "The Bidder" means the individual or firm who participates in the tender and submits its bid. 2. "The Services" means all activities related to conduct & performance of contractual obligations

    under the contract. 3. "The Contract Price" means the price payable, under the work order for the full and proper

    performance of its contractual obligations. 4. "Acceptance" is a process of accepting satisfactory services rendered by tenderer,"

    by % the DC (MSME). 5. "The Work Order" means the order placed by 010 the DC (MSME) on the approved bidder,

    including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein. The work order shall be deemed as "Contract" appearing in the document.

    6. "AUTHORIZATION / DECLARATION" - The bidder should bring letter of authorization for attending bid opening and submit a declaration that the documents/information submitted are true and liable for legal action/disqualification of bid (if found false).

    A.3 Bidding Procedure

    1. Bids are invited in two Bid systems, (1) Technical and (2) Financial, which shall be sealed separately and enclosed in a single sealed envelope.

    2. The "Technical Bid" must be accompanied by a bid security of an amount of Rs.25,OOO/-(Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) in the form bank draft in favor of PAO (MSME), payable at New Delhi.

    3. The "Technical bid" must be accompanied by a Tender Fee of Rs. 500/-(Five Hundred only) in a form of a Bank draft/Banker's Cheque only issued by any commercial Bank in favor of PAO (MSME), payable at New Delhi which is non- refundable.

    4. The Technical Bids without "Bid Security" & tender Fee" will be summarily rejected. Requirement of Bid Security is exempted from those bidders like State/Central PSUs; Government of India Societies (established under relevant Act).

    5. The Technical Bids of all the bidders will be opened on pre scheduled date, time & venue. If the Bid opening could not held on pre scheduled date, time, then all bidders/applicants will be informed individually about the rescheduled date & time.

    6. The Commercial Bids of only successful Technical Bidders will be opened later and technically successful bidders will be informed accordingly.

    7. Sealed Bids shall be received, not later than 02nd November, 2015 by 1500 h rs , No Bids will be accepted after this date & time under any circumstances. This office will not be responsible for any postal/courier delay and also for reasons beyond the control of this office.

    8. All relevant rules and regulations of Government of India will be final and applicable & binding on all bidders.

    9. All commercial bids must contain "terms of payment, delivery period", etc. Bidders may also please note that, as per relevant rules, any advance to the supplier may require submission of a valid bank guarantee in lieu of the advance amount to be paid. Further, the successful bidder may have to submit a " Performance Guarantee for proper functioning of the above mentioned work of the office.

    10. In case more than one bidders quoted the same price and declared as L1 then the contract may be awarded to that firm, having turnover more.


  • A 4 General Terms & Conditions

    (Documents of the foilGwing criteria shall be enclosed with the technical bid)

    1. The bidder shall preferably be reg is t ere d wit h a Government Department.

    2. The bidder must be empanel led with Directorate of Printing, Govt. of India under the 'A' Class Offset printers (copy to be enclosed) and located in the National Capital Region (NCR).

    3. The bidder shall have minimum 3 years experience on above services to at least three Organizations I Public Sectorsl Banks! Govt. Ministries or Departments.

    4. The bidder shall have provided above services to at least 3 contracts in Govt. offices.

    5. The participating bidder(s) must have annual turnover of Minimum 2 crore in anyone of preceding year during last three years (Attach balance sheet and Profit & loss details with Bid for the last three years). Certificate from Chartered Accountant will be preferred

    6. Service Tax Registration Certificate

    7. PAN/ GIR Card

    8. IT returns for the last three financial years.

    9. The bidder should have a Bank Account of its own.

    10.The firm should not have been blacklisted by any organization. An undertaking on letterhead must enclosed with the bid.

    11.The rate of the occasional work i.e. Translation, vetting, editing, proof reading etc. should be quoted.

    A, 5. Eligibility Criteria:

    1. Printers should have in-house facilities for composing on page maker, corel and adopt illustrator and all pre-press work including the entire designing work including the text and cover. Printer having facilities for execution of offset printing through computer to plate (CTP) on 4 colour machine and perfect binding system under one roof.

    2. All proofs duly corrected by the printer upto final proof, made up dummies, layout etc. should be made available at the office premises of the Advertising & Publicity Division, 0/0 the DC (MSME) for approval.

    3. The Printing Press shall also be responsible for ensuring delivery of the final printed Journals/Books/Monographs etc. within 4 days from the date of print order/approval at two premises in Delhi, namely Controller of Publications, Old Secretariat, Delhi and Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi. Charges on packing, forwarding and delivery shall be borne by the press.


  • 4. Paper for printing is to be procured by the press and shall be as per the specifications indicated in this Tender. Sample of the paper proposed to be used will require to be submitting in a prescribed manner alongwith the bid and certifying by the printer. The quality of paper and printing must be at par with the specifications mentioned in this Tender Document otherwise the Tender agreement can be cancelled immediately by the Competent authority and appropriate action may be initiated against the Printing Press as per the norms and decisions taken by the Competent authority.

    5. A soft copy of each of the final printed publication should be required, before Print-order in PDF, HTML format on a CD-ROM im


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