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  • 1. " Health is a state of maximal physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity..." Home Care Provider & Medical Staffing Solutions Presentation by Kelly Cooper-Swenson

2. About us Tender Care Home Management has a wide client base within the private and public care sector. With several years experience in recruitment, staffing and customer service, our highly experiencedstaff are the best.Recently our staff have begun to provide private home care Our staff provides a truly professional, flexible and friendly service to both clients and candidates alike . Our success is dependent on repeat business and recommendations. The delivery of a high quality service is, therefore, essential to our continued growth . Whether you are a potential client or candidate you will receive the same high level of service. ..Why pay so much money to An institution when we are justA phone call away.. . 3. Our goal is to assist the elderly, sick or disabled of all ages in their own homes, to keep them safe and comfortable at home and to provide quality staffing solutions to other medical-related facilities.

  • We provide the following:
    • Professional nurses
    • Certified Nursing Assistants
    • Personal Care Assistants
    • Home makers
    • Live In
    • Companion sitters

We hire the best and most experienced. All our professionals are licensed and insured. Client Services 4. We guaranteeconsistency in our service delivery and maintain a high standard in care giving. We employBest Practicein every area of this business, from the speed of response to our customer needs to the efficient maintenance of records. It also relates to the way in which we treat our workforce. We ensure prompt and accurate training and deal with them in a totally professional way. This ensures that we attract the best personnel and deliver the best solutions to our clients. As part of our commitment to our client, we provide the highest level of service. "..The ultimate destination of all nursing is the nursing of the sick in their own homes."--Florence Nightingale Best Practice 5. Training We ensure that our nurses and professional care assistants are up to speed in every aspect of training required by the State or Federal government.We expect our medical and non-medical personal to continue their education/training.

  • High level anatomy and physiology
    • The Philosophy of care
    • The role of the nurse in patient care
    • The role of the Professional Care Assistant inpatient care.
    • The importance of safety
    • Emergency measures

Is your loved one getting theBest care available? ThinkTender Care Nursing, Inc. Tender Care Home Management 6.

    • Bathing, toileting, grooming, dental care
    • Ambulating, positioning and transferring
    • Meal preparation, nutrition monitoring & feeding
    • Medication reminder and monitoring
    • Home Making, light housekeeping and laundry
    • Running errands, transportation & Doctors visits
    • Fire procedures & Safety
    • Some related elderly conditions
    • Infection control
    • Health and safety
    • Personal hygiene
    • Care of pressure areas
    • Incontinence Care
    • Bed making
    • Ambulation, Range of Motion
    • Healthy meals

Care at its finest Home Care At Its Finest 7. Our Differences Who Benefits the Most? Those suffering from conditions requiring ongoing care such as a terminal or mental illnessThose who have recently been discharged from a hospital and have not fully recovered from surgery, childbirth or other medical/surgical procedures. Those who need assistance coping with treating newly developed health problems. Children with serious illnesses or conditions An elderly/disabled person who needs help with personal chores and medical assistance or just companionship.Anyone who needs attention, supervision, and care. 8. How you benefit From our services!! How we help you benefit? Promote recovery in the familiarity of your own home. Reduce Cost of health care by avoiding the expenses of an institution.Reduce Stress by relieving the family of the many dutiesand responsibilities associated with being a full-time care-giver.We encourage clients to reach their highest levels of physical, mental and emotional potentials.We allow clients to enjoy family life by avoiding separation, enabling clients to maintain their closeness with other family members.Clients will be better able to give and receive support from their family members while at home. 9. When a physical or mental illness strikes you or your children, or when you or a loved one can no longer perform everyday tasks like you once used to, there is a choice; Tender Care Home Management Keep in Mind!! You can depend onTender Care Home Management When you and your family feel it may be time to seek extra help with the everyday demands of living, it is time to call the experts.People you can trust We are in business to provide the best care for your loved one. We are Dependable, Reliable & Consistent. 10. My experience with Tender Care Home Management has been more than positive duringthis difficult time caring, compassionate, competent, and professional. All the personnel have responded with the utmost care and concern. She exemplifies the qualities that a CNA should exhibit at all times. She certainlyworked over and above the call of duty. I felt completely comfortable and secure leaving my mother inherhands. She was truly professional and caring. The staff from Tender Care Nursing, Inc. were professional in both appearance and in clinical practice. They would be an asset tothenursing staff of any care facility. she did so much more than was required of her. She not only took very good care of my mother, but she also helped around the house made mother feel that a friend was there every day. Manythanks to you Tender Care Home Management 11. Visit us on the web and request Our service immediately. www.tendercarenursing.health.officelive.com Our client services coordinator willcontact you immediately to schedule an appointment to come to your home or office to discuss your needs. Go online right away and click on the contact page on our website. You will find all the contact options that are convenient for you. Phone: 218-820-0241 Fax:218-825-8536


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