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Brooks International Speakers Bureau will connect you with exceptional TED speakers who will make your event memorable. For more info visit http://www.brooksinternational.com/ted-speakers Brooks International Speakers Bureau is a different kind of speakers bureau. What sets us apart is the attention that we give to each client and the speed with which we are able to respond to our client's needs. We've been doing this since 1984 and have booked talent for every type of event, fundraiser, meeting, party, convention and training seminar that you can imagine and we will give advice on what works - and what doesn't. We have fresh ideas whether you are looking for a celebrity, entertainment, corporate speaker, keynote speaker, motivational speaker, business speaker, sales trainer, sports speaker, author, consultant or inspirational speaker. Here are a few important links Business Keynote Speakers http://www.brooksinternational.com/business-keynote-speakers Motivational Keynote Speakers http://www.brooksinternational.com/motivational-keynote-speakers Thought Leaders http://www.brooksinternational.com/thought-leadership-speakers


<ul><li>1.TED Speakerswww.brooksinternational.com</li></ul> <p>2. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out as aconference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology,Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. EachTED conference features more than 50 of the worlds most innovative andinfluential speakers.www.brooksinternational.com 3. TED celebrates great speakers, thinkers and doers -- people with ideas thatare passionately held and clearly put. TED also seeks out emerging artists,scientists and thinkers, introducing them to the TED community wellbefore they hit the mainstream.Today, TED is best thought of as a globalcommunity. Its a community welcoming people from every discipline andculture who seek a deeper understanding of the world.www.brooksinternational.com 4. Brooks International Speakers Bureau is your connection to the best TEDspeakers in the world. We will propose exceptional thought leaders,celebrities, leadership experts and motivational speakers who have spokenat TED conferences.Here are a few TED speakers that we would like tohighlight:www.brooksinternational.com 5. Shawn Achor:Positive Psychology Expert, Harvard Researcher, Bestselling Author,Founder and CEO of Good Think Inc.Topics: Success, Motivation, Inspiration, Happiness and more www.brooksinternational.com 6. Robert Ballard:Worlds Top Deep-Sea Explorer, Adventurer, AuthorTopics: Adventure, Motivation, Inspiration, Endorsements and more www.brooksinternational.com 7. Dan Buettner:Internationally Recognized Researcher, Explorer, New York Times Best-Selling Author, National Geographic Fellow.Topics: Adventure, Education, Health &amp; Wellness, Motivation and morewww.brooksinternational.com 8. Joachim de Posada:Motivational Speaker, Author, ConsultantTopics: Sales, Management, Business, Leadership, Team Building and more. www.brooksinternational.com 9. Benjamin Zander:Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Team Building Expert,SpeakerTopics: Leadership, Creativity, Coaching, Team Building and more.www.brooksinternational.com 10. Richard Branson:Founder of Virgin Group, Global Entrepreneur, Business and MotivationalSpeakerTopics: Innovation, Branding, Customer Service, Leadership and more.www.brooksinternational.com 11. James Cameron:Canadian Film Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Environmentalist andInventor.Topics: Technology, Innovation, Success and more. www.brooksinternational.com 12. Naif Al-Mutawa:Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director of The Soor Center for PsychologicalCounseling and Assessment, Creator of THE 99Topics: Human Rights, Entrepreneurship, International Affairs, Terrorismand more.www.brooksinternational.com 13. Chris Anderson:CEO of 3D Robotics, Former Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine, New YorkTimes Bestselling AuthorTopics: Emerging Technologies, New Economy and more. www.brooksinternational.com 14. Neal Petersen:Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Solo around the world racing Yachtsman,Award winning Author.Topics: Adventure, Motivation, Risk Taking, Inspiration and more. www.brooksinternational.com 15. Erik Wahl:Internationally recognized Graffiti Artist, Author, EntrepreneurTopics: Sales, Leadership, Success, Innovation, Creativity and more.www.brooksinternational.com 16. If you are interested in booking a TED speaker for your next event, let ushelp you find the perfect person to make your event successful andinformative.For more info visit: http://www.brooksinternational.com/ted-speakers www.brooksinternational.com 17. www.brooksinternational.comCall us: 303-825-8700 </p>