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  • Technical Analysis Details iOSFinancial Education

    Session Number 74

    Level app-tutorial

    Instructor PForex Department of Education

    Technical Analysis Details iOS

    Seventy Forth session - PFOREX Assist Tutorial

    Welcome back to Forex professional training.

    In this session we will review;

    The technical analysis specifications and elementsProvided trading strategies

    The first section inside PFOREX Assist app is Technical Analysis in whichwide range of powerful and best trading strategies are developed todeliver highly reliable and prime Technical Analyses.

    Traders with any trading preferences and techniques can find the mostfavorite technical analysis from multiple strategies.

    From the menu side bar, Technical Analysis can be selected. Then theprovided analyses will be sorted based on the generated time. Variouscategories are provided on the top side as well. Clearly, if you want tosee all the analyses you can select ALL, otherwise you have to findyour favorite strategy such as Candlestick, Elliot Waves, AndrewsPitchfork and Harmonic;

    The generated analysis includes the following information:

    1. Small image2. Symbol3. Trading strategy4. Time & Date5. Time-frame6. Status (generated, open, expired, analyze, profit or loss)

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  • Technical Analysis Details iOSFinancial Education

    7. Quality8. Current & Future trends

    Whenever an analysis is generated it may have a bell sign or analyzestatus. The bell sign shows that the analysis is just generated and willhave other status open, expired, TP and SL status.

    An analysis will be in expired status if it does not meet the entry priceuntil certain time after it is generated. When an analysis is in Openstatus, it means that the analysis just met the entry price. TP indicatesthat the price hit the target price after it is generated. In case that thestatus is SL, price has hit the Stop Loss price.

    Trader can turn on notification alert by turning on the bell sign of afavorite analysis to receive any update in status of that analysis. If theanalysis is in Analyze mode, it doesnt have other status hence nonotification alert.

    There are wide range of symbols across major financial markets to meetall trading preferences. Traders can select limited number of desiredsymbols based on their PFOREX Member plan to receive the generatedanalysis and signals. The symbols can be selected inside the setting

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  • Technical Analysis Details iOSFinancial Education

    section with two options, Notify and Show. Notify will determine thereceived notification alert on that certain symbol or strategy.

    Trend shows the current direction while the signal indicates theanticipated direction. Quality shows the strength of that analysis basedon the strategy and pattern conditions. Each category includes variousstrategies.

    Candlestick Patterns

    Candlestick contains various patterns as follows;

    Dark CloudHammerPiercing LineShooting StarTweezer (top & bottom)

    For further information and description on candlestick patterns, you canstudy the Candlestick courses in our educational section.

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  • Technical Analysis Details iOSFinancial Education

    Chart Patterns

    The Chart Pattern section includes;

    Double Top & BottomHead & ShouldersFlagWedgeTrianglePennant

    Profound educational courses with various examples are availableinside the educational courses.

    Elliott Waves

    Elliot Waves list has 6 different strategies that are made up of ElliotWaves, MACD, RSI, Stochastic and Candlestick patterns;

    Elliott waves & MACD phaseElliott waves & MACD LineElliott waves & RSIElliott waves & StochasticElliott waves & Turning PointElliott waves & Candlestick patterns

    The generated analyses will be described thoroughly but you can studyprerequisite information regarding Elliott Waves in our educationalcourses

    Andrews Pitchfork

    Andrews Pitchfork analyses are generated based on 4 differentstrategies as follows;

    Trigger LineReversalContinuationMedian Line

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  • Technical Analysis Details iOSFinancial Education

    These strategies will be described later but traders must have requiredknowledge of Andrews Pitchfork pattern.

    Harmonic patterns

    Complete set of strategies from Harmonic patterns are providedas follows;5-0 patternAB=CD patternBat patternAlt Bat patternButterfly patternCypher patternCrab patternDeep Crab patternGartley patternShark patternThree Drives pattern

    Each one of them has specific structure and characteristics that aredescribed in our courses.

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  • Technical Analysis Details iOSFinancial Education


    Divergence strategy shows divergence or convergence in a price trendby the help of indicators and oscillators such as RSI, Stochastic and AO.For more information you can go inside the educational section and findprofound information regarding Divergence.


    Detailed information on the Technical Analysis sectionDeveloped strategies for generated analysesTechnical Analysis components and elements


    You can download PFOREX Assist app on App Store to receive thesesignals instantly, however I have to insist that all the services providedPFOREX are as information, not as suggestion nor advice.

    That concludes this session, until next time and another session, takecare.

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  • Technical Analysis Details iOSFinancial Education


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