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<ol><li> 1. Tech Tools for Your Top Agent has selected the top 7 tech tools most befitting your top agents. These 007 inspired gadgets guarantee your team stays connected in style - at work and at play. </li><li> 2. 7. StarTech This pint size gadget delivers a portable wireless hot spot to stay completely in synch. Create, share, or extend a wireless connection while travelling between hotels, meeting rooms, or convention centers. Image Credit: StarTech - </li><li> 3. 6. TIME LAPSE CAMERA For those with limited time to stakeout, the Brinno Time Lapse Camera fills the void. This powerful camera records your subject via video. Capture anything, from an idyllic travel setting to a construction project. Image Credit: Brinno - </li><li> 4. 5. iPad Keyboard Cover Protect your iPad with a keyboard cover. This wireless Bluetooth keyboard is ultra thin and light, plus protective, enabling the work to continue while keeping an iPad safe and protected. Image Credit: Logitech - </li><li> 5. 4. Double Telepresence Robot What is better than one great agent? Two! Double Telepresence Robot gives the ability to be two places at once. Drive your double using an app from anywhere in the world. It no longer matters where your next mission takes you your double is in action. Image Credit: Double Robotics - </li><li> 6. 3. BE Light Now you see it, now you dont. This ultra modern desk lamp is the perfect accessory for a sophisticated setting. Plus its sleuth-like ability to collapse into near nothing makes it a great space saver on even the busiest agents desk. Design perfected. Image Credit: QisDesign- </li><li> 7. 2. Proto-X SLT Billed as the worlds smallest quadcopter, this palm size craft can be piloted by any agent. Its beginner friendly maneuverability quickly leads to expert flips and dips and offers the capability of shooting HD video via a FPV transmitter. Image Credit: Proto-X SLT - </li><li> 8. 1. Apple Watch A true 007 wrist gadget. This precise timepiece includes retinal display, heart rate sensor, speaker and microphone, Bluetooth, and water resistance. Every top agent should have the ability to whisper secret codes into their cuff. Image Credit: Raneko - </li></ol>