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    Supervisory / Team Lead Training 103


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    Supervisory / Team Lead Training 103

    Participant Resource Guide Revised 2012 by LEGACY SCS 2009 by LEGACY SCS

    For more information on LEGACY SCS Organizational Development

    and Leadership Training, contact:

    LEGACY SCS Organizational Development 99 Bow Street

    Suite 300 W Portsmouth, NH 03801 Phone: (603) 422-0777

    Fax: (603) 422-7337


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    The 5 As of LEGACY Training

    Attend every session. If there are extenuating circumstances that will keep you from attending a session, it is your responsibility to seek out a team member and have them share with you the learning from the session you missed. Missing a session is not an excuse to not be able to learn and apply the materials that were covered.

    Actively participate. Talk with the facilitator and with your teammates. Ask questions. Offer ideas from your experiences. Make suggestions on how to apply the material. This does not mean you have to talk in every session, but it does mean that you should show that you are actively engaged in some way (making eye contact with whomever is speaking, nodding your head to show you understand a point that was made, etc.). Please understand that your active participation in this process is vital, as you and the trainer are partners in this venture. The learning outcomes expressed on page 4 will not happen if you expect them to happen to you. You must make them happen. Attendance at sessions is not enough to make the desired outcomes become a reality you must actively engage with the materials and with your teammates. You must be willing to think critically and creatively about the contents and how you can apply them, you must be willing to believe that a solid understanding in such materials will help you become an even better LEGACY team member than you already are, and you must actively work outside of sessions to apply the contents explored in each session.

    Admit that you have a lot to learn. We all do. Learning should be a cycle that never ends. Each session, a different topic will be introduced in this training, and while you might be familiar with some topics more than others, no one person is an expert in all of them. The facilitator and your LEGACY teammates each come to the table with a great deal of experience that can shed new light on an old topic, so if you are paying attention, there will always be something new to learn or a new way to look at something you already know.

    Assist your teammates. While this curriculum aims to help each of you as individuals, it also aims to help build the LEGACY team. Sharing this experience together can be very powerful if you strive to work together to support each other, challenge each other, and generally help each other in understanding and application of this material. And, you might make a few new friends while youre at it!

    Apply yourself and the material. You will only take away from this learning experience how much you are willing to give to it. So please strive to apply yourself and make the most of the material and the overall experience. And, of course, as had been already mentioned, work to implement tangible actions based on what you learn in the sessions. If you apply yourself to the material and apply the material in your facility, you will be well on your way to creating a values-driven culture in your facility and on your team!

    Please take a moment to seriously consider what it will mean for you to be able to meet your own expectations and those of your teammates, as well as the 5 As.


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    WELCOME to LEGACY Supervisory / Team Lead

    Training! You are about to embark on Part 3 (Personal Skills) of an exciting journey that will help you to explore your role as a LEGACY Team Lead in relation to:

    LEGACY The folks with whom you work Your own personal leadership development Scenarios you may encounter in your environment

    Through the exploration of the Team Lead role, you will learn a great deal about yourselves, your teammates/associates, and LEGACY as a company. Moreover, you will learn valuable practical philosophies and skills that you can apply after each session. These philosophies and skills will make you an even greater asset to your facility and to the LEGACY team than you already are. __________________________________________ WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO GET STARTED: Printed copy of this manual Pen or pencil Extra paper (if you like to take a lot of notes!)


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    At LEGACY, LEADERSHIP is defined as the active, team-oriented process of thinking critically about (THINK it), believing in (MEAN it), and living (SHOW it) our LEGACY values, day-in and day-out, in a meaningful way that drives the creation of extraordinary, sustainable relationships and results. Leadership is about being an active part of establishing LEGACYs Performance-Based Culture. This training program, while it is not specifically focused on the LEGACY Values, is being presented to you because it builds upon the foundation of the LEGACY Values and will assist you in creating a Performance-Based Culture in your facility/office and on your team. The LEGACY Training motto THINK it. MEAN it. SHOW it. which is a reflection of the fact that our aim with this training is to help us develop our overall leadership philosophies and skills through our exploration of contents related to LEGACYs Core Values. Each session in each of the training modules we will encounter throughout the duration of this training program will connect back to the theme of THINK it. MEAN it. SHOW it. by asking and exploring the answers to three key questions:

    1 WHAT? This section includes the content, the topic; will mainly consist of exploring pertinent information about the topic at hand. By asking and answering WHAT? about the topic, we will explore the THINK it component of our leadership development model. 2 SO WHAT? This section will challenge the group to make sense together of what the content really means for the company, for our office, and for ourselves as individuals. By asking and answering SO WHAT? about the topic, we will explore the MEAN it component of the leadership development model. 3 NOW WHAT? This will be a brief but important section, where we will be challenged as a team to create an initiative (it can be big or small, team-based or individual-based, etc.) to apply the contents and demonstrate our understanding of them. By asking and answering NOW WHAT? about the topic, we will examine the SHOW it component of our leadership development model.

    Considering any of these three questions in isolation of the others, while important, does not give a comprehensive view of the topic at hand. However, when we put all three of the components together regardless of the topic it presents the most holistic view of the topic and helps those studying the topic to exert their leadership potential in very positive and effective ways. Visually, this holistic approach looks like the diagram at the top of the next page:


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    Lesson Five: Personal Skill Development


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    Session 21: Delegation and Follow Up

    SESSION 21 OBJECTIVES: The group will explore the basics of delegation through a few basic activities Each Team Lead will have a solid understanding (THINK it) of what

    delegation is really all about Each Team Lead will begin to explore the importance of effective delegation

    and begin to think about their own personal delegation skills (MEAN it) Each Team Lead will practice/apply session learning on the floor , and

    complete the Homework Challenge before next session (SHOW it) _________________________________________________________________

    Whats the Big Idea? Delegation can make or break a leader WHAT is DELEGATION?

    Delegation is one of the most important skills you can develop not only as a LEGACY team member, but as a leader and a person in general. Good delegation saves you time, develops people, grooms successors, and motivates others. Poor delegation causes confusion and frustration (for you and others) and serves only to de-motivate; not to mention - poor delegation usually leads to the task at hand being performed incorrectly, which can lead to more conflict, tension, and frustration in addition to the need for more time and energy to re-do the work, re-delegate the task, etc.

    Delegating SMARTER! A simple delegation tool is the SMARTER acronym - a quick checklist f


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