teaching portfolios ta training session. what is a teaching portfolio?  three types used in...

Download Teaching Portfolios TA Training Session. What is a Teaching Portfolio?  Three types used in academia  The academic portfolio  The teaching portfolio

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  • Teaching PortfoliosTA Training Session

  • What is a Teaching Portfolio?Three types used in academiaThe academic portfolio

    The teaching portfolio

    The course portfolio

  • The Academic Portfolio

    Compiles and organizes your academic accomplishmentsCVAwards (academic)Presentations Instructional Innovations

  • Teaching PortfolioWho you are as a teacher5-10 pages of organized narrativeAppendix of supporting materials

    Teaching PhilosophyShould be grounded in at least one theory of teaching

    Reflect your thoughts about teaching

    Teachers role in the classroom

    Goals for student learning

  • Teaching PortfolioTeaching MethodsBrief statement of teaching methodsShould relate back to your philosophyIf you say you believe in active learning you should have activities ExperimentationGroup work etc.Sample Lesson Plans/AssignmentsOne page description of a technique you would use during a lessonSample assignment you have given students

  • Teaching PortfolioStatement of Teaching ResponsibilitiesList each course you have taughtShort narrative descriptionGeneral sense of type of studentsWhat year (freshman, sophomore etc)All in that major etc.Were you the teacher of recordSyllabusCopy of the syllabus for each course

  • Teaching PortfolioEvidence of Teaching EffectivenessAsk each person (faculty mentor etc) who evaluates your class to write a short narrative or letter describing your teaching

    Can be:Peer EvaluationsSelf EvaluationsDepartment Chair or Faculty Evaluations

    Include all Teaching Awards

  • Course PortfolioAccurate extensive record of one courseUsed to evaluate and improvement of teaching skillsDemonstrate commitment to SoTLScholarship of Teaching and LearningDocument 1 course or a series of teaching the same course

    Information can be found at http://www.indiana.edu/~deanfac/portfolio/def.html

  • Course PortfolioOverviewIntroduce CourseHow fits into CurriculumDescribe what students take the courseMake reference to your teaching style

    ObjectivesCourse goals and objectivesWhat should students have learned by end of semesterHow you will teach these itemsHow you will evaluate the learningInclude the logic for using particular means for teaching particular items

  • Course PortfolioDataCompile data that you accumulated throughout the semesterTabulate student grades on assignmentsDocument mean averages for each assignmentInclude any surveys that you may have given to assess student learning

    Challenges/InnovationsNarrative of primary problems and their solutions during the semesterMay be helpful in future teaching experiences

  • Course PortfolioDescription of StudentsHow are they the same or different from those in other courses you have taughtRequired course or electiveNumber who preregistered vs. number who ultimately were in the courseNumber of freshmen, sophomores etc.Attendance PatternsFinal grade distribution

  • Course PortfolioSummationFinal section to assess overall findings of this portfolioOffer suggestions for future changes to increase student learning

    Informed ConsentIf you plan to share this information students need to sign release forms that they agree to participate in a study. (Only if specific data about students is shared)

  • Course PortfolioSelf Assessment of your teachingFour PartsGoals of the CourseTeaching Method and PhilosophyEffect of Course on StudentsHow course encouraged Independent ThinkingIntellectual DevelopmentEnthusiasm for SubjectPlans for Improvement


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