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Lessons from digital learning programs for schools at the British Museum's Samsung Digital Discovery Centre. From a seminar on 4 October 2010 at HOC Laboratory at Politecnico di Milano.


<ul><li>1.Teaching ancient art through technology: Digital learning programmes for schools at The British MuseumSeminar at HOC Lab, Politecnico di Milano4th October 2010 Shelley MannionDigital Learning Programmes ManagerThe British Museum </li></ul> <p>2. Photo Wally Gobetz http://www.flickr.com/photos/wallyg/301493387 3. Spotlight lectures (up to 350 children) Seminar sessions (90 minutes) Gallery-based activities Digital workshops 4. Primary school children Ages 7-11 Curriculum links: Ancient Greece Ancient Rome Roman Britain Anglo Saxons Aztecs 5. Samsung Digital Discovery Centreat the British Museum 6. Opened March 2009Five year sponsorship includes Refurbished ICT room Equipment Two full-time posts One part-time IT support technician 7. SchoolsFamilies9 different sessions 3 days per week Up to 30 students25 sessions and counting50 weekends per year15-150 participants per day 8. Clore Learning Centre E-learning Studio, Fall 2009 9. Sackler Centre Digital Studio Victoria &amp; Albert Museum Opened 2008 10. This wall goes away 11. Creation Capture 12. Blended learning experiences 13. Where is my cooking pot? Everybody has a job 14. CreationCreation Whose hand is on the mouse?!? 15. Creation tools Vuvox Glogster Comic Life Blender Flash Photoshop Animoto VoiceThread 16. Multimedia magic 17. When were you generous? 18. http://s012.sddcteacher.edu.glogster. com/28-jan-2010-elijah-partner/ 19. Direct use of ICT by childrenDevelops complex ICT skillsRequires careful preparation 20. Got it. Digital photography blends capture &amp; creation 21. Only 8% offamilies usedigital camerasfor learningMuseum of LondonLearning in FamiliesFutureLab, 2009 22. Posing with objects. Modelling movements. Acting things out. 23. Use museum building as site for artistic photography 24. Hard things can be easy 25. But some things are just hard Could children do more of theediting? The children were keen touse the computers more themselves,but did not have the opportunity. 26. Hard to standardize technique Dwell time to 90 minutes Maximum 3 families per slot 27. Okay, where to next? Mobile devices 28. Sony PSP 29. Gesture-based 30. Digital Decode 31. Distance learning 32. Alternate reality </p>