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Taurus Personalities


<p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusscroll.html</p> <p>Here you will find an extensive list of famous and infamous Taureans. Read any Astrology book you can get your hands on. Taurus will generally be described as a plodding creature who likes to take things slowly and sniff the daisies. He tends to be gluttonous and prone to alcoholism, enjoy "earthy sex" and have a limited vocabulary. He is jealous and has a volcanic temper. Yep. The same holds true with 80% of the populace. I happen to take issue with those generalizations, and have learned that for a sign that is most often described as a placid, easy-going, lazy, self-indulgent adherent of the status quo...there certainly are plenty of us who have made a lot of noise. Let's face it: There can be no denying that some of our best-known dictators and revolutionaries were born under the sign of the bull. When you think of Communism--what name comes to mind? Marx, Lenin, Tito, Minh--they were all Bulls. Certainly most would consider Adolf Hitler, Rudolph Hess, Saddam Hussein, Jim Jones, and Timothy McVeigh to be little more than monsters. Then, there are those Taurus people like Barbra Streisand, George Clowney, Cher, and Michael Moore whom most of us wish would just shut the hell up and entertain us. The weirdoes among us get all of the press. Those embarrassments aside, for the most part we're a good lot. As you read on, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how many Taureans there are among the great contributors to Civilization. Amongst the famous/infamous Taurean motion picture and television personalities are: James Stewart Audrey Hepburn Lionel Barrymore Jack Nicholson Al Pacino Dennis Hopper Traci Lords Carmen Electra Harvey Keitel Rene Zellwegger Cher Michael Moore Amongst the famous Taurean comedians are: Don Rickels Jay Leno</p> <p>1 av 3</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusscroll.html</p> <p>George Carlin Carol Burnett Jerry Seinfeld The Illustrious Bob Saget Amongst the famous Taurean musicians, singers, and composers are (and in no particular order): Pete Townshend Tchaikovsky Joey Ramone Iggy Pop Trent Reznor James Brown Roy Orbison Billy Joel Judy Collins Stevie Wonder Rachmaninoff Josh Homme Amongst the famous Taurean creative minds are: Immanuel Kant Niccolo Machiavelli Bertrand Russell William Shakespeare James M. Barrie Charlotte Bronte Socrates Amongst the infamous Taurean revolutionaries are: Karl Marx Nikolai Lenin Adolf Hitler</p> <p>2 av 3</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusscroll.html</p> <p>Ho Chi Minh Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini Josip Tito Robespierre Malcolm X We are: Artists, actors, dancers, musicians, singers, writers, lovers, fighters, scientists, revolutionists, leaders, explorers, athletes, philosophers, with a few dictators, nutballs, and psychopaths peppered about here and there.</p> <p>If you do not see a huge list of names in a window to the right, you probably got here by clicking a link provided in a word-match search on one of the more popular search engines.</p> <p>To view this page in the correct format, please click here!I apologize for the inconvenience, but this page was created back when "frames" were all the rage. I will do my best to at least keep the content of this page up-to-date until I find the time to actually update the format.If I've missed anyone, let me know!</p> <p>Page created by: Heather Hepler</p> <p>3 av 3</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusnames.html</p> <p>Muhammed Said Abdulla Adela Rogers Saint Johns Andre Agassi Anouk Aime Jessica Alba Anna Maria Alberghetti Eddie Albert Madeline Albright Alexander II of Russia Margery Louise Allingham Hieronymus Aquapendente Eve Arden Eddy Arnold Beatrice Arthur Fred Astaire</p> <p>Mifflin Gibbs Melissa Gilbert John Gill Stephen Girard George Gobel Mary W. Godwin Tracey Gold Tony Goldwyn Cuba Gooding Martha Graham Ulysses S. Grant</p> <p>Birgit Nilsson Tenzing Norgay Sam Nujoma Charlie O'Connell Dan O'Herlihy Fredrick Law Olmstead Ryan O'Neal Jan Hendrik Oort Roy Orbison Jack Paar Al Pacino Betty Page Chazz Paliminteri</p> <p>John Grierson Charles Grodin Greg Gumbel Walter A. Haas</p> <p>Michael Palin Frederic Passy Bill Paxton</p> <p>Nancy Astor Susan Denise Atkins Debbie Atwell John James Audubon Marcus Aurelius Hank Azaria Burt Bacharach Stephen Baldwin</p> <p>Halston Page Hamilton (Helmet) Oscar Hammerstein Thomas Hancock Lorraine Hansberry David Hartman Melissa Hayden Darren Hayes Elizabeth Peabody Sarah Peale Robert E. Peary I.M. Pei Henry Percy Rosie Perez Eva Peron</p> <p>1 av 8</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusnames.html</p> <p>Balzac Christine Baranski James M. Barrie Lionel Barrymore Anne Baxter Cool Papa Bell Candice Bergen Irving Berlin Yogi Berra Valerie Bertinelli Theodore Bikel David Birney Bishop Fulton Sheen Billy Bitzer Shirley Temple Black Antoinette B. Blackwell Taurean Blacque Cate Blanchett David Bogosian Bono (U2) John Wilkes Booth David Boreanaz Belle Boyd Bruce Boxleitner Johannes Brahms Georges Braque</p> <p>Gabby Hayes William Randolph Hearst David Helfgott Doug Henning Lance Henriksen Audrey Hepburn Katharine Hepburn Theodor Herzl Rudolph Hess Peter Cooper Hewitt Hirohito</p> <p>Roberta Peters Laci Peterson Michelle Pfeiffer Philip II, king of Spain Kate Pierson (B-52's) Bronson Pinchot Edio Pinza Pope John Paul II Iggy Pop Pope Alexander Katherine Anne Porter</p> <p>Adolf Hitler Ho Chi Minh Celeste Holm Josh Homme (QOTSA) Honen Jan Hooks Johns Hopkins Dennis Hopper Lee Horsley Hsu Kuang ch'i Engelbert Humperdinck Saddam Hussein Ibn al Athir</p> <p>Tyrone Power William H. Prescott Sergei Prokofiev Tito Puente Anthony Quinn Martha Quinn Rachmaninoff Charlotte Rae Gertrude "Ma" Rainey Joey Ramone Judge Reinhold Trent Reznor Ving Rhames</p> <p>2 av 8</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusnames.html</p> <p>William J. Brennan Jr. George Brett Teresa Brewer Charlotte Bronte Foster Brooks James L. Brooks Pierce Brosnan James Brown John Brown Roscoe Lee Brown Robert Browning James Buchanan Carol Burnett David Byrne Gabriel Byrne Glen Campbell Frank Capra George Carlin Tucker Carlson Scott Carpenter Pat Carroll Howard Carter Ron Carter Peggy Cass (Gemini Cusp) Laetita Casta Edmund Cartwright</p> <p>Higuchi Ichiyo Enrique Iglesias Jrgen Ingmann Jill Ireland</p> <p>John Rhys-Davies Thomas Dartmouth Rice Natasha Richardson Baron Von Richthofen Don Rickles Bernardino Rivadavia</p> <p>Queen Isabella I Glenda Jackson Janet Jackson Abraham Jacobi Bianca Jagger Judith Jamison Keith Jarrette Edward Jenner Alfred Jodl</p> <p>Henry M. Robert Pernell Roberts Robespierre</p> <p>Sugar Ray Robinson Dennis Rodman Ole Edvart Rolvaag Saint Rose of Lima Dante Rossetti</p> <p>Billy Joel Grace Jones The Reverend Jim Jones Niels Juel Henry J. Kaiser Lawrence Kane K'ang-hsi, emperor of China Yoko Kanno Immanuel Kant Tim Roth Darius Rucker Juan Perez Rulfo Bertrand Russell Bob Saget Mort Sahl Andrei Sakharov Paul Anthony Samuelson</p> <p>3 av 8</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusnames.html</p> <p>Catherine the Great</p> <p>Kasey Kasem Lainie Kazan HarveyKeitel</p> <p>Coral Sands Tony Scalzo Alessandro Scarlatti Nelly Bly Seaman Pete Seeger Bob Seger Jerry Seinfeld David O. Selznick Andy Serkis</p> <p>Fanny Cerrito Leslie Charteris Cher Howard C. Chinatti Chow Yun-Fat Edwin P. Christy</p> <p>David Keith Aleksandr Kerensky Hendrick de Keyser Mohammad Ayub Khan Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini Soren Kierkegaard Perry King Coretta Scott King</p> <p>Steve Clark (Def Leppard) Marcus Clarke Kelly Clarkson Jill Clayburgh George Clooney Joe Cocker Judy Collins Betty Comden Perry Como Jacque Cook Rita Coolidge Gary Cooper Cosimo II Arthur Thomas Cotton Joseph Cotton</p> <p>Bruno Kirby Jack Klugman Charles Knowlton Lamarr Koford Mindy Kohen Mort Kondracke Olga Valentinovna Korbut Gerard B. Lambert</p> <p>William Henry Seward Muhammad Isma'il Shahid William Shakespeare Craig Sheffer Talia Shire Grant Show Phil Silvers John Simon Kate Smith Robert Smith (The Cure)</p> <p>Edwin H. Land Jessica Lange Walter Lantz Benjamin Henry Latrobe Joey Lawrence</p> <p>Hank Snow Tom Snyder</p> <p>Socrates</p> <p>4 av 8</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusnames.html</p> <p>Francois Coty Oliver Cromwell Bing Crosby Christopher Cross Lindsay Crouse Penlope Cruz Constance Cummings Pierre Curie Richard J. Daley Salvador Dali Tony Danza</p> <p>William Lazear Cloris Leachman Edward Lear Franz Lehar Vladimir Ilyich Ulanov (Nikolai Lenin) Jay Leno Sugar Ray Leonard Al Lewis Jet Li Liberace Thomas J. Lipton Henry Cabot Lodge Traci Lords</p> <p>Aaron Spelling Tori Spelling Herbert Spencer Dr. Benjamin Spock James Stephens St. Sergius of Radonezh Germaine de Stael John Stetson James Stewart William Still George Strait Robin Strasser Barbra Streisand Charles Sturt Arthur S. Sullivan Debendranath Tagore</p> <p>Bobby Darin Alphonse Daudet Ann B. Davis Moshe Dayan Daniel Day-Lewis Blossom Dearie Sandra Dee Eugene Delacroix Martin Delany Sandy Dennis Frances Densmore Joyce DeWitt Eduardo Diaz</p> <p>Louis I de Bourbon Conde Louis IX of France Joe Louis William Lovett George Lucas Patti LuPone Machiavelli Andie MacDowell</p> <p>Rabindranath Tagore George Takei Buck Taylor Tchaikovsky Toni Tennille</p> <p>Shirley MacLaine Bill Macy Dolley Madison</p> <p>Studs Terkel William Thornton Uma Thurman</p> <p>5 av 8</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusnames.html</p> <p>Lee Majors Bernard Malamud Grace Dodge Donovan Stephen Arnold Douglas Luis Drago Henri Dunant Thelma V. Dunlap Kirsten Dunst Albrecht Durer Dale Earnhardt #3 Sheena Easton Ira Einhorn Larry Elder Carmen Electra Queen Elizabeth II Duke Ellington Oliver Ellnsworth Enya Nora Ephron Emilio Estevez Eugenie, empress of the French Karl Marx Master P. Daphne du Maurier Elaine May Rollo Reese May Willie Mays Paul Mazursky Bernadette Devlin McAilskey Cyrus McCormik Darren McGavin Rod McKuen Timothy McVeigh Linda Evangelista Daniel G. Fahrenheit Meadowlark Lemon Zubin Mehta John Manley :) Horace Mann Gugliemo Marconi Walter John de la Mare Margaret of Valois Ann Margaret Maria Theresa of Austria Billy Martin</p> <p>Josip Tito Alice B. Toklas Fujita Toko Sidney Toler David Tomlinson Peter Tompkins Pete Townshend Randy Travis Anthony Trollope Harry S. Truman Johnny Unitas Eric Vale Richie Valens Rudolph Valentino Frankie Valli Luther Vandross Herv Villechaize Violent J (Joseph Bruce) Andrey Voznesensky Bea Wain</p> <p>Mike Wallace Fats Waller John Waters Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins</p> <p>6 av 8</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusnames.html</p> <p>William G. Fargo Louis Farrakhan Henry Fielding Albert Finney Ella Fitzgerald Williamina Fleming</p> <p>Golda Meir Yehudi Menuhin</p> <p>Max Weber Orson Welles Arthur Wellesley Wellington</p> <p>John Stuart Mill R.J. Mitchell James Monroe Michael Moore</p> <p>Theodore Harold White William I, Prince of Orange Gene Williams Spice Williams Meredith Wilson Debra Winger</p> <p>Florence Nightingale Nina Foch Henry Fonda Margot Fonteyn Cynthia Hayward Ford Glenn Ford Joseph Fouche James Fox Peter Frampton Douglas Freeman Ace Frehley Sigmund Freud Elizabeth Fry James Gadsden Thomas Gainsborough Dorothy Garrod</p> <p>Marguerite Moreau Henry Morgenthau Robert Morse Samuel Morse John Mortimer Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO) Hosni Mubarak Ted Mueller John Muir Kate Mulgrew Patrice Munsel Michael Murphy Edward R. Murrow Dr. Charles A. Muses Napoleon III Paul Nash Ricky Nelson Willie Nelson</p> <p>Mare Winningham Steve Winwood Joseph Wiseman Stevie Wonder John Woo D'arcy Wretzky (SP) Gary Wright (Spooky Tooth) Tammy Wynette</p> <p>Malcolm X Inoue Yashushi Burt Young Yung-lo, emperor of China</p> <p>7 av 8</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p> <p>Taurus Personalities ~ Famous, and Infamous</p> <p>http://members.aol.com/hfhepler/taurusnames.html</p> <p>John Warne Gates Larry Gatlin Edward Gibbon</p> <p>Nicholas II of Russia Jack Nicholson</p> <p>Renee Zellweger Robert Zemeckis Anthony Zerbe</p> <p>As you can see from the cheesy graphics &amp; layout, this page is very old. Today, 5/26/2003 was the first time I updated this page in about two years. I added about 10 names to this list. I've dug up around 25 other names over the past couple of years, but can't seem to locate the gum wrappers, bar napkins, and other assorted little pieces of paper upon which I wrote them. They're probably at the bottom of some old purse (time capsule) along with that tube of my favorite colored lipstick that they don't make anymore--packed away in a box somewhere. I plan to completely redo this page to make it more interesting, and better to look at. Check back now and again; all it will take is one night of boredom and a spark of creativity--and poof. In the meantime, if I have missed anyone, or if there are names on this list of people whom you know without a doubt to be non-bulls...drop me a line and let me know!</p> <p>Since 10/7/1999</p> <p>8 av 8</p> <p>2008-02-03 07:01</p>