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<ul><li><p> global e-news for travel, tourism, meetings and incentives, exhibitions &amp; aviation. Founded in 1997 </p><p>August 2013 </p><p> MYKONOS The Jetsetters Island, by Caroline-Artemis Laspas </p><p> UNITED KINGDOM TOURISM UP </p><p> ROMANIA Surprises, by Pamela McCourt Francescone </p><p> An Interview With... STUTTGART MARKETING .... </p><p> AMERICANS HEAD FOR CUBA BIG HOTEL CHAINS OPEN IN MYANMAR </p><p> 1ST HANGZHOU INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL FAIR, CHINA </p><p> SEATRADE MED CRUISE CONVENTION, SPAIN </p><p> MORE GERMANWINGS, LESS LUFTHANSA </p><p> RECORD BREAKING INCENTIVE VISIT TO SYDNEY </p><p>Agios Nikolaos, Rifina, Greece TATW Monthly 2013 Dimitris Spyropolous, Photographer www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk </p></li><li><p>Letter from the Editor </p><p>Dear Friends and Colleagues, </p><p>Welcome to the Sizzling Summer edition of TOURISM AROUND THE WORLD MONTHLY. </p><p>Here at TOURISM AROUND THE </p><p>WORLD MONTHLY Head Office in </p><p>London, summer has at long last arrived after a winter which lasted almost 9 months! </p><p>Summer, sea, sand, and sun mean holidays and a busy tourism season for us all in the industry. In the UK this summer, we are having a rare heat wave with it looking like the hottest summer in a decade with temperatures reaching 30-33 degrees! The last hot summer was in July 2006 when the UK was bathed in 16 days of continuous sunshine, with temperatures reaching 28-29 degrees. This years sizzling summer has already led to motorway surfaces melting as well as train tracks bending due to the extreme heat, the lush green meadows of the English countryside are yellow and dry, ice cream sales are sky high and we have a rosy glow from a touch of sun! </p><p>With such good weather, the UK tourism industry is already seeing a boost in tourism figures, especially in the South West region, Cornwall or the English Riveria with tourism figures up 17% so far as people opt to stay closer to home rather than heading for hot sun elsewhere. </p><p>As a nation we are always talking about the weather and we are known for our rain and grey clouds, but even with great weather like we have now, we are still talking about it! Our geographical location means the weather can change very quickly and we can easily experience all four seasons in a day! </p><p>So, we will take our chances now and make the most of warm summer picnics, BBQs, flip flops, ice cream and not think about how long it may last, but just enjoy the moment! </p><p>Happy Summer from us all and hope you enjoy the August edition! Caroline-Artemis Laspas editor &amp; co-founder </p><p>Paranga, Mykonos, Geece </p><p> Located in the centre of the Aegean Sea in the Cycladic Islands of Greece, lies Mykonos; a dry barren landscape, but one that is full of life and music, culture and traditions, classic whitewashed Cycladic architecture and villages, small churches and chapels, all blended with crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. It is sophisticated, cosmopolitan, elegant and glamorous; old and new all combined into an amazing tourist destination! </p><p>MYKONOS! The Jetsetters </p><p> Island </p><p>by Caroline-Artemis Laspas, editor </p><p>If you are looking for nightlife, then Mykonos is where to be. If you are looking for peace and quiet, Mykonos is the place to be. If you are looking for luxury or the true authentic Greek holiday magic, Mykonos is the place to be. There is a corner of this island suited for everyone, every budget and every inclination! </p><p>The island was named after the hero Mykonos, a descendant of Niue, King of Delos, son of Apollo. The island has been inhabited since the end of the Neolithic Age. In 1207 the Venetians occupied the Cyclades among other Aegean islands. After the war between Venice and Turkey in 1540, the island came under Turkish rule. During this time Mykonos saw huge naval development and was a major trade hub. Modern tourism boomed on the island in the 1960 and 1970s, but Mykonos was already a hot tourist destination in antiquity with many people coming to the island in order to visit the sacred neighbouring island of Delos. </p><p>The main town of Chora is compact and full of narrow streets and with old windmills set above the picturesque fishing harbour it is one of the most charming of all the islands and as such has been declared a traditional settlement as an example of popular Cycladic architecture. There are churches at every turn and plenty of shops and cafes and bars to suit all tastes. Getting to Mykonos is easy by airplane, ferry, or luxury yacht! One of the most important archaeological sites from the times of antiquity is on the nearby island of Delos, a sacred uninhabited island, only accessible via small boats leaving from Mykonos. </p><p>L i t t le Venice , Mykonos . </p><p>Blue and white colours dominate everywhere, with white buildings and staircases leading to blue doors and windows, hanging balconies that mix with spectacular bursts of colour from bougainvillea at every turn. </p><p>The famous church of Panagia Paraportiani, built </p><p>in 1475 is Greeces most photographed church and is famous for its unusual architecture as well as having 5 chapels within it. There are approx 400 churches and chapels on the island. </p><p>Another classic Mykonian sight is that of Little Venice where elegant houses with colourful balconies sit on the edge of the blue sea of the Aegean and where white waves crash against the rocks below the balconies. </p><p>The Mykonian windmills are instinctively related to the island and part of its history dating back to the 16th century. Five stand proudly on a hill leading out of the town to the west and you can see why, with the island being well known for its windy conditions, but making it ideal for a trade in ancient times for the grinding of wheat on a trade route stretching from Venice to Asia. </p><p>continuing on page3 </p><p>2 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk </p></li><li><p>ww</p><p>w.b</p><p>mlin</p><p>tern</p><p>ational.co.u</p><p>k </p><p> BML </p><p>International-UK </p><p>Marketing, consulting &amp; representation company in </p><p>tourism, convention bureaus and exhibitions </p><p> We BML International-UK </p><p>bring growth to your doorstep! </p><p>W indmi l ls Hi l l , Mykonos, Greece </p><p>MYKONOS! The Jetsetters </p><p> Island </p><p>by Caroline-Artemis Laspas, editor </p><p>Mykonos is also home to one of the oldest museums in Greece, the Archaeological Museum where you can see the famous pottery collection from the necropolis Rinia. One of the most important artefacts is the mnimeiakospithamforeas Mykonos embossed depiction of the fall of Troy, dating from the 7th century BC. The Lady of Mykonos, is a clay figurine, just 30cm tall and the small bronze kouros </p><p>statue both date from the 6th century BC. The Aegean Maritime Museum is located in the city centre with displays of several model ships from pro-Minoan times until the 19th century and shows the great importance of the maritime traditions of the island. The Folklore Museum is located next to the Paraportiani Church and displays collections of Mykonian furniture, post-Byzantine sculptures and ceramics, tools, iron and brass house keys, musical instruments and other daily objects. Mykonos is known for its beaches. Must go beaches include those of Paradise and Super Paradise, where the warm sea waters, soft sand, bars and restaurants pass away the time of day with music on the go most of the time. There are also very quiet calm family beaches and coves and long stretches of open sand to be found around the island as well as ideal windsurfing conditions in the north of the island. </p><p>There is truly something for everyone on Mykonos. It is a complete holiday destination packed onto an island and one that is totally unique compared to any other Greek island or any other island you will find anywhere else around the world. </p><p>The Magic of Mykonos is Mykonos! </p><p>3 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk </p></li><li><p>4 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk </p></li><li><p> TOURISM </p><p>AROUND THE WORLD </p><p>Minsk , The Tr ini ty, Belarus </p><p> MOST EXPENSIVE HOLIDAY AROUND THE WORLD Fancy the ultimate travel </p><p>experience, then take the Around the World Trip that visits 962 UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world. This includes trips to Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, The Pyramids of Giza, Easter Island, The Taj Mahal, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Vatican City. The trip covers 28 destinations in Britain and 21 in the US. There are some destinations that are not ideal to visit at present such as Aleppo-Syria, Pasargadae- Iran and Magna-Libya. However the Luxury tour operator aims to please all who wishes to travel even to the dangerous parts on the tours. The tour costs UK439,500, (Euro510,900) per person, and includes overland travel, flights in business class, guided tours of the different sites, accommodation at a range of luxury hotels including Sandy Lane in Barbados, the Hotel George V in Paris, The Plaza in New York, the Cipriani in Venice and the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai. The tour is designed for a couple and includes a UK4,900, (Euro5,710) donation to UNESCO. </p><p>UNITED KINGDOM TOURISM UP VisitBritain has seen some its best results so far </p><p>with a 4% rise in the number of May visits and a 5% increase in spending following a 2% rise in the first 5 months with a 10% rise in revenue. This makes the UK6.88, (Euro8) billion generated in the first 5 months of 2013 an all-time record! May also saw a record number of visits with 3.08 million tourists enjoying Britain, beating the previous best held since 2008. These visitors spent UK1.67 (Euro 1.95) billion. The increasingly important business travel market continues to grow, 4% up, showing signs that confidence is well and truly being restored in a sector which brings high spending visitors for short stays. The Olympic Games spirit surely helped these great results and it is expected that the spend forecast for 2013 will be beaten. </p><p>BELARUS TO ATTRACT MORE TOURISTS New tourism areas are to be the focus </p><p>in order to attract more tourists to Belarus. One sector is that of events, which is continuing to grow around the world. With people travelling more than ever, just seeing the sights is no longer so attractive and so visiting a nation along with a special event, like a sporting championship or a festival or an exhibition is becoming more popular. During 2008-2010 Belarus focused on transit tourism, trans-boundary tourism, business tourism, sports tourism, recreational tourism, and religious tourism due to the situation at the time. It has recently seen growth in farm tourism which it will promote further. Belarus boasts a favourable geographical location as it sits on the crossroads of major international routes from Germany and Poland to Russia and from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea, making it a great destination for business and leisure. Tourist statistics show only 750,000 arrivals for 2011, compared to the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius receiving more than 1.5 million tourists. 80% of tourists to Belarus come from Russia, mainly as it has an open border and no passport control. </p><p>EUROPEAN HOTELS SALES INCREASE Despite Europe still struggling with its </p><p>Eurozone issues, the hotel industry in the region has not faced any downslide as hotel acquisitions have increased. Many large hotel group sales have taken place in order to recover previous debts and losses and combined with low interest rates, the opportunities are great for investors. Within the Europe, Middle East and Africa region sales reached UK3.27, (Euro3.80) billion, up 45% on 2012 figures for the 1st quarter. It is expected that the total for 2013 will exceed the UK7.20, (Euro8.40) billion total figure from 2012. Sales included in the UK, the brands Hotel du Vin and Malmaison, the Principal Hayley portfolio and the UK Marriott portfolio, which sold for a reduced price of UK640million (portfolio value is thought to be approx UK655, (Euro761) million. An investor from the Middle East bought the trophy hotel Intercontinental London Park Lane for UK197 (Euro230) million. Other sales on the market include the De Vere Group selling conference and leisure facilities including 3,000 rooms. In Germany the Blackstone Group is selling its portfolio which includes landmark properties such as the Westin Grand Berlin, and the Radisson Park Inn. Europes hotel industry is seeing more sales with more foreign investors coming mainly from the Middle East and Asia. </p><p>5 www.tourismaroundtheworld.co.uk </p></li><li><p> TOURISM </p><p>AROUND THE WORLD </p><p>The harbour of Gavro, Andros is land, Greece (Dimi tr is Spyropoulos, Photographer) </p><p> OCEANIA CRUISES: LONGEST AROUND-THE-WORLD VOYAGE IN HISTORY </p><p>Oceania has launched its 1st Around the World in 180 Days cruise aboard Insignia. Designed for the ultimate exotic traveller, the cruise will accommodate 684 guests. The cruise will cover 5 continents, 44 countries, and 89 ports of call. The journey will begin from Miami, visiting small beautiful Caribbean ports, then head to South America and then east to 12 ports in Africa. The cruise will then head for an extensive visit throughout Asia covering India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and then 12 ports in the South Pacific and Hawaii. Insignia get back to Miami via the Panama Canal. The cruise will entail 11 overnight calls plus 4 two-night calls in Cape Town, South Africa; Yangon, Myanmar; Singapore, and Shanghai, China. The elegant mid-size ship includes spacious, modern accommodation and a state-of-the-art fitness centre, casino, boutique, large pool and the Canyon Ranch Spa Club. The Around the World in 180 Days cruise will let travellers experience 3 oceans and 10 seas, call on 45 islands and a chance to visit 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Insignia is the worlds first cruise that will sail through all 24 time zones and cross the equator 4 times. A new trend of serious travellers seems to be appearing with the worlds first 21-day Around the World Grand East Africa Safari, the worlds most expensive holiday which takes travellers to 962 world heritage sites around the world and Four Seasons Around the World by private jet trip. What next? </p><p>WORLDS TOP TRAVEL SPENDERS SAUDI ARABIANS Saudi Arabians have maintained their position as No.1 top travel spenders with Saudis lavishing an average of UK4,365 (Euro5,075) per trip as compared to the global average of UK1,637 (Euro1,905). Australia and China are in 2nd and 3rd place spending UK2,696 (Euro3,135) and UK2,505 (Euro2,910), respectively. Overall, travellers plan to increase the amount they spend by approx 5% this year. The Asian market is still growing rapidly which predicts a rise of 46% in spending. Travellers from the Middle East and Africa showed intentions to increase travel budgets by 76%. The most popular destinations with the avid travellers are the USA, UK, France, China, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. </p><p>NEW VANCOUVER HOTEL The development of a UK227, (Euro264) million Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver will be located in the downtown scen...</p></li></ul>