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Tattoo is an implementation with needle-like devices, where pigment cells that gives color to the dermis layer of skin is being applied. It’s possible that during the tattoo process skin injuries can occur and permanent skin stains can remain.


  • Tattoo is an implementation with needle-like devices, where pigment cells that gives color to the

    dermis layer of skin is being applied. Its possible that during the tattoo process skin injuries can

    occur and permanent skin stains can remain. In long terms these scars can trigger a number of

    mechanisms that can lead to uncontrolled cell divisions on the skin. The content of the dyes used in

    tattooing may cause a number of early and late phase reactions. In the first phases some reactions

    can happen, especially red paint can cause allergic reactions. After the later phases some paints

    that trigger these uncontrolled skin divisions can even cause carcinogenic features. Sometimes our

    skin show reactions to these body paints, when it is not used to it.

    If the disinfection and sterilization of needles and instruments used on the body are not well

    perpared such things like herpes can occur in the first phases. It can lead to hepatitis or HIV in the

    later phases. In tattoo removel Q Switch lasers are being used. The laser light reaches the ink and

    divides the dyed cells into small pieces without damaging the skin surface and surrounding tissue.

    The technology used on tattoo removal develops every day but its still difficult to remove dark ink

    and especially colors like purple, yellow or white. (Hint: If you are considering getting a tattoo also

    consider the option of removing it. So stay away from those colors.) The success and speed of the

    process depends on the quality of the colors, the technich of the procedure and the immune system

    of the body. The procedure can be 3-20 seances long. The seance time spaces are 6 weeks. The ache

    depends on the pain threshold. Using anaesthetic creams and refrigerants due the procedure can

    also reduce the aches.




  • Lips are one of the most attractive areas on our face when looked. Sometimes, because of advancing

    age, our lips volume decreases, it turns down a combination of upper and lower lips, sometimes lips

    are thin compared to our structural facial or are asymmetrical.

    Whats the solution may be to the lack of volume or asymmetry ?

    Nowadays, hyaluronic acid fillers can use to solve the lack of volume in the lip or lip asymmetry


    What is hyaluranic acid fill ?

    Hyaluronic acid fillers are obtained by cross-linking the hyaluronic acid in the laboratory, one of the

    main building blocks of our body.

    Which hyaluranic acid fillers are preffered in the lips?

    While planning the lip fill, filler produced according to the problem of lip and in accordance with lip


    Lip Fill

    Aesthetic Dermatology

    What are the reasons of under-eye circles and bugles?

    Undereye-circles and structural or later developed space under the eyes can cause us to look more tired and pale. Staying up, extreme fatigue, rapid weight loss in a short time, irregular and unhealthy diet, environmental factors that cause more purple and sunken eye view.

    How can be resolved the sunker under-eye area?

    Under-eye areas being sunker than skin level can be resolved with under-eye light filling implementation.

    What is under-eye light fill?

    Under-eye light fill is contain beside cross-lined hyaluranic acid, non-crossedline hyaluranic acid, vitamin, mineral, amino acid.

    Under-eye Light Fill


    As we get older the collagen in the skin, the number of elastin and fibroblasts are reduced. Fibroblasts are

    adult stem cells of skin. Reduction of the amount and productivity of fibroblasts in skin may cause reduced

    productivity and thinning in support tissues. Hence water holding capacity of skin moisture decreases, begins

    to dry. Balance of producing color pigments in the skin are destroyed. Therefore, resistance is reduced to skin

    damage, and symptoms of aging begin to manifest themselves on the skin. The sagging and wrinkles in the

    skin turn into stable is also a result of all of this process.

    Developing technology with over time, it opened the door to renewal our own stem cell with our own tissue.

    Through this technology, is able to produce the millions of healthy young stem cells from 3-4 mm piece of skin

    that taken from an area that is less exposure to sunlight, such as the back ear.

    Acne is a skin disease of pilosebaceous unit. The problem sometimes can be experienced in adolescence or

    may be systemic problems accompanied by excessive lubrication or hormonal abnormalities due to unmet

    improper care products such as .Sometimes they can be taken into the statement of infectious agents. If acne

    is unhealed may be dark stains on healing areas or experienced severe acne can leave scars after deep

    treatment resistant. Acne scars can shake the confidence of some people therefore may adversely affect

    social life.


    Fibrocell-Root Cell Treatment








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