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    Industrial Relations Act 1984

    s23 application for award or variation of award

    Tasmanian Trades and Labor Council (T13142 of 2008)

    Private Sector Awards

    Minister administering the State Service Act 2000 (T13143 of 2008)

    Public Sector Awards

    FULL BENCH: PRESIDENT P L LEARY DEPUTY PRESIDENT P C SHELLEY COMMISSIONER T J ABEY Wage Rates State Wage Case 2008 applications to vary private and public sector awards Private Sector Awards Public Sector Awards, other than named awards - award wage rates to be increased by $19.00 per week - wage related allowances to be increased by 3.1% meal allowance increased to $14.60 - State Minimum Wage rate determined at $546.10 - s.35(1)(b) operative date ffpp 1 August 2008


    No. 2 of 2008 (Consolidated)


    P167 1


    1. TITLE This award shall be known as the Catholic Education Award 2. INDEX Subject Matter Clause No Page No.

    Part 1 Application and Operation of the Award

    Title 1 2 Index 2 2 Scope 3 4 Date of operation 4 4 Award Interest 5 5 Supersession 6 5 General Definitions 7 5

    Part II Employment and Associated Matters Contract of Employment School Support Employees 1 14 Contract of Employment Teachers 2 15 Days of Attendance Teachers 3 18

    Part III Salaries and Related Matters Classification Descriptors (a) Deputy Principal (b) School Support Employees

    (i) Clerical, Secretarial and Administrative Employees (ii) Teaching Support Employees (iii) Utility Employees

    (c) Teachers

    1 19 19 19

    19 22 27 28

    Salaries (a) School Support Employee

    (i) Clerical, Secretarial, Administrative Employees (ii) Teacher Assistant (iii) Teaching Support Employee (iv) Junior Employees (v) Utility Employees

    (b) Teaching Employees (i) Deputy Principal (ii) Teachers

    2 34 34

    34 34 34 35 36 36 36 36

    P167 2

  • Minimum Wage 3 37 Supported Wage System 4 38 Payment of Salary 5 41 Reclassification 6 42 Calculation of Experience School Support Employees 7 42 Calculation of Entitlements Part-time Teachers 8 42 Calculation of Experience Teachers 9 42 Salary Sacrifice to Superannuation 10 43 Superannuation 11 44

    Part IV Allowances Cost Related Allowances (a) Meal (b) Travel

    1 45 45 45

    Work Related Allowances (a) First Aid Allowance (b) Higher Duty Allowance School Support Employees (c) Librarian Allowance (d) Positions of Responsibility Allowance

    (i) Assistant to the Principal (Applicable to Primary Schools Only) (ii) Religious Education Co-ordinator (REC) (iii) Subject or Year Co-ordinator (iv) Teacher Administrator

    (e) Tool Allowance

    2 45 45

    45 46 46

    46 47 48 49 50

    Part V Hours of Work and Overtime

    Extra Curricular/Co-curricular Activities 1 51 Hours of Work School Support Employees (a) Full time Employees (b) Limited Tenure Employees (c) Part-time Employees (d) Relief Employees (e) Replacement Employees (f) Special Funding Employees

    2 51 51 52 52 52 53 53

    Hours of Work Teachers (a) Full-time Employees Primary Schools (b) Full-time Employees Secondary Schools (c) Limited Tenure Employees Primary and Secondary Schools (d) Part-time Employees Primary and Secondary Schools (e) Relief Employees Primary and Secondary Schools (f) Replacement Employees Primary and Secondary Schools

    3 53 53 54


    55 56


    P167 3

  • (g) Specially Funded Employees Primary and Secondary Schools


    Overtime School Support Employees 4 57 Rest Periods School Support Employees 5 58

    Part VI Leave and Holidays With Pay Holidays With Pay 1 59 Annual Leave (a) School Support Employees (b) Teachers

    2 59 59 61

    Examination Leave 3 62 Parental Leave 4 63 Personal Leave 5 72 Special Leave With Pay (a) Bereavement Leave (b) Paternal Leave (c) (i) Board or Committee Meetings (ii) Medical Examination for Military Service (iii) National Representation for Sport

    6 76 76 77 77 77 77

    Special Leave Without Pay (a) General (b) Defence Force Leave (c) Jury Service

    7 77 77 78 78

    Trade Union Training Leave 8 79

    Part VII Consultation and Dispute Resolution Dispute Settling Procedure 1 80 Enterprise Flexibility 2 80 3. SCOPE This award is established in respect of the industry of the provision of educational and administrative services and utility services (as defined) in the Catholic Education sector. 4. DATE OF OPERATION This award shall come into operation from the first full pay period to commence on or after 1 August 2008.

    P167 4

  • 5. AWARD INTEREST (a) The following employee organization has an interest in this award under Section

    63 (10) of the Industrial Relations Act 1984: The Independent Education Union of Australia, Tasmania; (b) The following employer organization has an interest in this award under Section

    62(2) of the Industrial Relations Act 1984: The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Limited; (c) The following organization is deemed to have an interest in this award pursuant to

    Section 62(3) of the Industrial Relations Act 1984: The Tasmanian Trades and Labor Council. 6. SUPERSESSION This award incorporates and supersedes the Catholic Education Award No. 1 of 2008 (Consolidated). PROVIDED that no right, obligation or liability incurred or accrued under any of the above mentioned provisions shall be affected by the replacement or supersession. 7. GENERAL DEFINITIONS 'Accreditation A' is a certificate issued by the Tasmanian Pastoral Institute on successful completion of a specified course of study. 'Accreditation B' is a certificate issued by the Tasmanian Pastoral Institute on the satisfactory completion of approved courses OR on the acquisition of 30 points for courses provided by the Tasmanian Pastoral Institute. 'Accreditation C' is a certificate issued by the Tasmanian Pastoral Institute on the satisfactory completion of approved graduate religious education courses and an approved leadership course OR the acquisition of 42 points for courses provided by the Tasmanian Pastoral Institute and the completion of an approved leadership course. 'AQF Level' means the Australian Qualifications Framework which incorporates qualifications at various levels within the Australian Recognition Framework.

    P167 5

  • Assistant to the Principal' means a registered teacher (as defined) in a primary school who assists the principal (as defined) in the organisation of the school, whose duties and responsibilities include working with the principal in the planning, implementation and management of teaching and learning programs and pastoral care policy and practice and whose leadership responsibilities include supporting the leadership of the principal, promoting the identity and culture of the Catholic school, facilitating effective communication within the school community and assuming responsibility for the school in the absence of the principal. 'Certificated teacher' means a teacher who has satisfactorily completed the requirements for the Tasmanian Catholic Teachers Certificate. Classroom administration means those activities that take place when the class is formally convened and when the teacher is formally in charge of the class but not delivering any component of the instructional load. 'Deputy principal' means a registered teacher (as defined) in a secondary school who assists the principal (as defined) in the organisation of the school, whose duties and Responsibilities include management of the teaching and learning program in the school, implementation of policy in the areas of pastoral care and school management and decision-making within areas of defined policy and whose leadership responsibilities include promoting and interpreting school ethos and assuming the central role of school authority in the absence of the Principal. 'Employee' means a person employed by the employer in any Catholic School or in the Catholic Education Office. 'Employer' means any person, persons or body bound by the Scope of this award and who employs persons under this award. Equivalent qualifications or equivalent course means a qualification or course as the case may be which the employer and the employee agree as being equivalent to the qualification or course prescribed by the clause in question in this award. 'Full-time employee' means any employee other than a part-time or a relief employee who is employed for a full week each week of the school year, as defined by any one employer. 'Full-time equivalent (FTE)' For the purposes of calculating part-time and release time components for teachers, full-time equivalent (FTE) means the proportion (expressed as a decimal) by which the hours allocated relate to the average working week of 35 hours/week of a full-time teacher with hours of work and duties allocated on a pro rata basis to those of a full time teacher. 'Graduate' means an employee who is a graduate of a recognised university or other recognised tertiary institute.

    P167 6

  • 'Information technology technician' means a person who is employed to install and maintain the computer equipment, networks and software in a school, to assist school staff in the operation of the equipment and software and who holds at least a certificate 4 (AQF Level 4) in information technology - client support or its equivalent. Instructional load means (a) regularly timetab


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