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  • 1. Going Green Presented by: Christina Lai, Shuochieh Lee, Erick Martinez, Sharyn Nantuna, Angela Romero, Cindy Wu, Nicholas Scimia, and Nicholas LoPiccolo. Presented to: Robert Strong

2. Executive Summary

  • The data gathered from two surveys show that respondents are not aware of Target's sustainability efforts.
  • Target already has invested its resources in bettering the community and the environment.
  • So, increasingawarenessof these CSRinitiativesits of strategicimportance in order to increasereputationand sales as well as gainingcompetitiveadvantagefrom an increased goodwill.

3. Primary Research

  • Mall-intercept Personal Interview at Target Serramonte
  • Online Survey

4. Target Survey Consumer Background Info. Gender Shopping Frequency 5. Recycle Awareness Recycle or Not 6. Recycle Awareness Part II 7. Target Going Green 8. Target Going Green Part II 9. Online Survey Results 10. 11. 12. How Important IsGoing Green In Your Life? 13. Are Target Customers Interested in Recycling Programs In-Store? 14. How Effective Do You Think These Type Of Going Green Projects Will Be In Increasing Awareness About The Environment 15. Secondary Research

  • In the April 30, 2010 article, Sustainability Faceoff: Walmart vs Target,Walmart beat out Target as being more sustainable.
  • According toHerman, Anthony Heredia, Target's VP of Corporate Risk and Responsibility, "The reason we are perceived as lagging behind other companies (in terms of sustainability) is because we have not been explicit about those goals."

16. Objective

      • Create an in-storeGo Green advertising campaign.
      • Increase customer awarenessabout Target's sustainable efforts to recycle, reuse and retail green products.
      • Educate customers about benefits of sustainable actions.
      • Demonstrate Target s commitment to sustainability.

17. Rationale for Sustainability

    • Creates goodwill
    • Enhances customer loyalty
    • Projects image of corporate responsibility
    • Recycling programs increases traffic into the store
    • Generates more revenue

18. Recommendations

    • PromoteBring Your Own Bag
    • Relocate recycle and electronic trade-in bins for better visibility.
    • Develop flyers to educate customers about Target s commitment to sustainability.
    • Advertising
      • Green labeling
      • Signage positioning
      • Institutional

19. Recommendations

    • Expand selection of green products.
    • Make green products more affordable.
    • Have footprints on store s floor directing customers to recycle bins and green items throughout store.

20. For example. . .

    • Have cashiers tell customers about 5 cent cash back when usingtheir own bags at point of sale
    • ReinforceBring Your Own Bagcampaign in parking lot
      • Advertise on parking strips
      • Acts as a reminder


    • Relocate recycle and electronic trade-in bins near front entrance with eye-catching signs and posters

22. 23.

  • Electronics Trade-In and Recycling Companies
    • Upgrade to new electronics by recycling outdated technology.
    • Receive Target gift cards for each trade-in
    • Money on gift cards can be used right-away or accumulated for larger purchases
    • Can be limited to electronics, or even used for store-wide merchandise

24. Benefits of Trade In & RecyclingProgram

    • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    • Increase Revenue Opportunities
    • Build Customer Loyalty
    • Builds Green credibility and Brand Image
    • 140%-180% more spent on new items compared to gift card value
    • Over100,000 gadgets are save from unnecessary landfills each year

25. Green Label Promotional Program

    • Goal: Increase awareness and sale of sustainable products
    • Environmentally friendly products are calledgreen label have green price tags
      • Easy identification
    • Get $ 5 dollars gift card when you buy 5 sustainablegreen label products
      • Offers monetary incentive to begreen

26. Here For Good$3.99 12.5fl. oz. Mrs Meyer s Basil hand soap * $ 5 dollars gift card when you buy 5 sustainablegreen label products 27. In Store Signage Positioning 28. Institutional Advertising

    • Creates goodwill
    • Projects image of corporate responsibility
    • Enhances customer loyalty
    • Increases reputation

29. Here For Good and Green 30. Here For Good 31. 32. Institutional Advertising Positioning 33. 34. Appendix

    • Expert Interviews
      • Javad Hadizadeh
      • Lilly Stamens
      • Kevin Dohner
    • Secondary Research
      • McCANN-ERICKSON WORLDGROUP.Can Sustainability Sell?. Web. 11/30/2011