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TAP, College & Career Planning. TAP. Eligibility. US citizen or eligible non-citizen Legal resident of New York State Study full-time at an approved program of study in a NYS post-secondary institution High school graduate, have GED or pass a federally-approved Ability to Benefit exam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • TAP, College & Career Planning

  • TAP

  • EligibilityUS citizen or eligible non-citizenLegal resident of New York StateStudy full-time at an approved program of study in a NYS post-secondary institution High school graduate, have GED or pass a federally-approved Ability to Benefit examBe in good academic standingHave at least a cumulative C average after receiving two annual TAP paymentsNot be in default of a student loan guaranteed by HESCNot be in default of any repayment of state awardsMeet income eligibility requirements

  • Awards RangesDependent undergraduate $500-$5,000Independent undergraduate $500-$3,025Graduate $75-$550

  • Actual AwardsTAP awards are based on:Type of academic institution and tuitionNYS net taxable incomeUp to $80,000 combined family income for dependent undergraduate student, married students, or student with tax dependentsUp to $10,000 for single independent students with no dependentsPension Income Inclusion NYS net taxable income, plus income from state, local and federal government pensions

  • How to Apply for TAP

  • FAFSAComplete the FAFSAwww.fafsa.ed.gov

  • New York State Residents

  • www.tapweb.orgIf the student doesnt use the TAP link on the FAFSA confirmation page, the student must wait three business days for using TAP on the Web (TOTW)

  • TOTWAfter the FAFSA processer sends data and a valid EFC to HESC, HESC will:Email student with a link to TOTW site or mail a postcard to students without an email addressAfter seven days, another email or postcard is sentAfter 14 days, a paper TAP application is sent with a cover letter encouraging the student to use the Web and includes the link

  • Next Steps

  • Online Change Form

  • TAP Request for Information

  • Part-time Students

  • Part-time TAPStudent must have earned at least 12 credits in each of two consecutive semesters6-11 creditsMaintain a C averageStandard TAP application process

  • APTSAid for Part-time StudyPart-time undergraduate study at NYS participating institutions Maximum award $2000 annuallyCampus-based application and award processHESC distributes APTS funds to participating collegesColleges award APTS based on funds availability and student need

  • Additional Information

  • HESC E-Library

  • HESC E-Library

  • College & Career Planning

  • Career

  • CareerZoneReview careers by clustersIdentifies careers with expected higher demandAssessment tool Career descriptions Educational requirements NYS schools

  • Mapping Your Future

  • CareerShipInformation:Description Tasks Wages Career outlook Interests Education Knowledge Skills Similar careers Review careers by cluster Review featured career Match career to interestsCareer search

  • Career VoyagesWhere to start?Where will the demand be?Does education pay?How do I get started?

  • College Planning

  • College.govWhy go?What to do?How to pay?Im going

  • College NavigatorHelp find the right collegeSearch functions by level of award, institution type, state

  • Show Me The FutureOnline life skills and financial literacy game:Helps students learn basic skills in financial planning, goal setting, and decision-makingCost of livingBudgetingDifference between wants and needs Importance of financial planning Need to set career goalsValue of higher educationHelps students envision their futures

  • FACTSFinancial Awareness and Consumer Training for StudentsDevelops financial literacy for your students at your campusProfessional staff from HESC will provide training for you, your staff and your students

  • Training OutlineImportance of Completing High School/CollegeIdentify Needs vs. WantsDevelop a Spending PlanUse of Debit vs. Credit Prevent Identity Theft

  • Money Wise 411Money Wise 411 is designed specifically for high school students in order to develop skills and avoid credit card debt!

  • School ResponsibilitiesEnsure AttendanceDistribute Surveys

  • FACTS ContactPamela Jerome (518) 402-3524

  • Helpful Web Siteswww.hesc.orgwww.fafsa.ed.govwww.mappingyourfuture.orgwww.careervoyages.govwww.fastweb.comwww.collegeboard.comwww.showmethefuture.orgnces.ed.gov/collegenavigatorhttp://www.collegegoalsundayusa.org/studentsFamilies/fosteranswers.htm

  • Saving For College!

  • Thank youQuestions?

    ***********************Fro example, if you chose Engineering and technologies, youd see there are approximately 350 job descriptions there. When you click on one, *********************Im going to start here with the 529 savings plan.

    Its worth looking at.

    Maybe you can set some money aside for this maybe a family member can help? Grandparents, Aunt, Uncles.other family members?

    On another note, if you think there may be an interest in hearing more about this at your schoolcontact me and we can have a representative from UPROMISE come out and do a presentation on this.

    UPROMISE (Vanguard) REPS present a check with startup??

    If this is not on your radar, might I suggest that a topic like this is great for your PTA to sponsor for your community.

    Might I also suggest this is a good forum at the middle school or high school level. Perhaps even at the Elementary level?? Its never too early!

    Check it out! *