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  • 1. Taking Notes

2. Taking Notes Types Lectures Reading assignments 3. Taking Notes in a Lecture Taking notes is the studentsresponsibility during a lecture! The Wrong Way to Take Notes: Writing everything or Tape recording The Right Way to take Notes: Taking notes on papers or in a notebook 4. Listening for key info. In a lecture: your gaol is to capture the mainideas,points, and facts...Also, listen and think about: Why is the info. important? How might that info. be used in your class or in a test? Is this info. a basis for other info.? Could this info. be used as content for an essay? 5. Verbal and nonverbal clues Repeated ideas or themes. Information thats written down... Concepts that provide a foundation for other info. Obvious organizational structures. Tangents. Instructions that tell you whats expected of you during the course. Handouts. Websites content. 6. Tips for taking notes Include the dates,the title and other relatedinfo. of the lecture. Go prepared to your class. Take notes in an outline form. Write what the instructor says in your ownwords. Always get the main ideas, and leave blanksto fill in the details later. 7. Taking Notes on Reading Assignment Guidelines forhighlighting: Focus on the main point. Read the whole paragraph then highlight the important ideas. Dont complicate highlighting by using many colors. Look for textbooks with little or no 8. Making Notes on your Textbook If you dont want to write on your textbook. What should youdo? Why should students write questions when they listen to alecture or in a reading assignments? 9. Compiling your Notes!! Methods to create a review sheet: Type up your notes from the various sources.( notes sources?) Create an outline of the key points, then write the details. Use a two-column grid. One for questions and another for answers. Visual mapping to show the relation between notes. 10. Why taking notes is so important?