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Dr leo stevenson presentation - liverpool eatright project practical strategies to improve nutritional quality of takeaway foods


<ul><li> 1. Practical Strategies to Improve theNutritional Quality of Take Away Foods Take-AwayDr. Leo Stevenson Liverpool John Moores University</li></ul> <p> 2. Take-AwayTake A a Foods 3. Take-AwayTake A a Foods 4. Take-AwayTake A a Foods Hi h i F tHigh in Fat High in Energyg gy H h in SHigh Saturated F d Fat High Saltg Sa t Low in Vitamins &amp; Minerals Low in Fibre 5. Min:Max:Energy (Kcal) 402 Kcal3320 Kcal2500 (M) ( )shish kebab p pppepperoni ppizza2000 (F)FatF t 4.4g4441.7g41 795g( M) shish kebab mushroom70g (F) 0omelette &amp; chips l tt hiSalt0.7g27.6g6g (adult)chicken kebab beef green2g (young child)peppers andblack-bean sauce&amp; fried ricePublic Analyst Results (Liverpool Trading Standards, 2006) 6. Minimum value Maximum value EnergySaltFish and chipsKing prawn rogan josh &amp; pilau ricePepperoni pizza Chicken tikka massala &amp; keema rice Shish kebab Beef, blackbean &amp; fried rice ,0% 200% 400% 0%50% 100% 150%%RDA for adults %RDA (kcal) for menFat Chicken tikk massala &amp; k Chi k tikka lkeema rice iPepperoni pizzaFish and chips 0%50% 100% 150% 200% %RDA for menPublic Analyst Results (Liverpool Trading Standards, 2006) 7. Salt Content Chinese Meals 8. Salt Content Indian Meals 9. Fat Content Chinese Meals 10. Fat Content Indian Meals 11. Identify Healthier Options?Ide tif Healthie Optio s? 12. Chicken &amp; Blackbean Sauce100%EE% RDA Salt per portion % RDA Salt per portion(126% - 7.7g)(62% - 3.7g) 13. Chicken &amp; Blackbean Sauce100%E E% RDA Fat per portion % RDA Fat per portion(49% - 36.4g) (29% - 21.4g) 14. Deep Fat Frying 15. Codex Guidelines Oil regularly checked 180-185oC Holding temperature 140oC Filtering at/after each operation Regular draining of oil Fat:Food ti 6:1F t F d ratio 6 1 Drying of foods p y prior to fryingy 16. Deep Fat Frying Oxidation Hydrolysis Polymerisation Isomerisation Trans-Fatty Acidsy 17. Re-Use of Discarded Oil 32.4% premisesre-using spentdeep-fat fryingoil as a foodingredient 18. What can we do in Practice? Examples of existing good practice Provision of improved meals 19. AcknowledgementsgDan Blowes Dr Agnieszka JaworowskaRachel LongToni BlackhamLouise WillsL i Will Sandra Davies S d D i Annette James</p>