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  • Table of ContentsObserving Chemical ChangeDescribing Chemical ReactionsControlling Chemical ReactionsChemical Reactions

  • Properties of CopperPennies are coated with copper. Which are physical properties of copper and which are the chemical properties? What are two additional properties?Observing Chemical Change

  • Breaking and Making BondsDescribe what happens to the bonds in each of the steps as oxygen reacts with magnesium.Observing Chemical Change

  • Plot the data from the table onto the graph. What would be a good name for the graph?Observing Chemical Change

  • Describing Chemical ReactionsChemical FormulasThe formula of a compound identifies the elements in the compound and the ratio in which their atoms or ions are present. What are the missing chemical formulas in the table?

  • Modeling a Chemical EquationLike a skateboard, a chemical equation has a basic structure. How many complete skateboards can be made from the parts pictured?Describing Chemical Reactions

  • Molecules of nitrogen (N2) and hydrogen (H2) react to form ammonia (NH3). How many H2 and N2 molecules are needed to yield two molecules of NH3?Describing Chemical Reactions

  • Conservation of MassIn a chemical reaction, matter is not created or destroyed. What is the mass of iron sulfide produced by this reaction?Describing Chemical Reactions

  • Balancing Chemical EquationsWhat are the four steps in balancing chemical equations?Describing Chemical ReactionsStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4

  • Describing Chemical ReactionsTypes of ReactionsWhat is each type of reaction represented?

  • Activation EnergyA chemical reaction needs a push to the top of the mountain to get started. Where has enough activation energy been added to start the reaction?Controlling Chemical Reactions

  • Graphs of Exothermic and Endothermic ReactionsEach of the graphs shows the amount of energy before and after the reaction. On each graph, determine whether energy is absorbed or released.Controlling Chemical Reactions

  • CatalystsAdding a catalyst speeds up a chemical reaction. How would the energy graph change for the same chemical reaction if a catalyst were used?Controlling Chemical Reactions

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