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<ul><li> 1. SYMBOLISM INLITERATURE</li></ul> <p> 2. What is symbolism? Symbolism is when the author uses an objector reference to add deeper meaning to a story. Symbolism is used to provide meaning to thewriting beyond what is actually beingdescribed. A symbol can enhance a theme, idea or acharacter. 3. We have studied Colors Objects Pieces of nature like the water or the sky What else can be used for symbols? 4. Parts of the DAY can be symbolicof life.. For example, morning is the start of the day,and the start of life. Night is often used to symbolize old age orapproaching death. Think of the Elie Wiesels novel Night, why do you think he titled it that? 5. Seasons can do the samething What part of life would Spring represent? What about Summer? Fall? And finally, Winter? 6. SO SYMBOLS CAN TELLUS ABOUTCHARACTERS, PLOT,IDEAS AND THEMES.But how?Lets look at some examples of literature that usessymbols. 7. A theme may be representedthrough symbols. For example, a storm occurring when there isa conflict or high emotions. Whydo you think Dorothy was caught up in atornado in Kansas and swept away to Oz? What had her so upset before the storm hit? 8. Harry Potter also has a lot of symbolism. Oneclear symbol is that of a snake to representevil. It is no coincidence that they symbol ofSlytherin House is a serpent. 9. The Raven. Edgar Allan Poem useda lot of symbols in hisliterature. One of hismost famous poems,The Raven, had a dark,sinister bird watchingover him like a darkshadow. Why do youthink in the poem aboutloss and death did Poeuse a dark raven ratherthan a dove? 10. Star Wars Have you ever seen StarWars. Why do you think LukeSkyWalker wears white andDarth Vader wears all black?What do those colorssymbolize? How do they showus more meaning about thecharacters? 11. Raisin in the Sun Another famous story of a family struggling is calledRaisin in the Sun. In this story Mama has a plantwhich sits on the window sill. What does a plant need to survive other than water? Sunlight, yes! What might the sunlight be a symbol of as it tries tohelp the plant grow? What about hope or having a need filled? Those work.And, what does a plant do? It grows. So the plant canalso be a symbol of growth. 12. Youre a Mean One The Grinch dresses up as Santa Claus and sneaksinto town to steal all of the food, presents, and eventhe Christmas trees in Who-ville. To him, this was symbolic of Christmas. He wanted to steal Christmas. But, he fails. All of the Whos who live in Who-ville still wake up onChristmas morning just as joyful as ever. They lift upanother symbol of Christmas. Their song! It forcesthe Grinch to think that Maybe Christmasperhapsmeans a little bit more 13. So what does that symbolism do?It teaches a moral Too often, children lack theunderstanding of the realmeaning of Christmas. Everyonegets caught up in the commercialaspect of Christmas and forgetthe true reason for the holiday.They just want the gifts. In this story, Dr. Seuss is puttingemphasis on that real meaning ofChristmas. When the Whos wakeup and are joyful despite theGrinchs visit, it shows that thepresents really do not matter. 14. Symbols are used in a lot of FairyTales. There are many examples of food assymbolism in the German fairy tale Hansel andGretel. The story begins with a lack of food.The woodcutters wife convinces her reluctanthusband to take two children out into thewoods so they will not have so many mouthsto feed. 15. Lost in the woods, the children usebread crumbs to mark their way home.So the bread is a symbol of a wayhome. However, they find the birds have eatenthe crumbs and ruined their trail. Whilewandering in the woods, they comeacross a cottage built of gingerbread,which they begin to eat. Thegingerbread house with its sugarysweetness is a false haven. In otherwords, they think they have foundsafety in food, but it is not real safety.They think it represents the wealthbeing the rich as opposed to the poorfamilys lack of enough to go around. 16. So food is seen throughout thestory. Food has different meanings for the charactersin the story. Bread symbolizes home andcomfort, which the children have lost. To thebirds, bread is food and to the old witch thechildren are the makings of her next meal. Thechildren triumph when the witch is tricked byGretel and pushed into the fire. 17. The Road Not TakenAnd both that morning equallylayIn leaves no step hadtrodden black.Oh, I marked thefirst for another day!Yetknowing how way leads on towayI doubted if I should evercome back.I shall be tellingthis with a sighSomewhereages and ages hence:Tworoads diverged in a wood, andI,I took the one less traveledby,And that has made all thedifference. -Robert Frost 18. Lets look at some of the lines inthis poem.Based on thisline, whattime of yearis it?If I said thattime of yearrepresentedpart of yourlife, what partof your lifewould it be?The traveleris staringdown a paththat split intwo. Whatcould thatrepresent? 19. Lets Think Yellow is a FALL color. If life is broken into the seasons: Spring,Summer, Fall and Winter, the fall is later in life,but not quite old age. The path split in two could represent having tomake a decision or a choice in life. 20. NoticeNotice the Travelersdescription of the twopaths.The first path helooked down until itbent in theundergrowth. Thatmeans he could seethe path a long wayuntil it turned. Thesecond was grassyand wanted wear.This means that theground wassmoother. Therewas grass, but youcouldnt tell if anyonehad walked on itmuch.If it wanted wear itseems that no onehad been that way.He doesnt say thatabout the first path.So, when he says hechoose the one lesstraveled it means hechoose the onewhere he didnt seemany people hadwalked on it. 21. Frost finishes with a lessonThe roads Two roads diverged in a wood, andsplit and hetook the oneI,I took the one less traveledthat fewerpeople hadby,And that has made all thetraveled on.If the road isdifferencea path in life,it means hedidnt followthe crowd.He choosehis ownpath. Andthat is whathas made allthedifference. 22. So you see, symbolism can develop acharacter, or as in The Road Not Taken, it candevelop a theme. 23. Fire and IceSome say the world will end in fire, Some sayin ice. From what Ive tasted of desire I holdwith those who favor fire. But if it had to perishtwice, I think I know enough of hate To saythat for destruction ice Is also great And wouldsuffice. -Robert Frost 24. What do you think What do you thinkFire could be a Ice could be asymbol of?symbol of?Why?What do they make you thinkwhen you read that poem? 25. Nothing Gold Can StayNatures first green isgold,Where is the symbolism?Her hardest hue to hold. What do you think first greenHer early leafs a flower; symbolizes?But only so an hour. What else makes youThen leaf subsides tothink it is spring?leaf. What part of life does spring represent?So Eden sank to grief, What does it meanSo dawn goes down to then that nothing goldday. can stay?Nothing gold can stay. 26. Yall have done a great jobfinding and explaining the use ofsymbols in literature! </p>