sweep function generator 22 'ctio eerbtor 9205c sweep function generator features - digital typical

Sweep Function Generator 22 'ctio eerBtor 9205C Sweep Function Generator Features - Digital Typical
Download Sweep Function Generator 22 'ctio eerBtor 9205C Sweep Function Generator Features - Digital Typical

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    Function Generator

    9205C Sweep Function Generator


    - Digital Typical display & Count

    - linear /log sweep Function

    - Protection Function of all (수정필)

    - External FM and VCF Input

    - Practical Design of easy button arrangement

    - Output Voltage LED display, TTL / CMOS output

    - Frequency modulation for accurate measurement

    - Panel display wtih switch operation for convenience

    - 50Hz Sine wave output(convenient for education)

    - Power output function (Option)

    Model Protek 9205C

    Frequency Range 0..2 Hz ~ 2 MHz

    In/Output Wave Port 1 Waveform Output , 1 TTL , 1 External port, 1 50Hz hold output

    Output Waveform Sine , square, triangle, pulse, ramp, 50Hz sine wave

    Square Wave Rise Time 80ns

    Output Voltage Amplitude ≥20Vp-p(1MΩ) ≥10Vp-p(50Ω)

    DC Offset Range ±10V(1MΩ) ±5V(50Ω)

    Output Impedance 50Ω

    Duty ratio Control 20%~80%

    Display Range 6digits max 999999

    Voltage Amplitude 3digits,resolution:1mVp-p

    TTL Output Amplitude “0”:≤0.6V;“1”:≥2.8V

    TTL Output Impedance 600Ω

    Output Frequency Accuracy 6digits ±1% ±1word

    External Frequency Range 1Hz~10MHz

    Amplitude error Range ±15%±1word

    Display Dual LED Display (Frequency, Voltage)

    Input Power AC 220V±10%;50Hz±5%

    Dimensions & Weight 225W×105H×285D(mm);weight:about 3kg

    Operating Condition Temperature : 0 ~ 40℃ / Humidity : < 70%RH

    Standard products BNC Cable, Manual, Power Cable

    Power output (10W Power Amplifier, Factory Option)

    Output Voltage 35Vp-p

    Output Power ≥10W

    DC Level Offset Range +15V~-15V

    Protek 9205C

    Output Frequency Range 0~ 2 MHz

    Output Waveform Sine, Pulse, Trangle, Ramp, etc

    Waveform Output Port Single Channel (TTL, CMOS, etc)

    Display 5Digit + 3Digit Dual Display



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