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Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki Motorcycles

By selling street bikes, cruisers and fuel one racers, Suzuki has claimed its spot as a motorcycle powerhouse.

You can follow Suzuki on these social media platforms

Social Media

Motorcycle reviews

The Hub of Suzuki

Wide range of target audienceA few keywords would be, motorcycle, street bike, and cycle racing

Online advertising

Each of these display ads use CPC

Inbound Marketing

Target persona for Suzuki would be within the age range of 41-47

A few ways to increase inbound marketing would be giving content offers

(with purchase) Free oil change, 1 year free repair, 1 free tire change. These are all real ideas some motorcycle companies offer their customers

Suzuki Mobile App

Suzukis Mobile app

How to gain reachSuzuki does a great job already one finding its target audience and implementing advertisements into those peoples lives but

They simply do not use enough traditional media.Why traditional media? Their target market rage from 41-47 year olds, which most people at this age group do not use social media, but prefer traditional medial outlets like television and radio


I believe search engine marketing is a key concept when it comes to bringing awareness to Suzuki and its brand. Most people who are in the market for buying new or used motorcycles go to google or Bing first.Average CPC on google cost about $.49. I recommend suzukii using this as its KPI

" " (" ") - Recommendations Suzuki needs a better way to reach their target audience, They should try using more traditional advertising outlets to better fit their target audience who are at a age range that doesnt use social mediaTheir mobile applications need to be redesigned for better usability as well as visual appealSocial media platforms need to emphasize more on promotion of products because most post are mainly for user and follower satisfaction

Big pictureSuzuki overall does has a great digital media strategy but they lack a few core ideasIdentifying audience personaStrong mobile applicationInbound marketing problems