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  • Welcome to the Intrepid Geophysics summer/winter solsce newsleer of December 2017. We hope you are well,and reflecng on a prosperous year, almost behind us. (Dont be too jealous of Santa in the sunshine Downunder,well have the flip-side in June!)

    Items in this Newsleer:

    Registraons now open-European Training for GeoModeller V4 & FEFLOW interoperability

    Joint 2.5D inversion of airborne EM and IP now by Line-km-Service: GeoModeller MOKSHATM

    Sea-gTM - INTREPID product training events and a new release available

    Report from Exploraon17 workshop, Toronto: Uncertainty in 3D modelling and Inversion

    Check out our latest arcles online, in FastTimes


    Next conferences: AEGC Sydney & PDAC Toronto

    Next Workshop: 4th meeng of the European 3D GeoModelling Community

    European Training for GeoModeller V4 & FEFLOW interoperability

    SoGware training will be held at BRGM in Orlans, France on Monday and Tuesday, 19th and 20th February, justprior to the 3D GeoModelling Community workshop. This two-day training course will feature a new maintenancerelease of GeoModeller v4.0.1, provided with add-on CGAL libraries for tetrahedron meshing.

    Introductory model-building and forward geophysical modelling will be covered, plus extension exercises for addingand controlling limited faults and thin bodies. Day 2 (Feb 20) will focus on GeoModeller model-exports for flowsimulaon using FEFLOW, including the now-available Smart Layering and Fully unstructured meshing opons.DHI-WASY will co-present the training on model transfer steps, and set-up for performing a simple flow simulaonproblem in FEFLOW.

    To Register please email [email protected]

    To find out more informaon and download the Agenda, Please visit our Training Calendar Pages


    Improvements for GeoModeller-MOKSHATM

    In-house product: GeoModeller-MOKSHATM connues to be improved with new features to beer serve our clients


    mailto:[email protected]://

  • requesng line-kilometre 2.5D inversions of their airborne EM data, as a service. Latest improvement: nowimplemented and through acceptance tesng, is the capability for joint inversions of airborne EM and airborne IPsurvey data on any of the supported systems.

    Standard funconality: Demonstrang the GeoModeller workspace for viewing, analysing and interpreng yourinversion outcomes Below we show (1): A plan view of AEM survey SkyTEM SLM Ch27. Here a Noise Polygon isbeing selected (in orange) in a low-signal range region. (2): A noise file can then be generated for the polygon area(eg., by the Set Decay Reference method) for the two transmiers, as illustrated by the histogram view for theselected data.

    Sea-g training events and a new maintenance release

    Sea-gis a marine gravity APP, powered by INTREPID and designed to deliver on-cruise and post-cruise gravityreducon, QC and processing to high quality Free Air maps.

    2017 saw the delivery of training events to customers in Indonesia and Australia. Customer feedback remarked thatthe whole process just became a whole lot simpler, combining: filtering, correcons, spliTng analysis, levelingcross-over analysis and gridding, in a stand-alone wizard. The annual maintenance release for Sea-g is now availableto customers, delivering a smoother and more stable user experience and bug-fixes.

    Indonesian training also took processing to the Bouguer correcon stage in the INTREPID graphical user interface,and we are now thinking to add this to Sea-g, provided the bathymetry grid is pre-prepared. More new featuresalready available in batch for Sea-g include automated line spliTng or turn removals (planned soon for addionwithin the APP).


  • Visit our Product pages to find out more


    Use mouse-mode or polygon-select to edit (null) cruise data such as ship-turns, from corrected gravity using linkedviews of the Table, Map and Profiles.

    On Saturday 21st October 2017 as part of the Exploraon 17 workshops, our partners at the Centre for ExploraonTargeng, University of Western Australia (CET-UWA) presented a workshop on Uncertainty in 3D Modelling andInversion. The day-long event was aended by over 60 people, and included a significant segment on the rigorousgeneraon and analysis of model-families, via automaon of perturbing structural observaons within thedata-model of a GeoModeller project using implicit modelling approaches.

    AGer hands-on exercises with GeoModeller and a CURE wrapper to launch addional code, parcipants had theopportunity to discuss how these methods can lead to downstream applicaon for drilling opmizaon, resourceesmaon, process simulaon and prospecvity analysis.

    To find out more informaon about the workshop content, please contact the CET-UWA presenter Evren Paykuz-Charrier [email protected]

    or contact us through [email protected]

    Published by EEGS [Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society], FastTIMES is an online Magazine focusingon applicaons of geophysics to the near surface in many disciplines, including engineering and environmentalproblems, geology, hydrogeology, hydrology.

    In recent months FastTIMES editor approached us for short arcles suitable for two themed volumes:

    Planning for sustainability of Californias Groundwater How geophysics can assist

    Volume 22, Number 3, 2017 find our arcle on page 99 Accurate 3D Geological Modelling for a Be$er Assessmentof Groundwater Resources: A Case Study from the Kasserine Aquifer System (KAS), Central Tunisia

    summer/wintersolsticenewsletter[email protected]:[email protected]

  • And

    Success with Geophysics, including a focus on improved airborne EM modelling

    Volume 22, Number 2, 2017 find our arcle on page 18 High accuracy 2.5D airborne electromagnec inversionmethod for banded iron formaon and other geological se2ngs

    Access them from the EEGS FastTIMES download page


    See you in Sydney, Toronto, or Orleans France!

    Intrepid Geophysics staff would be happy to meet up with you to discuss your challenges and project requirements,as we travel around the world in 2018. Perhaps well have an opportunity when we aend at these following events:

    1. Australasian Exploraon Geoscience Conference AEGC - Booth 45; 18th - 21st February 2018 Sydney, Australia

    2. 4th meeng of the European 3D GeoModelling Community; 21st - 23rd February 2018; Orlans, France


    3. PDAC 2018 Convenon; Australia Pavillion; March 4 7; Toronto, Canada

    All events and more, are summarised in our Conference Calendar pages:


  • And finally,

    The team at Intrepid Geophysics would sincerely like to thank you for your business and feedback through the past year. We look forward to serving your soGware needs in 2018 as we connue striving to bridge the gap between innovave science and turning these ideas into praccal products and valuable services.

    Merry Christmas!

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